Don’t Miss These Latest Ganpati Decoration Ideas

Innovative Ganpati Decoration Ideas

Get pretty creative Ganpati decoration ideas. Use different decor ideas this festive season. Use these decoration ideas and tips during other festivals like Diwali, Janmashtami, Dussehra or Saraswati pooja.

Check out our latest and the best Ganpati decoration ideas and start preparing for Ganesh Chaturthi:

1. Water Theme Ganpati Decoration Ganpati DecorationCourtesy of Vidhi Kevalia‎

Place your Ganpati in a small artificial pond set-up. Place bricks in square shape and cover it with a POP sheet. Add pebbles and lighting to it. Decorate the edge with mountains, flowers and plants.

2. Garden Theme Ganpati Decoration Ganpati DecorationCourtesy of Vidhi Kevalia

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Make a lotus using paper or fabric. Place it in the centre and decorate the room with flowers.

3. ‎Flower Theme Ganpati DecorationGanpati Decoration

Ganpati DecorationCourtesy of Vidhi Kevalia‎

Make a round platform, cover it with white fabric and flowers. Light the pedestal from below to get this effect. Hang beads and crystals. Use newspaper to make birds. Arrange candles on either side of the idol.

4. Palki Theme Ganpati DecorationGanpati Decoration

Ganpati DecorationCourtesy of Sneha Patil-Daxini‎

Make a palna with cardboard and golden papaer. Hang a lights and a nice saree in the background.

5. Disney Theme Ganpati DecorationGanpati DecorationCourtesy of Prashant Pokale

Here is a Disney theme Ganpati decoration. Build a castle, decorate the wall with balloons. Add characters like Donald Duck, Goofy, Pluto, Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

6. Lotus Theme Ganpati DecorationGanpati DecorationCourtesy of

Prepare a Lotus fower at using paper craft ideas and place Ganpati Bappa in it. Decorate the Lotus with lace and lights.

7. Fabric Theme Ganpati DecorationGanpati DecorationCourtesy of Sneha Patil-Daxini‎

Use saree and stoles to do up your Ganesh Chaturthi decoration at home. Hang paper streamers and plants to add beauty to it.

8. Best out of Waste Theme Ganpati DecorationGanpati Decoration

Courtesy of Usha Nair Pithawall

Old bottles have been used to build up this pretty mandap for lord Ganpati. Color old tyres and place them at the back. Decorate it by adding plants on it.

9. Ganpati Decoration Ideas with Paper Quilling Ganpati Decoration Ideas

Ganpati Decoration IdeasCourtesy of Dr Swati Ruparelia Shah

Use old CD’s to create the arch. Then paste paper quills on the CD; add white pearls on it to create this look. Hand a yellow satin curtain in the background.

10. Eco-friendly Ganpati Decoration IdeasGanpati Decoration Ideas

Ganpati Decoration Ideas

Ganpati Decoration IdeasCourtesy of Ravi Sawant‎

Use newspaper, tissue paper and cardboard boxes to create this mesmerizing landscape decoration for Ganpati. Paint it up with poster & acrylic colors to get the final look.

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