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Discover DIY Ganpati decoration ideas for home Ganpati. Use these beautiful decor ideas for Ganesh Chaturthi.

Check out our Ganpati decoration ideas for pooja and aarti ki thali. Also, get amazing tips on how to decorate Ganesh makhar and idol.

Ganpati Decoration Ideas – Aarti ki Thali

1. Pooja ki Thali for GanpatiGanpati Decoration Ideas - Pooja ki Thali for GanpatiCourtesy of Meera Sanghvi

Create this creative pooja ki thali for Ganesh pooja. Make small rats made of clay and place them on the plate.

2. Aarti ki Thali for GanpatiGanpati Decoration Ideas - Aarti ki Thali for GanpatiCourtesy of Rajul Joshi

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Here is a aarti ki thali decorated with seeds and dry fruits. Decorate it with cut glass and kundan stones.

3. Creative Pooja ki Thali IdeasGanpati Decoration IdeasCourtesy of Krupa Tejani Shah

Make this creative pooja ki thali for Ganpati pooja with flour or clay. Make a Swastika in the centre.

4. Pearl Garland for GanpatiGanpati Decoration Ideas

Ganpati Decoration IdeasCourtesy of Suchitra Raghunath

Use beads and ctones to create these necklace for Ganpati and Gauri. Stick them on an OHP sheet, then cut them into shape.

5. Toran for Ganesh PoojaGanpati Decoration Ideas - Toran for Ganesh PoojaCourtesy of Gouri Madhavi‎

Make this lovely Ganesh toran and hang it on the entrance of your house. Cut small Ganpati shaped cardboard. Paint it, decorate it and stick them on a ribbon.

Ganpati Decoration Ideas – Makhar

Take a look at these eco-friendly Ganesh Chaturthi makhar/mandap ideas. Most of them are made and decorated using paper, cardboard, fabric, flowers and non-toxic colors.

1. Silver Makhar DecorationGanpati Decoration Makhar Courtesy of Urmila Sathe Patankar‎

Take a cardboard and stick silver paper on it. Add some flowers and your Ganesh Makhar is ready.

2. Peacock Makhar DecorationGanpati Decoration Makhar Courtesy of Neeta Bagale

Use a wooden plank for the base. Cover it in red and gold paper and decorate it. For the back, use cardboard.

3. Eco-Friendly Makhar DecorationGanpati Decoration Makhar Courtesy of Daksha Rajde Kotak

This makhar is decorated with eco-friendly material like cardboard and fabric such as silk, tissue and organza.

4. Fabric Makhar DecorationGanpati Decoration Makhar

Courtesy of Isha Tuli‎

Attach a red simmer cloth to the arch. Hang silver laces and stick flowers to the frame.

5. Best out of Waste Makhar DecorationGanpati Decoration Makhar Courtesy of Usha Nair Pithawalla

Use old newspaper and straws to make this makhar.

6. Paper Roll Makhar DecorationGanpati Decoration Makhar Courtesy of Suniti Kayarkar

Use paper rolls to make this pretty Ganpati makhar. Use colored paper to make the sun like structure at the back.

7. Simple Paper Makhar DecorationGanpati Decoration Makhar Courtesy of Minisha Gandhi‎

Make this simple mandap for Ganesh Chaturthi. Place a chowki in the centre to place the deity.

8. Newspaper Makhar DecorationGanpati Decoration Makhar

Ganpati Decoration Makhar

Ganpati Decoration Makhar Courtesy of Yd Kulkarni‎

Amazing newspaper makhar with intricate designs! The creator had put in a lot of thought and hard work into it.

9. Ganesh Mandap Decoration with FabricMandap Decoration for GanpatiCourtesy of Pooja Pandey

Use fabric to do this Ganpati decoration. You can do this decor for Janmashtami or Diwali too.

10. Ganesh Pooja Mandap Decoration with FlowersGanesh Pooja Mandap Decoration with FlowersCourtesy of Maya Gupta

Flowers, fabric and light are the three main ingredients needed to get this awesome Ganesh pooja look.

11. Mandap Decoration for Ganesh ChaturthiMandap Decoration for Ganesh ChaturthiCourtesy of Saga Creations

This decoration idea looks very interesting. Place lamps to give a complete look to the pooja space.

12. Thermocol Makhar Decoration Ganpati Decoration Makhar Courtesy of Sankaran Rajesh

Gorgeous homemade thermocol makhar! Use soldering machine to cut thermocol. Buy the pillars from the market as they are the toughest to create. Try to make this design with cardboard instead of thermocol. Choose eco-friendly materials.

13. Colorful Thermocol Makhar DecorationGanpati Decoration Makhar Courtesy of Sagar Patil‎

Here is another beautiful create made using thermocol. Thermocol is bio-nondegradable, hence avoid using them. But, if you plan on a thermocol makhar, then don’t throw it, use them for other purposes.

14. Golden Makhar DecorationGanpati Decoration Makhar Courtesy of Trupti Sapre

Paint your thermocol Ganpati makhar with metallic gold color. Add laces to add to its aesthetic appeal. Save this makhar and use it during other festivals.

15. Fabric Makhar Decoration IdeasGanpati Decoration

Ganpati DecorationCourtesy of Arshpreet Gurdatta‎

Make these beautiful Ganesh makhar. Use cardboard to make the frame and then decorate it with fabric, flower and beads.

16. Smart Ganesh Pooja MakharGanpati Decoration Ideas Courtesy of Nancy Patel

Use cardboard to make this makhar and decorate it with gold fabric, stones, lace and flowers.

17. Creative Ganpati Makhar IdeasGanpati Decoration Ideas Courtesy of Sangeeta Ankush‎

Old CD’s and beads have been used to create this gorgeous Ganesh Chaturthi makhar.

Ganesh Decoration Ideas – Idol Decor at Home

Make eco-friendly Ganpati idol at home using clay, flour, mud or paper mache. You can also display your skill through paper quilled Ganesh idols. But, if you are a busy person, then buy Ganpati idol from the market. You can decorate the idol at home.

1. Elegant Ganpati Idol DecorationGanesh Idol Decoration at HomeCourtesy of Sonal Mehta

Buy Ganpati idol from the market and decorate it at home. You can see the difference in the above image.

2. Beautiful Idol Decoration at HomeGanesh Idol Decoration at HomeCourtesy of Vanita Hardik Vaghela

Add jeweller and a stole to Ganesh idol to give it a makeover. Make a nice crown for your Ganpati.

3. Stone Studded Ganesh Idol DecorationGanesh Idol Decoration at HomeCourtesy of Patel Rishi‎

Use stones to decorate your Ganpati idol. After decoration the Ganpati idol looks more attractive and pretty.

4. Idol Decoration Ideas for GanpatiGanesh Idol Decoration at Home

Ganesh Idol Decoration at HomeCourtesy of Geeta Koshti

Paint the dhoti and add silver dots to it. Repaint the jewellery and add stones to it.

5. Paper Quilled Ganpati Ganesh Idol Decoration at HomeCourtesy of Nilakshi Pawar

Ganesh Idol Decoration at HomeCourtesy of Pooja Kotamarty

Ganpati Decoration Ideas Courtesy of Sai Leela Creations

Here are some cute Ganpati made through paper quilling. If you love craft work, use paper quilling method to create this inspiring Ganpati and his mushak.

6. Homemade Clay Idol DecorationGanesh Idol Decoration at Home

Ganesh Idol Decoration at HomeCourtesy of Shubra Singh‎

Make Ganpati with clay, flour or mud and paint it.

Ganpati Decoration Ideas – DIY Crafts

Make lotus aasan for your Ganpati at home. You can also make paper garland and decorate your Ganpati with it. Here is a step by step procedure to make them.

1. Steps to Make Lotus Makhar for GanpatiGanpati Decoration Crafts

Cut mount board in this shape and cover it with red velvet paper on both sides.

Ganpati Decoration Crafts

Cut out a round centre to polace your Ganpati. Now stick the petals on it. Decorate the petals with gold lace.

Ganpati Decoration Crafts

Stick three layers of petal. Place the third layer above the first one. The second layer is placed alternately. Now place a cardboard and a thermocol in the centre.

Ganpati Decoration CraftsCourtesy of Sarika Gandhi‎

Fold the petals and stick them to the thermocol using pins. Your Ganpati Lotus singhasan is ready.

2. Steps to Make Paper Garland for GanpatiGanpati Decoration Crafts

To make garland for Ganesh pooja take crape paper and cut it into small pieces.

Ganpati Decoration Crafts

Fold it to get a cone shape on each end.

Ganpati Decoration Crafts

Take needle and thread and attach them together.

Ganpati Decoration Crafts

Add them one by one to form a spiral effect. These paper will look like flower buds.

Ganpati Decoration CraftsCourtesy of Hema Latha‎

Your paper garland is ready. You can use any color of your choice to make these lovely paper garland for your Ganpati.

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