Homemade Ganpati Decoration Ideas

Simple Homemade Ganpati Decoration Ideas

Discover beautiful homemade Ganpati decoration ideas for your house. Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated once in a year with great enthusiasm. The idol of Lord Ganesh is brought home and the devotees pray for wealth, prosperity and peace. The Ganesh mandap is decorated creatively and beautifully in the house.

Here are some amazing homemade Ganpati decoration ideas.

1. Ganpati Decoration Ideas with ThermocolHomemade Ganpati Decoration IdeasCourtesy of Samruddhi Vishal Joshi‎

Look at these magnificent homemade Ganpati decoration ideas! The makhar is made of thermocol in attractive fluorescent colour. You can place the makhar on a table and decorate the table with lovely pink carnations. The white and red curtains in the backdrop add to the beauty.

2. Simple Homemade Ganpati Decoration IdeasHomemade Ganpati Decoration IdeasCourtesy of Archana Nakhate

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You can make the makhar using cardboard and decorate it with hand-made flowers. Place the makhar on a table and cover it with colourful table-cloth. Decorate the pedestal with colourful artificial flowers and leaves.

3. Homemade Ganpati Decoration Ideas with FlowersHomemade Ganpati Decoration IdeasCourtesy of Rakhi Navneet Mathur‎

The chief attraction of this Ganpati decor is its simplicity. The backdrop is done with peacock feathers. According to the mythology, Kartikeya, Ganpati’s brother has a peacock as his vehicle. Do up the mandap attractively with orchids and roses.

4. Homemade Ganpati DecorationHomemade Ganpati Decoration IdeasCourtesy of Sachin Wakade

Such homemade Ganpati decoration ideas are a delight to our eyes. The deity flanked with the thermocol peacock that looks awesome. Do the mandap with shimmery streamers against the backdrop of maroon and off white curtains. Place the bhog and the aarti on the pedestal in front of the deity.

5. Homemade Ganpati Decoration IdeasHomemade Ganpati Decoration IdeasCourtesy of Khushboo Manish K

This is a stunningly beautiful idea of Ganpati decoration at home. The deity has been placed on a pedestal which is decorated beautifully with hand-made flowers. You can make the flowers using fluorescent coloured tinted paper. Make lighting arrangement to give the glitz to the beautiful floral view. The fountain kept behind the deity grabs the attention too! Water in Hindu religion is considered to be a purifier and life-giver to all the elements of nature.

6. Decoration Ideas for GanpatiHomemade Ganpati Decoration IdeasCourtesy of Pinky Contrractorr

These are some awesome homemade Ganpati decoration ideas. You can transform a corner in your house into a beautiful garden, a place of residence for Ganpati. Do up the garden with artificial flowers and leaves. Decorate it with lights and place the deity in this dazzling ambience.

7. Homemade Ganesh Chaturthi Decoration IdeasHomemade Ganpati Decoration IdeasCourtesy of Akshi Chandyoke

A lovely concept for Ganpati decoration! You can create small conical structures creating snow-clad mountains. Decorate it with artificial flowers and lights.

8. Creative Ganpati Decoration IdeasHomemade Ganpati Decoration IdeasCourtesy of Shibani Das‎

These incredible homemade decoration ideas are feast to the eyes. The paper glasses are stacked to create pillars and is coloured in bronze to give an authentic look. Make the ceiling using carved out thermocol sheets. A novel idea indeed!

9. Handmade Eco-friendly Ganpati DecorationHomemade Ganpati Decoration Ideas Homemade Ganpati Decoration Ideas

Courtesy of Rasika Mujumdar Kanhere

You should appreciate these eco-friendly homemade Ganpati decoration ideas. Make these simple paper cones, arrange and stick them on a piece of cardboard, paint them and illuminate them. Place silver Ganesh on a raised platform and perform the pooja.

10. Decoration Ideas for Ganesh PoojaHomemade Ganpati Decoration IdeasCourtesy of Preety Kaur

This is a vibrant decoration, carrying a glimpse of Gujarat. Decorate the pedestal with variety of torans. Use bright coloured dupattas to make the mandap and adorn it with streamers. The triangular flags are adding more to the vibrancy.

11. Ganpati Landscape Decor IdeasPooja Room 441Courtesy of Vibhawari Bidve‎

This decoration has an element of fairy land in it. The characters which have been placed are all paper cut outs. It’s a beautiful creation; kids would love to help you in this decor.

12. Beautiful Ganpati Decoration IdeasPooja Room 442Courtesy of Dharti Dhole

A very beautiful and colourful decoration! A corner in your house can be converted into a small abode for Ganpati. Place the deity on a decorated platform and adorn the area with flowers, fabric and lights.

13. Ganpati-Gauri Decoration IdeasPooja Room 443Courtesy of Supriya Shinde

Check out this wonderful miniature village that is created. You can make the temple of Ganpati in the vicinity of the village. Use thermocol sheets to make the fence, boundary and even the gate of the temple. The idol of Gauri is also placed in the village.

14. Amazing Homemade Ganpati DecorPooja Room 444 Pooja Room 445Courtesy of Snehal Toshniwal

These are amazing homemade Ganpati decoration ideas. You can create the feel of ice by putting cotton and then highlighting it with lights to make it more realistic. Make Christmas tree using card board and place them around the idol. The interesting feature is the mice that seem to be pulling the chariot of Ganpati.

15. Decoration for Ganesh Chaturthi at HomeHomemade Ganpati Decoration IdeasCourtesy of Priyanka Ghorpade Kadam Jahagirdar

This Ganpati decoration can be done in the courtyard or your hall. A busy village scene is created effectively. Make pretty rangoli designs on the floor to add beauty to it.

16. Homemade Ganpati Decoration Ideas with FlowersHomemade Ganpati Decoration IdeasCourtesy of Roopa Chadha

This neat and lovely decoration can be done in the living room of your house. The whole decor is done using flowers. Decorate the ceiling and the floor using marigold, rose, orchids, flowers, petals and leaves.

17. Ganpati Decoration Ideas for Creative PeopleHomemade Ganpati Decoration Ideas Homemade Ganpati Decoration Ideas Homemade Ganpati Decoration IdeasCourtesy of Vandana SK

These are breathtakingly beautiful homemade Ganpati decoration ideas. The mandap is made with plastic spoons and the pillars using cardboard. Create the backdrop with green leaves and a pond on the floor. Do try this lovely decoration idea in your home.

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