Janmashtami Decoration Ideas

Krishna Jhula and Janmashtami Decoration Ideas

Welcome god Krishna, use these awesome Janmashtami decoration ideas to do up your home. Decorate your house and pooja room on Krishna Janmashtami with our simple DIY decor tips.

Check out these Janmashtami decoration ideas for inspiration:

1. Colourful Janmashtami DecorJanmashtami Decoration IdeasCourtesy of Deepali Karthik Pissay

Go for this cute colourful Janmashtami decoration. Use crêpe paper for the background. Paste peacock cutouts and hang LED lights and streamers around it.

2. Pooja Mandap Decoration for JanmashtamiJanmashtami Decoration IdeasCourtesy of Amruta Malpani Biyani‎

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You can use flowers and peacock feather to decorate your pooja mandap during Krishna Janmashtami festival.

3. Simple Decoration for Janmashtami Janmashtami Decoration IdeasCourtesy of Sonu Purohit‎

Choose this small set up. Place your jhula on a stool or table. Decorate the table with flower petals.

4. Janmashtami Decoration Ideas at HomeJanmashtami Decoration IdeasCourtesy of Komal Asopa‎

Create an enclosure using fabric. Place a carpet on the ground and use kundan rangoli to decorate your pooja space.

5. Easy Janmashtami Decoration Ideas Janmashtami Decoration IdeasCourtesy of Ila Pujari

The wooden jhula has been beautifully decorated with fresh flowers.

6. Elegant Janmashtami DecorationJanmashtami Decoration IdeasCourtesy of Manasa Acharya

You can place a wooden stool upside down and cover the top with a shimmer cloth. Wrap the legs with satin ribbon.

7. Rangoli Decoration Ideas for Krishna Janmashtami  Rangoli Decoration Ideas for Krishna Janmashtami Courtesy of Rakhi Khare‎

Place small Krishna jhula on the floor. Make beautiful peacock feather rangoli around it. Also, place earthen pots filled with ghee and butter.

8. Peacock Rangoli Decor for JanmashtamiPeacock Rangoli Decor for JanmashtamiCourtesy of Srinidhi Veena

Decorate your Janmashtami jhula with flowers made of paper. Flank it with painted pots and draw a peacock rangoli in front of the jhula.

9. Pooja Room Decoration for JanmashtamiPooja Room Decoration for JanmashtamiCourtesy of Ritu Rupa Varma

Place lots of plants and flowers around the jhula. Decorate your pooja room to make it look like a garden.

10. Simple Janmashtami Decoration IdeasSimple Janmashtami Decoration Ideas

Courtesy of Sonam Soni‎

Use paper roll and cardboard to make this jhula for Janmashtami. Paint it and get ready to welcome lord Krishna.

11. Mor Pankh Janmashtami Decoration IdeasJanmashtami Decoration IdeasCourtesy of Prerna Shouryajeet Singh

Use mor pankh (peacock feather) and marigold flowers to decorate your jhula.

12. Vrindavan Janmashtami Decoration IdeasJanmashtami Decoration IdeasCourtesy of Preeti Punjabi‎

Recreate Vrindavan through your Janmashtami decor. Add statues of cows, peacock and village belles.

13. Janmashtami Decoration IdeasJanmashtami Decoration IdeasCourtesy of Priya Rajesh‎

Decorate your pooja room with LED lights and hang bright fabric on top. Make a nice cosy jhula for Bal Gopal.

14. Artistic Janmashtami Decoration Janmashtami Decoration Courtesy of Bijal Gandhi‎

Decorate the pooja ghar with kundan stones and paper flowers. Hang a fabric with sequins work in the background.

15. Elaborate Janmashtami Decoration Ideas Janmashtami Decoration Ideas HomeCourtesy of Shilpa Saraf

Fill the pooja room platform with small statues. Place them around the Krishna Janmashtami jhula and decorate it with string lights.

16. Creative Pooja Room Decoration for Krishna Janmashtami Pooja Room Decoration for Krishna JanmashtamiCourtesy of Urmila Parmar‎

Decorate Krishna jhula with rakhi. Cover the frame with colorful rakhis and place lord Krishna on it.

17. Janmashtami Decoration Ideas for HomeJanmashtami Decoration Ideas HomeCourtesy of Neha Jain

Decorate the door with flowers. Hang small pots from the curtain rod. You can also make pots with cardboard.

18. Krishna Janmashtami DecorJanmashtami Decoration Ideas HomeCourtesy of Neha Jain

Decorate your home and pooja room with ballons for Janmashtami. Hang balloons and an earthen pot from the ceiling.

19. Janmashtami Matki Decoration IdeaJanmashtami Decoration IdeasCourtesy of Anamika Chandel

You can hang matki filled with cotton to make it look like butter. Decorate the earthen pot with lace, sequins or you can even paint it.

20. Flower Decor for JanmashtamiJanmashtami Decoration IdeasCourtesy of Swati Diyewar

Do this flower decoration in your pooja room during the festival.

Aarti ki Thali Decoration for Janmashtami

Aarti ki Thali Decoration for JanmashtamiCourtesy of Pooni Pranav

Buy glitter foam sheets in green, light blue and dark blue color. Cut them in peacock feather shape. Cut each sheet in three different sizes. Stick them together as shown in the image above.

Aarti ki Thali for Janmashtami Decoration IdeasCourtesy of Pooni Pranav

Now, take yellow color glitter foam sheet. Cut it in the shape shown in the above image. Paste a peacock feather and round decorative mirror on it.

Aarti ki Thali Decoration for JanmashtamiCourtesy of Pooni Pranav

Arrange the cut-outs on a steel plate to prepare aarti ki thali. Place a beautiful diya on one end. Your aarti ki thali for Krishna Janmashtami is ready.

Janmashtami Decoration Ideas – Krishna Jhula Design

Make these gorgeous Krishna jhula design for Janmashtami.

1. Stone Studded Janmashtami Jhula Janmashtami Jhula Decoration IdeasCourtesy of Meghna Mehta

Use colorful stones to decorate your Krishna jhula.

2. Handmade Janmashtami Jhula Janmashtami Jhula Decoration IdeasCourtesy of Tanvi Thakker‎

Here is a lovely handmade jhula for Janmashtami. Use paper to create beautiful flowers and decorate it.

3. Janmashtami Jhula Decoration IdeasJanmashtami Jhula Decoration IdeasCourtesy of Madhuri Sekhar‎

This is how you can decorate the jhula using peacock feather. Also flank the jhula with peacock.

4. Janmashtami Jhula Decoration Ideas with FlowersJanmashtami Jhula Decoration IdeasCourtesy of Rajitabh Verma

Decorate a table with flowers and keep your Krishna jhula on it. Place decorate earthen pots in front of it.

5. Simple Janmashtami Jhula Decoration IdeasJanmashtami Jhula Decoration IdeasCourtesy of Neha Gupta

Use cardboard to make the frame of the jhula. Cover it with red and gold fabric. Decorate it with peacock feather and flowers made out of fabric and paper.

6. Newspaper Krishna Jhula Design Janmashtami Decoration Ideas - Krishna Jhula DesignCourtesy of Mamta Kachhadiya

Best out of waste! This golden Krishna jhula design is looking great. Use old newspaper to make Krishna Janmashtami jhula design. Use paper quills to decorate it.

7. Peacock Theme Krishna Jhula MakingJanmashtami Decoration Ideas - Peacock Theme Krishna Jhula MakingCourtesy of Sowmya Raman

Here is a stunning peacock colored Janmashtami jhula. It’s made up of cardboard and thermocol.

8. Krishna Jhula Design Krishna Jhula DesignCourtesy of Soumya Harsha

Decorate your peacock jhula with bright gold, red and blue color. Stick glitter to enhance its beauty.

9. Woven Krishna Jhula DesignJanmashtami Decoration IdeasCourtesy of Sunil Mahajan

You can even weave a jhula for Janmashtami. Use pink, blue, green, pink and magenta colored wire make the Krishna jhula.

10. Krishna Jhula Decoration Krishna Jhula Decoration IdeasCourtesy of Urvashi Parekh

Decorate your Janmashtami jhula with kundan stones. Go for green, white, red and yellow stones.

11. DIY Ideas for Krishna Jhula Decoration Krishna Jhula Decoration IdeasCourtesy of Priya Zavar

Use plywood to make this Krishna jhula. Paint it in red and green color. And, decorate it with stone, beads and lace.

12. Glass Krishna Jhula Design Krishna Jhula DesignCourtesy of Hir Thakkar

Small bottles, cut glass and marbles were used to prepare this gorgeous glass jhula for Janmashtami pooja. Light it up to create this magical look.

13. Traditional Style Krishna Jhula DesignKrishna Jhula Design - Janmashtami Decoration IdeasCourtesy of Nidhi Gupta‎

Use cardboard, velvet cloth and bead strings to make this pretty Krishna jhula. You can also make this jhula in rectangular or square shape.

14. Janmashtami Singhasan IdeasJanmashtami Jhula Decoration Ideas Janmashtami Jhula Decoration Ideas Janmashtami Jhula Decoration IdeasCourtesy of Manjula Siya

Get a small singhasan and paint it in red colour. Now decorate it with stones and beads.

Simple Janmashtami Rangoli Designs

Here are some more Janmashtami decoration ideas. You can make these simple rangoli designs at home.

1. Janmashtami Rangoli DecorationJanmashtami Decoration IdeasCourtesy of Barnali Kumar‎

2. Decoration for Krishna JanmashtamiDecoration for Krishna JanmashtamiCourtesy of Swati Diyewar

3. Rangoli Design of Lord KrishnaJanmashtami Decoration IdeasCourtesy of Ashka Shukal‎

4. Bal Gopal Rangoli Designs Janmashtami Decoration IdeasCourtesy of Pallavi Mahesh Bhurkapalle

5. Simple Rangoli DesignsJanmashtami Decoration IdeasCourtesy of Sachita Sagar Nanekar‎

6. Natkhat Kanha Rangoli DesignsJanmashtami Decoration IdeasCourtesy of Stuti A Doshi

7. Makan Chor Rangoli DesignsJanmashtami Decoration IdeasCourtesy of Sheetal Jadhav

8. Krishna Kanhaiya Rangoli DesignsJanmashtami Decoration Ideas - Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Manisha Demgunde Hakke

9. Easy Rangoli Designs  Janmashtami Decoration IdeasCourtesy of Soumya Swarup Kharage

10. Ladoo Gopal Rangoli DesignsJanmashtami Decoration Ideas - Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Neha Shinde

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