Rules for Living Room Seating Arrangements

Learn How to Do Your Living Room Seating Arrangements

At times, it’s difficult to create seating for all your guests. I’m sure every one of you must have gone through this problem. But, not any more, discover the thumb rule of living room seating arrangements and end your woes.

According to the rule book you need to have the same number of living room seating arrangements as you have in your dining room. That doesn’t mean you need to follow it blindly.

Learn the proper way to do up your living room seating arrangements.

1. Spacious Living Room Seating ArrangementsLiving Room Seating ArrangementsCourtesy of LMK Interiors

This is a spacious living room with ample seating options. The room has a sofa, arm chairs and poufs placed nicely around the coffee table.

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2. Living Room Furniture ArrangementsLiving Room Furniture ArrangementsCourtesy of Design by Lisa

You can go for one of these living room seating arrangements. Add accent chairs and ottomans along with a comfortable sofa to your drawing room.

3. Transitional Living Room Seating Arrangements Living Room Seating ArrangementsCourtesy of Suncraft Drapery

Check out this colorful living room with stylish seating arrangements. You and your guests can spend a nice evening in here.

4. Customized Living Room Seating ArrangementsLiving Room Seating ArrangementsCourtesy of Molecule Studios

Go for customized furniture for your living room. Place a couple of chairs and a matching ottoman near the book shelf. This way you can accommodate more guests in your living area during get together.

5. Luxurious Living Room FurnitureLiving Room Seating ArrangementsCourtesy of Calico

Create this beautiful seating arrangement in your living room. Use a variety of fabric to get this luxurious look. Experiment with upholstered sofa, chairs and stools. Mix and match the designs and patterns on them.

6. Modern Living Room Seating ArrangementsLiving Room Seating ArrangementsCourtesy of Lucy Interior Design, Photography by Susan Gilmore

Create modern living room seating arrangements by the fireplace. They can offer extra seating options when entertaining guests.

7. Furniture Layout Ideas for Living Room Living Room Seating ArrangementsCourtesy of Dugally Oberfeld

Add a huge sectional to optimize space. Create a cosy living room facing the fire-place. Add a couple of chairs if required.

8. Dining Room ChairsLiving Room Seating ArrangementsCourtesy of Garnish Home Decor

When short of living room seating arrangements you can use your dining room chairs. Dining room chairs can rescue you in need, so keep them handy.

9. Open Living Room Seating ArrangementsLiving Room Seating ArrangementsCourtesy of Godrich Interiors

Here is an open concept living room with an interesting seating layout. The centre of the room has a huge daybed with lots of cushions lined on it. The daybed is surrounded with lots of chairs for extra seating space.

10. Living Room Stools Living Room Seating Arrangements

Courtesy of Robert Brown Interior Design

Add a couple of leather stools to your living room. These stools can act as your coffee table and at times be used for seating too.

11. Concealed Living Room Seating Arrangements  Living Room Seating ArrangementsCourtesy of Gus Duffy

Having a few extra seating options ready is a great idea. Keep a couple of garden stools beside and ottomans under your console table. Take them out when having a party.

12. Living Room Seating ArrangementsLiving Room Seating ArrangementsCourtesy of Ungerman Homes

Sofa is the primary furniture in living room furniture arrangements. Therefore, you need to have a comfortable sofa. Add arm chairs and stools for more seating options.

13. Relaxed Living Room LayoutLiving Room Seating ArrangementsCourtesy of Enviable Designs

Add a day bed and some stools in your living room to get this gorgeous look. The daybed creates a style statement. It offers a place to sit and relax to your guests.

14. Vibrant Living Room Seating Living Room Seating ArrangementsCourtesy of Weego Homes

The living room has sofa, ghost chairs, square benches and hanging cane seating. There no dearth of seating options in this living room.

15. Serene Living Room ArrangementsLiving Room Seating ArrangementsCourtesy of Kylie Mawdsley

A white leather sectional with a matching ottoman makes this a fabulous living room. Place a tray and use the ottoman as your coffee table.

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