Pooja Room Designs in Living Room

Modern Trendy Pooja Room Designs in Living Room

Are you planning to build a pooja room in your house? Have a look at some of our stylish pooja room designs in living room. Apart from adding serenity it also adds to the aesthetic appeal of your living room.

Discover some elegant pooja room designs in living room.

1. Modern Pooja Room Designs in Living Room Modern Pooja Room Designs in Living Room Courtesy of Touchwood Interiors

This is an amazing pooja room design for your living room. Create a focal wall with small shelves. Add bronze idols and back lighting.

2. Pooja Room Designs for HomesPooja Room Designs for HomesCourtesy of Anil Dube Architect

Go for these contemporary pooja room designs in living room. Use wooden panels to build this creative pooja room. Create storage by adding drawers.

3. Modular Pooja Room Designs in Living RoomModular Pooja Room Designs in Living RoomCourtesy of Design Essentialz

Go for this modular pooja room design. It has glass doors and some cool lighting. You can easily incorporate this in your drawing room or dining hall.

4. Pooja Room Design IdeasPooja Room Design IdeasCourtesy of Art of Living

If you are short of space, then a simple shelf can become your pooja room. Add photos of gods and goddesses and decorate the shelf with lamps.

5. Pooja Room in Living RoomPooja Room in Living RoomCourtesy of Sumeet Saxena

Take a look at this simple set up. A small raised platform can act as your pooja space. You can sit on the floor and offer prayer to your deity.

6. Pooja Room ShelfPooja Room ShelfCourtesy of Prem Gomathi

Shelving is the best way to save space. Add some glass shelves in your living room. Make sure to choose the north-east corner of your house.

7. Pooja Room Set-up IdeasPooja Room Designs in Living RoomCourtesy of Dr Lakshmi Arvind

Design a beautiful pooja room that would fill your home with tranquil and positivity. Keep the wall color neutral and light.

8. Wooden Pooja Room CabinetWooden Pooja Room CabinetCourtesy of Beekeeper

Go for these kinds of wooden pooja cabinets in your living room. You can close the door once your pooja is done.

9. Pooja Room Interior in Living RoomPooja Room Interior in Living RoomCourtesy of Rajesh Nandini

Build a marble pooja room. Create a platform with storage space beneath it. Place idols and photos on it.

10. Small Pooja Room DesignsSmall Pooja Room Designs in Living RoomCourtesy of Yukti Varshneya

Design a small pooja room in your house. Add three steps and place your deities on it. Keep the area open or you may add glass or wooden doors to it.

11. Pooja Room Designs for Small HomesPooja Room Designs for Small HomesCourtesy of Nagarjun Kandukuru

Here are more ideas for pooja room designs in living room. You can turn a wardrobe into your pooja room. Add tiles in it to keep it clean.

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