10 Shoe Storage Solutions

Shoe Storage Made Easy and convenient

Shoe storage can help you organize your shoes. Be it small or big, it’s painful to watch your precious collection scattered all over and getting tramped. Save them by investing in some proper shoe storage.

I’m sure all those women and a lot of men out there love their shoes, and won’t let anything happen to them. There are many clever shoe storage solutions available in the market today. They can help you protect your shoes from dust and moulds as they can easily damage and destroy them.

So, if you still don’t have a shoe storage rack or cupboard in your house, pick up one now. Here are some intelligent shoe storage ideas for you:

1. Shoe Storage RacksShoe Storage

This is a foldable hard plastic rack with metal rod. This rack can store twelve pair of shoes and can easily fit into small spaces.

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2. Shoe Storage WheelShoe Storage

Take a look at this beautiful rotating wheel storage; it can store thirty pairs of shoes. You can easily find your shoes by rotating it.

3. Plastic Shoe CabinetShoe Storage

Go for this tough, portable, spacious cabinet for storing your shoes. They are good-looking and are available in red, yellow and brown colours.

4. Over the Door OrganizerShoe Storage

If you don’t have space for racks or cabinets, then an over the door shoe organizer is best for you. It does not take up any extra space, just hang it over your door and start organizing your shoes.

5. Shoe Rack WardrobeShoe Storage

This is an awesome way to store your shoes; it’s colourful, lightweight and easy to carry. You can store around twenty pair of shoes in here.

Shoe Storage

If you are looking for a stronger and durable shoe rack wardrobe, then opt for this one.

6. Carousel Shoe RackShoe Storage

Organize your shoes, clothes, bags, toys and cosmetics in here. The swivel hanger allows you to swirl it and find things easily. It has twenty four-pockets and three compartments for storage.

8. Under Bed StorageShoe Storage

Organize your shoes and slide it under the bed. This is apt for small rooms where there is lack of free space.

9. Hanging Shoe RackShoe Storage

Buy this polyester hanging shoe rack with six compartments. They make storage easy and are available in red and blue colour.

10. Wall Shoe Organizer Shoe Storage

Here is a very convenient neat way to store your shoes. It’s easy to install, just mount this steel shoe organizer on to any wall and start stacking.

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