Attractive Dining Table Sets

Have a Look at These Stylish Dining Table Sets before Buying One for Your House

Dining table sets are the focal point of a dining room. Depending on the space and resources you have, go for a lavish or a simple one. Take a look at some of these unique dining table sets that we have picked for you:

1. Two-in-OneAttractive Dining Table SetsCourtesy of RE.DZINE

Multi-functional furniture is efficient and saves a lot of space. This is a beautiful pool dining table wherein you can play and eat.

2. Chalkboard TableAttractive Dining Table SetsCourtesy of Becky Harris

A chalkboard dining table can add a lot of fun element especially if you have kids. You and your kids can have a great time by drawing or writing on it during meals or otherwise.

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3. Be InnovativeAttractive Dining Table SetsCourtesy of Elad Gonen

Here is a round glass dining table with an interesting base. The driftwood base and the chairs together make for a wonderful set.

4. Mix n MatchAttractive Dining Table SetsCourtesy of Camellia Interiors Ltd

Go for this Cornish granite dining table. Buy some mix and match chairs in alternate colours for this look.

5. Square itAttractive Dining Table SetsCourtesy of Mendelson Group

Get this exquisite rosewood dining table. The square table and the upholstered leather chairs create an extremely classy dining table set.

6. Leggy LookAttractive Dining Table SetsCourtesy of Gaile Guevara

You can choose this dark dining table set with solid walnut chairs. It’s a lovely set with slanting legs.

7. Woody WoodAttractive Dining Table SetsCourtesy of Hsu McCullough

If you are the adventurous kind, then pick this natural wood dining table set. They have used a branch as light fixture and log for seating.

8. Go Glossy Attractive Dining Table SetsCourtesy of Susan Lachance Interior Design

Here is an ebony high gloss table with stainless steel legs. The table when combined with these equally glossy chairs creates this amazing dining table set.

9. Cover it UpAttractive Dining Table SetsCourtesy of New Mood Design LLC

The dining room has a sculptural table in Koa wood with bronzed aluminium legs. The dining chairs are light and comfortable, with removable fabric covers.

10. Glass Table Attractive Dining Table Sets

 Courtesy of Jane Kim Design

Here is a re-purposed industrial mill table base with a glass top. Go for this urbanized dining table set for your home.

11. Island Dining TableAttractive Dining Table SetsCourtesy of Kuhl Design Build LLC

You can go for this space-saving idea. Create a big kitchen island and use it as your dining table. Instead of stool and benches, go for comfortable chairs.

12. Round Table SetAttractive Dining Table SetsCourtesy of Michael Abrams Limited

This is a beautifully done dining room with an equally beautiful dining table set. The black round table and chairs are just gorgeous.

13. Simple StyleAttractive Dining Table SetsCourtesy of Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects

If you want to keep it simple and sweet, then this is the one for you. Get a simple wooden table with black chairs.

14. Floating EffectAttractive Dining Table SetsCourtesy of Robert M. Cain, Architect

This is a stunning piece, the floating dining table! Stainless steel tension cables have been used to stabilize each end of the cantilevered dining table.

15. Raw WoodAttractive Dining Table SetsCourtesy of BGDB Interior Design

Use a raw wood slab as your dining table set. The rough sides and edges make it a bit different from the regular ones.

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