Balcony Decorating Ideas

Cool Balcony Decorating Ideas using Pots and Plants

Here are some beautiful balcony decorating ideas for your home. You can use colorful planters, artificial grass, hanging pots, LED lights for doing so.

Balcony is a place where you can sit, relax, have a cup of coffee, read a book, or enjoy nature. Add a couple of chairs, or a bench and a table to create your own cozy corner. Check out our awesome balcony decoration ideas:

Rectangular Balcony D├ęcor

Courtesy of Hangingreens

Check out this lovely balcony with a small seating area. You can use tall planters and artificial grass to create a similar look. A tall wooden panel is placed behind the bench to create some privacy.

Vertical Gardening Ideas for Balcony

Courtesy of Tremendous

I love the use of wooden fence along with white pebble stones in this balcony. Go for some colorful hanging planters to save on floor space.

Simple Garden Idea

Courtesy of Tremendous

You can use pots of different size to create something alike. Go for bright color to make them stand out.

Colorful Decorating Ideas

Courtesy of Treemendous

I like this crisp neat balcony. Add LED lights along the railing and a few wooden planters on the wall.

Planters for Balcony

Courtesy of Treemendous

Vertical gardening is a great way to save space and make a statement. Place flower pots on three different levels – on the floor, railing and ceiling.

Small Balcony Decorating Ideas

Courtesy of Homewings

Wooden flooring gives a rustic feel to the balcony. Use wrought iron furniture for seating and use bamboo plants as a screen to create some privacy. It also offers a sense of greenery against the harshness of city life.

Indian Balcony Set-up

Courtesy of Puru-Home Ensemble

Check out this contemporary Indian heritage theme balcony setting. Go for bright yellow wall and soft furnishing in vibrant hues. Add lots of plants and lights to complete the look.

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