Futuristic Bathroom Faucets

Use Bathroom Faucets as Focal Point

Today bathroom faucets have become very stylish, innovative and advanced. They come in a variety of designs, and I bet you would be tempted to buy every single piece you see.

Modern bathroom faucets come with temperature and water flow controls. There are many that come with beautiful LED lights that change colour with the change in temperature.

Some bathroom faucets even calculate the amount of water used, and thus help us save water. Make heads turn, get these pretty little bathroom faucets today.

1. Lighted Waterfall Bathroom Faucet Bathroom Faucets Courtesy of Grow Plumbing

Here is a pretty LED chrome bathroom faucet, isn’t it cool? The blue LED indicates temperatures from 0 to 30 C, it changes to green when the water is 31 to 40 C, and to red for 41 to 50 C.

2. Sliding Bathroom FaucetBathroom Faucets Courtesy of Zeyu Zeng

This beautiful, sophisticated tap looks very much like a slider phone. Turn it on by sliding it towards you. Use the touch pad to set the temperature and water flow.

3. Reversible Bathroom FaucetBathroom Faucets Courtesy of Jinsun Park and Byungmin Woo

Now you don’t have to bend over to drink water or to rinse your hand and mouth. This is a simple faucet where water flow is reversed with the push of a button. The water flows upwards like a fountain.

4. Platinum Illuminating Bathroom FaucetBathroom Faucets Courtesy of Marti

The platinum LED faucet indicates water temperature to its user through change of colour. Cold water is indicated through blue, warm through violet, and hot through red colour.

5. Alien-shaped Bathroom FaucetBathroom Faucets Courtesy of Art Design’s

The inspiration for this stunning faucet was drawn from ‘Alien’ movie. It has a highly polished chrome finish and the water flows up from the sprout like a fountain.

6. Foldable Bathroom FaucetBathroom Faucets Courtesy of Min Kong

Take a look at this digital wall mount fold-out faucet. It can easily be mistaken as a flat cabinet or mirror. Using the control panel you can select the temperature, kind and amount of water flow you want.

7. Touch Pad Bathroom FaucetBathroom Faucets Courtesy of Stefano Ollino

This is an electrically powered digital faucet. You can find all the controls on top of its flat wing like panel. There are no knobs; to turn on this lovely faucet, all you need is a gentle touch.

8. Smart Bathroom FaucetBathroom Faucets Courtesy of iHouse

Choose this intelligent bathroom faucet with camera and face recognition software. Wow! Once a familiar face is detected, the exact temperature and water pressure automatically adjust to that user’s settings.

This smart faucet lets you check your e-mail, access your calendar and gives you the weather report.

9. Touch Screen Bathroom FaucetBathroom Faucets Courtesy of Equa

You can go for this luxurious touch screen faucet. There is an option to connect this high-tech tap to an existing home automation system.

10. Calculating Bathroom Faucet Bathroom Faucets Courtesy of Daniel Dobrogorsky

This faucet can calculate and show you the amount of water that has been used in your bathroom. With the help of this faucet you can keep a tab on your water usage.

11. Dotted Bathroom FaucetBathroom Faucets Courtesy of Jaeseok Han

Get this sleek, attractive faucet. Move your finger along the dots to get cold or hot water. The lights on top are said to be charged by the flow of hot water in it.

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