Bathroom Ideas for Your Home

Beautiful Trendy Bathroom Ideas

Discover some beautiful bathroom ideas and designs for your home. These bathroom designs are simple yet extremely functional. So, get ready to pamper yourself, design a stunning bathroom for your home.

Bathrooms are the most neglected areas of a house. They are the smallest rooms but there is no reason that they should lack in elegance and glamour.

There are a wide range of bathroom fittings and storage options available in the market. They come in all kinds of shapes, size and price tag. Hence before going on a buying spree keep the size of your bathroom and your budget in mind.

Check out these cool, modern bathroom ideas with pretty vanity, lovely tub and gorgeous faucets. Lighting and decor add up to the style quotient of each one of them.

1. Stylish Bathroom IdeasBathroom IdeasCourtesy of Castle Harbour Homes

Here is a gorgeous bathroom with a perfect layout. The tub has been beautifully fixed in the corner. The toilet and bath area are a bit hidden up. Get this look, opt for build-in vanity and rectified porcelain walls.

2. Serene Bathroom DesignsBathroom IdeasCourtesy of Mosaic Architects Boulder, Photography by Jim Bartsch

These bathroom ideas will help you design a serene look in your house. Use neutral colors to create a cool calm ambience in there. Would love to sit in the tub and enjoy the greenery beyond it.

3. Contemporary Bathroom DesignsBathroom IdeasCourtesy of Ted LeBoeuf Designs, Photography by Vanguard Real Estate

Check out this crisp clean bathroom design. Plan to put up your vanity and tub on one side and bath and toilet on the other. Add LED lights on the edge of the mirror to light up the bathroom.

4. Modern Bathroom IdeasBathroom IdeasCourtesy of Nasciturus Design

Take a look at these cool black and white bathroom ideas. Create a statement wall divider in your bathroom. Add floral wallpaper to it to make it visually appealing. Cover up the bath area with glittery walls.

5. Bathroom Ideas in NeutralBathroom IdeasCourtesy of Dugally Oberfeld

Design an awesome bathroom using variant shades, textures and materials in brown. This contemporary bathroom idea really steals the show.

6. Bathroom Ideas ModernBathroom Ideas ModernCourtesy of Ingenious3D

Check out this rectangular bathroom design with some great color choice. Keep the dark color reserved for vanity and side walls. Choose a lighter shade for floor and bath area.

7. Small Bathroom IdeasSmall Bathroom IdeasCourtesy of Concept Interiors

If you are tight on space, then these bathroom ideas work best. Go for a small floating vanity than a bulky one.

8. Master Bathroom IdeasBathroom IdeasCourtesy of ZeroEnergy Design

Separate the wet and the dry areas of your bathroom. Build a raised platform for shower and tub. Use the same flooring all through to get an expansive feeling.

9. Beautiful Bathroom DesignsBathroom IdeasCourtesy of Singlepoint Design Build

Get some great master bathroom ideas with us. Choose this one with a double shower, bench and vanity.

10. Stunning Bathroom DesignBathroom IdeasCourtesy of AB & K Bath and Kitchen, Photography by Molly Madsen

Pick up some nice countertops and tiles for the bathroom. Use the corner to design your shower enclosure.

11. Bathroom Ideas for Small SpacesBathroom Ideas for Small SpacesCourtesy of Lawrence and Gomez Architects, Photography by Tim Murphy

You need lots of windows to create a serene bathroom design that is flooded with natural light. You can extent the deck of the tub into the bath area become a shower bench.

12. Bathroom IdeasBathroom IdeasCourtesy of Tal Klein

Design a bathroom that has a bathtub and shower together. Use a wall to separate the toilet from bath area and glass to separate vanity.

13. Bathroom Ideas for Small BathroomsBathroom Ideas for Small BathroomsCourtesy of GLR Arquitectos / Gilberto L. Rodriguez, Photography by Jorge Taboada

I love everything about this bathroom. Amazing idea for creating a contemporary bathroom!

14. Minimal Bathroom DesignsBathroom IdeasCourtesy of Gordon Gibson Construction

Here is a sleek, minimal and modern bathroom design idea. Absolutely stunning!

15. White Bathroom IdeasBathroom IdeasCourtesy of Alexander James Interiors

White bathroom design helps you create a calm ambience filled with tranquillity. Nice bathroom with walk-in shower.

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