14 Useful Bathroom Storage Ideas

Bathroom Storage Ideas for Clutter-free Look

Check out these bathroom storage ideas to create more space in your bathroom. Get some new, fresh storage and organization tips. It is important to use the available area with a bit of planning to design a comfortable, clutter-free bathroom.

Use the area under the sink and the bathroom walls to make storage space for bath essentials and toiletries. Go through these bathroom storage and organization images to get more idea.

1. Vanity with Storage

Bathroom Storage IdeasCourtesy of Gary Randolph

Here is a gorgeous vanity with loads of storage space. Use the open area to store towels and toilet paper.

2. Drawers with Dividers

Bathroom Storage IdeasCourtesy of Moxie Space

Add drawers under the sink with dividers to make it easy to store small items.

3. Use a Tray

Bathroom Storage IdeasCourtesy of Urrutia Design, Photography by Matt Sartain

Put your perfumes on display by arranging them elegantly on a tray and placing them on the countertop.

4. Custom Cabinet

Bathroom Storage IdeasCourtesy of Wow Great Place

If you have a small bathroom, add a sleek wall cabinet to it to make some storage space.

5. Make Up Organizer

Bathroom Storage IdeasCourtesy of Simply Organized

A drawer with divider for your make up, isn’t that great?

6. Under Sink Storage

Bathroom Storage IdeasCourtesy of Art of Kitchens

Don’t waste the space beneath the sink. Add a couple of U-shaped drawers to help fit them around the pipes in there.

7. Baskets Them

Bathroom Storage IdeasCourtesy of Land of Management

Use baskets of different shapes and sizes to store things in your bathroom. They can easily help you hide all the clutter.

8. Pull Out Cabinet

Bathroom Storage IdeasCourtesy of Sicora Design, Photography by Farm Kid Studio

I love this pull out drawer that stores your hair dry, strainer and curlers all in one place.

9. Shelves for Storage

Bathroom Storage IdeasCourtesy of Shelf Genie

Pull out shelves with risers that fit around the pipes beneath your sink create more usable storage than standard fixed shelves.

10. Things she Needs

Bathroom Storage IdeasCourtesy of Wow Great Place

Take a look at this pull-out tower designed in three sections. It gives easy access to make-up and hair care products.

11. Glass Cabinet

Bathroom Storage IdeasCourtesy of Abaca Interiors

Use a glass cabinet to create more storage space in the bathroom.

12. Organize the Drawer

Bathroom Storage IdeasCourtesy of Haven

Drawer dividers make all the difference, don’t you think?

13. Storage Cabinets Wall Mount

Bathroom Storage Ideas Courtesy of Moriq

Nothing beats a wall mount cabinet. Get one to add more storage space into your bathroom without eating up on floor space.

14. Bathroom Storage over Toilet

Bathroom Storage IdeasCourtesy of Wow Great Place

Organize your bathroom to maximize storage. Add a small cabinet over the toilet and a magazine rack by the side. Make space in the divider for bath accessories.

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