Bathtub Backsplash Ideas

Bathroom Bathtub Backsplash Ideas 

Add more thrill to your bathroom by applying these captivating bathtub backsplash ideas in them.

Bathroom is one place where we start and finish our day. It is a place where we get a chance to relax and wash away life’s little stresses. And above all where inspiration strikes!

Given below are some exotic bathroom backsplash ideas to make your home a visitor’s delight.

1. Window Bathtub Backsplash

Bathtub Backsplash IdeasCourtesy of Matthew Mallett Photography

Look at this classy backsplash behind the freestanding elevated bathtub. The huge window has been adorned with a maze of artistic grill. This definitely makes a chic background for the bathtub. Tile and timber combination looks great and so does the mirror recessed on the wall.

2. Sheer Curtain Bathtub Backsplash Designs

Bathtub Backsplash IdeasCourtesy of Wick Design

The bathtub backsplash ideas such as these are simple and easy to execute. The printed curtain teamed with the white sheer curtains look awesome and creates a perfect backsplash. The tiles, though little old-fashioned where prints are concerned, looks elegant.

3. Mirrored Bathtub Backsplash Ideas

Bathtub Backsplash IdeasCourtesy of Ensoul Interior Architecture

Here is a luxurious bathroom with a large square bath on a raised platform to give it grandeur. The mirrored backsplash behind the tub is instrumental in magnifying the open space area. Also the glass pendant lights are taking good care of the illumination. The recessed towel rail also draws my attention.

4. Metallic Bathtub Backsplash Tiles

Bathtub Backsplash IdeasCourtesy of Villeroy and Boch

This is a wonderful bathroom; you can see glamour and glitterati all over it. These incredible bathroom backsplash ideas speak of royalty and extravagance. Use of gold metallic tiles as backsplash is a novel idea and you should actually try incorporating it.

5. LED Lit Backsplash for Bathtub

Bathtub Backsplash IdeasCourtesy of Frank Gill Design

This is a large spacious bathroom. The designer has made it a point to play with LED lights. The bathtub backsplash is highlighted by blue LED light. It creates a frame around the mirror making the area quite conspicuous.  LED light below the bathtub are also creating a magical effect.

6. Mosaic Bathtub Backsplash Tiles

Bathtub Backsplash IdeasCourtesy of MEC

Check out this contemporary glass mosaic paisley backsplash wall pattern. I love the color of the tub and the way it sits on those pebbles. This gorgeous bathroom is sure to leave you mesmerized and enchanted by its beauty.

7. Floral Patterned Bathtub Backsplash

Bathtub Backsplash IdeasCourtesy of Red Deer Carpet One

This round bathtub looks interesting and so does the accent wall behind. The lily mural on a huge mosaic tile is quite a jaw dropping creation. I like the tile work surrounding the tub and yes, it does have a nice fireplace to keep you warm during winters.

8. Tin Tiles Backsplash Ideas

bathtub-backsplash-ideas-8Courtesy of Seattlehometours, Photography by Dan Farmer

This bathroom seems to share space with the master bedroom. It has a bathtub, sauna and a shower. I love the shape of the tub and the tin tiled wall backsplash behind it. At this point, I cannot miss out the magnificent crystal chandelier, it looks fabulous.

9. Wallpaper Backsplash Ideas

Bathtub Backsplash IdeasCourtesy of Annas Development & Building, Photography by Dan Conklin

This is a narrow bathroom and the space has been divided wonderfully for various functions. The wallpaper behind the tub has got an attractive pattern on it. It goes well along with the window treatment. The huge window allows sufficient sunlight into the bathroom giving it a fresh feel.

10. Wood Bathtub Backsplash Designs

bathtub-backsplash-ideas-10Courtesy of Besch Design, Photography by Peter Nilson

This is a smart-looking master bathroom with a fabulous tub and a stylish wall mounted faucet. The wooden plank behind the bathtub area portrays a perfect blend of tiles and wood. Adding more to it is this amazing light fixture, looks like a bundles of bubbles put together to glow.

11. Simple Bathtub Backsplash Ideas

Bathtub Backsplash IdeasCourtesy of Enviable Designs, Photography by Vicky Tan

Here is a serene bathroom with beautiful grey tiled floor and free-standing bathtub. The curved ledge behind the tub with a smart window treatment serves as a fabulous backsplash. It’s an ideal place to relax after a long day. The light fixtures and the other accessories have been put artistically, thus showcasing the aesthetic bent of the owner’s mind.

12. Glass Window Backsplash

Bathtub Backsplash IdeasCourtesy of JMJ Studios

These bath tub backsplash ideas are amazing and outstanding. The huge window overlooking the beautiful garden will always be able to extend its fresh feel into the ambience.

13. Textured Wall Bathtub Backsplash

Bathtub Backsplash IdeasCourtesy of Angela Wells Interior Design, Photography by Trent Teigen

This unique bathroom set up has got a faint glimpse of the ‘Flintstone Age’. The textured accent wall behind the bath tub is amazing and has been highlighted well. I love the vast open area, the view is really breathtaking!

14. Sheer Curtain Backsplash Ideas

Bathtub Backsplash IdeasCourtesy of StudioMint

A trip to the world of fantasy! This ambience is enough to make you feel on seventh heaven. Sheer curtains have been beautifully attached around the bathtub. They also fulfill the need of a bathtub backsplash. The Victorian chandelier is an added plume to the cap!

15. Backsplash Ideas with a View

Bathtub Backsplash IdeasCourtesy of The Sky is the Limit Design, Photography by Jo Ann Richards

Most of these bathtub backsplash ideas are practical and extremely functional. This is a super sleek yet tactile bathroom. The shape and size of the bath tub is excellent. The lake view makes the ambience serene and peaceful and looks ready to take you amidst nature.

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