Beautiful Dining Rooms

How to Create Beautiful Dining Rooms of Your Own?

Beautiful dining rooms can become the focal point of your house. They are high traffic areas and are often used for eating and entertaining guests. Check out the furniture, lighting and decor of some of our beautiful dining rooms below:

1. Royal Blue Dining RoomBeautiful Dining Room IdeasCourtesy of Carolyn Miller Interiors

Use royal blue color on your dining room walls and chairs. Add white trim to increase the aesthetic appeal of the room. Go for a golden chandelier, an orange-yellow art work and a huge mirror flanked with sconces.

2. Multi-Colored Dining RoomBeautiful Dining Room IdeasCourtesy of Fabio Galeazzo, Photography by Marco Antunio

Here is a grey dining room with an amazing accent wall. Bright colors add life to this room. Go for wooden floor, chairs made of recycled material and a pretty chandelier.

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3. Bold Dining RoomBeautiful Dining Room IdeasCourtesy of Garrison Hullinger Interior Design

If you love bold decor, then choose this bright yellow-blue dining room. Use post-it notes to create this innovative wall. Add an art work and a unique light fixture to get this look.

4. Lavish Dining Room DecorBeautiful Dining Room IdeasCourtesy of Brown Davis Interiors

The coral cove lighting is the focal point of this dining room. Use cool and warm undertones of grey and taupe to get this magical look. Use golden drapes to add depth and richness.

5. Beautiful Curved Dining RoomBeautiful Dining Room IdeasCourtesy of Zar Custom Home, Photography by Jim Schmid

A curve dining room can make a lot of difference. It’s simply beautiful and the spiral hanging light fixture defines the space.

6. Traditional Dining RoomBeautiful Dining Room IdeasCourtesy of Annabelle Herrera Interiors

For an elegant decor, pick up some fabulous furniture. Take a look at these interesting chairs, aren’t they beautiful?

7. Beige Dining RoomBeautiful Dining Room IdeasCourtesy of B+G Designs

Go for a dark wood round table with beige upholstered chairs. Get a statement light fixture and sheer curtains hang them.

8. Dream Dining RoomBeautiful Dining Room IdeasCourtesy of Serving Up Style

This is a dream dining room perfect for a romantic dinner. There are lots of lighting and drapes all around. Create a fresh ambience by adding some plants in there.

9. High Ceiling Dining RoomBeautiful Dining Room IdeasCourtesy of Pfuner Design

Here is a spectacular dining room with a two storey condo. It has marble floors and an interesting ceiling with LED lights. Go for tall silver chairs and white table.

10. Stylish Dining RoomBeautiful Dining Room Ideas

Courtesy of Tran + Thomas Design Studio

Get these gorgeous upholstered fabric chairs together with this glass table. Paint the walls grey; keep the skirting, trim and ceiling white in color.

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