10 Beautiful Indian Bathroom Designs

Indian Bathroom Designs to Inspire You

Here are some nice Indian bathroom designs with admirable interior work. Take a look and get inspired, pick up some designing tips and ideas too.

Indian bathroom designs usually have a sink, toilet and a shower area. Having a bathtub is a luxury which needs a lot of space, proper maintenance and is a bit heavy on the pocket. Hence, you won’t usually find them in Indian bathrooms.

A good bathroom needs careful designing, ventilation, lighting, and right placement of sink, toilet and bath area. Check out these perfectly done bathroom designs by Indian designers:

1. Smart Interiors

Indian Bathroom Designs Courtesy of Vijay Kapur Designs

This is a nice bathroom with a cool matching floor and wall tiles. First there is the sink which is set on top of a floating vanity. The bathroom is well-lit and everything looks right on place.

2. Simple Bathroom Design

Indian Bathroom Designs Courtesy of Dipen Gada and Associates, Photography Tejas Shah

Here is a simple rectangular bathroom with some interesting details to it. The bath area is at the far end with a skylight above it.

3. Grey Stony Interiors

Indian Bathroom DesignsCourtesy of Dipen Gada and Associates, Photography Tejas Shah

Think a bit different; go for a stony grey interior. Break the monotony by adding a mirror and lots of wall art. I love the quirky sink.

4. Add Natural Beauty

Indian Bathroom Designs Courtesy of Aamir and Hameeda Associates

Get this gorgeous bathroom design for your house. This bathroom has a sunken bath area surrounded by plants and sunlight falling from the glass ceiling.

5. Minimal Bathroom Idea

Indian Bathroom Designs Courtesy of Sameer Chawda Photography

At times less is more; this Indian bathroom proves the same. The vanity offers lots of storage space for linen, towels and other bath essentials. Keep the bathroom clean and dry by installing glass dividers.

6. Pop of Color

Indian Bathroom Designs Courtesy of Studio An-V-Thot Architects, Photography by Avneesh Kumar

Check out this black bathroom with a pop of electric blue and yellow color. Pick mosaic glass tiles to enhance its look and make it more appealing.

7. Eclectic Bathroom Decor

Indian Bathroom Designs Courtesy of Fadd Studio

Use colorful tiles and team it up with white floor, wall and ceiling. Go for white vanity and a broad white-framed mirror to make it more interesting.

8. Smart Small Bathroom

Indian Bathroom Designs Courtesy of Spaceplus, Photography by Tejas Shah

What a chic sleek interior design! This small bathroom is neatly packed with everything in the most beautiful way possible. The grey walls add a distinct personality to the bath space.

9. Contemporary Style 

Indian Bathroom Designs Courtesy of Khosla Associates

A perfect place to relax and unwind after a long day! Here is a spacious bathroom with a shower area and a bathtub where you can take a dip and loosen up.

10. Dramatic Look

Indian Bathroom DesignsCourtesy of Synectics Partners

Mix and match white and floral pattern tiles to get this unique shower area. Use a careful proportion of black and white to create a perfectly balanced bathroom design.

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