35 Beautiful Rangoli Designs

Pretty, Colorful and Beautiful Rangoli Designs for Diwali

Make some of these beautiful rangoli designs during festivals and competition. Rangoli designs add to the aesthetic appeal of the pooja room and the house. Check out our beautiful rangoli designs collection.

1. Beautiful Rangoli Designs with FreehandBeautiful Rangoli Designs with FreehandCourtesy of  Gayatri Patil‎

Check out these beautiful rangoli designs. They can be made during festivals and other special occasions.

2. Beautiful Rangoli Designs for CompetitionBeautiful Rangoli Designs for CompetitionCourtesy of Namrata Lagad 

Here is a pretty rangoli design with a beautiful scenery. Surround the rangoli design with Sanskar Bharti rangoli patterns.

3. Small Beautiful Rangoli DesignsBeautiful Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Anamika’s Creation & Ideas

It is a very attractive rangoli design. It’s small but the prettiest of them all. I’m sure people won’t be able to take their eyes off it.

4. Beautiful Rangoli Designs of PeacocksBeautiful Rangoli Designs of PeacocksCourtesy of Mehta Neha

Peacock is one of the most magnificent creatures on earth. They are the national bird of India. Make this beautiful peacock rangoli in your courtyard during Diwali.

5. Beautiful 3D Rangoli Designs for Competition in CollegeBeautiful Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Anagha Ghangrekar‎

Make this 3 dimensional rangoli designs for competition in college during festivals. Make an abstract design and fill it with different colors.

6. Beautiful Floral Rangoli Patterns Beautiful Rangoli PatternsCourtesy of Rupali Tomke‎

Here is a simple, easy rangoli design. Just make some nice flowers and leaves; beginners can give it a try.

7. Beautiful Rangoli Designs of GaneshaBeautiful Rangoli Designs of GaneshaCourtesy of Ujwala Tharakude Kadam‎

Prepare this Ganpati rangoli design. Make a red color circle in the centre and draw lord Ganpati on it.

8. Beautiful Rangoli Designs for DiwaliBeautiful Rangoli Designs for DiwaliCourtesy of Suchita Daravade

Take a look at this corner rangoli design for Diwali. Use red, blue and yellow color to create this look.

9. Beautiful and Easy Rangoli DesignsBeautiful and Easy Rangoli Designs Courtesy of Dhanshree Gadade

Sprinkle gold glitters on your rangoli design and see the difference. The shine makes it glow and stand out.

10. Pooja Room Rangoli DesignsPooja Room Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Bhavna Haria

Make this pretty rangoli design in your pooja room. Use stencils to draw intricate rangoli designs. Decorate it with flowers and diyas.

11. Free Hand Rangoli DesignsFree Hand Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Shruti Dudhalkar Sorte

Create this free hand rangoli design at your door steps. Sprinkle rangoli powder and use your fingers to make this flowery design.

12. Simple Rangoli DesignsSimple Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Pooja Soni

Beginners can pick this simple rangoli design for a start. Add Swastika symbol in the centre.

13. Beautiful Rangoli Designs for CompetitionBeautiful Rangoli Designs for CompetitionCourtesy of Gopal Rai

Make these awesomely beautiful rangoli designs for competition. Draw vast blue ocean with a dolphin jumping in it.

14. Colorful Rangoli DesignsColorful Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Archana Kojagiri‎

Go for this colorful rangoli design. Add blue, orange, pink and violet color. Use white rangoli powder to make its outline.

15. Beautiful Rangoli Designs for New YearBeautiful Rangoli Designs for New YearCourtesy of Bazzy Magdum

Draw this gorgeous rangoli design for New Year. Make semi circles using yellow, green and blue. Draw patterns over them with white. ‎

16. Creative Rangoli DesignsBeautiful Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Sneha Bhukele‎

Be a bit creative; draw a tree and some birds. Draw this rangoli design in your living room and showcase your creativity.

17. Easy Rangoli Designs Easy Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Sapna Mahalankar Dhage

Here is an easy rangoli design. Make this small design to welcome your guests. Use vibrant red, blue and yellow colors.

18. Scenic Rangoli DesignsBeautiful Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Chitra Mehendale

Use the beauty of nature to make this stunning rangoli design. Capture the beauty of dawn along the sea-shore.

19. Beautiful Rangoli Designs for New YearBeautiful Rangoli Designs for New YearCourtesy of Kannan Tanjorearts

Draw this lovely rangoli with hearts in the centre. Make flower petals around it. Use blue as the highlighter.

20. Beautiful Rangoli Designs for DiwaliBeautiful Rangoli Designs for DiwaliCourtesy of Latarani Dhruw

Make beautiful rangoli designs for Diwali. Add diyas in the centre and light them up in the evening. Draw spiral patterns around it.

21. Kolam Rangoli DesignsBeautiful Kolam Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Vani Muthukrishnan

Kolam rangoli designs are made in South Indian states. Make this attractive Lotus kolam rangoli during Ugadi, Sankranti or Pongal.

22. Beautiful Rangoli DesignsBeautiful Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Mamta Shah

Here is a fascinating rangoli design. The color combination is really good. Use paisley, peacock feather and circular patterns to decorate it.

23. Beautiful Rangoli Designs for BeginnersBeautiful Rangoli Designs for BeginnersCourtesy of Sharddha Kadu

Create this simple rangoli design for beginners. Use violet color as the base. Make a diya in the centre with flame.

24. Corner Rangoli DesignsCorner Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Mamta Shah

Create this mesmerizing corner rangoli design. The design is simple; it’s mainly made up of colorful lines. The color combo is great too.

25. Beautiful Rangoli Designs for KidsBeautiful Rangoli Designs for KidsCourtesy of Sarika Shelke

Kids can make this cute rangoli design in their home. Draw a pretty flower; add leaves and tendrils to it. Use bright colors to make it more appealing and attractive.

26. Diwali Rangoli DesignsDiwali Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Tarun Sharma

Place a floating flower decor in the corner of your house. Surround it with this cool border rangoli design. Make the design along the walls of the room.

27. Paisley Kolam Rangoli Designs for DiwaliPaisley Kolam Rangoli Designs for DiwaliCourtesy of Uma Raja

Choose these paisley kolam rangoli designs for Diwali. Fill it up with small patterns. Surround it with pink Lotus design and diyas.

28. Beautiful Rangoli Designs without DotsBeautiful Rangoli Designs without DotsCourtesy of Maheshwari Ramesh

Go for this awe-inspiring rangoli design. Use square on your floor tile to create this out-of-the-box rangoli design.

29. Beautiful Paisley Rangoli DesignsBeautiful Paisley Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Maheshwari Ramesh

Have a look at this beautiful paisley rangoli. Use white for creating the base. Add green and yellow in the desired pattern.

30. Beautiful Rangoli Designs of Peacock Beautiful Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Mona

Make this awesome peacock rangoli in your living room during festivals. The use of gold rangoli powder makes this design totally different from other.

31. Beautiful Rangoli Designs for HomeBeautiful Rangoli Designs for HomeCourtesy of Uma Raja

Create this kolam design for Ugadi. Use white, yellow and red color to create this elegant kolam rangoli design. Make a Swastika in the centre.

32. Competition Rangoli DesignsCompetition Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Rupal Jain

How about this lady with a lamp? Create this gorgeous competition rangoli design. Draw a lady adorned with jewellery, bindi and bangles.

33. Beautiful Rangoli Designs of GaneshGanesh Rangoli Designs for DiwaliCourtesy of Akanksha Sapate Kavade

Make a yellow circle; add a flowery design around it. Create Ganpati on the yellow circle. Draw these beautiful rangoli designs of Ganesh for Diwali or for competitions.

34. Beautiful Rangoli Designs for HoliBeautiful Rangoli Designs for HoliCourtesy of Maheshwari Ramesh

Draw these beautiful rangoli designs in your living room. Bring out the artist in you to make this lovely rangoli design.

35. Peacock Rangoli DesignBeautiful Rangoli Designs of PeacockCourtesy of Sapna Mahalankar Dhage

Here comes a peacock rangoli design. They are my favourite among all others. Create this magnificent bird and transform your home into a symbol of beauty and grace.

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