15 Modern Bed Designs Available Online

Bed Designs for Indian Homes

Take a look at these latest bed designs for Indian homes. These beds are modern in design and perfect for your master bedroom. You can choose from a wide variety of beds available online in different size and style.

Go through some of our favorite bed designs picked just for you:

1. Bed Designs in Wood

Bed Designs in Wood Bed Designs

Check out this awesome bed for your bedroom. It’s a queen sized bed in walnut color. The headboard has a concealed storage space. It also has some open shelves wherein you can store your books and other necessary items.

2. Upholstered Bed Design

Upholstered Bed Design Bed Designs

I like this grey upholstered bed, looks quite comfortable. It has four drawers where you can store extra bed sheets, pillow covers, throws and duvets. The tufted headboard is ideal to lean against while you’re working on your laptop, reading or watching movies.

3. Bed Design for Master Bedroom

Bed Design for Master Bedroom Bed Designs

You definitely need this king size bed for your master bedroom. It is beautiful and comes with easily accessible storage space. The dominant dark finish with a contrasting white panel on the headboard ensures a distinctive and elegant look.

4. Indian Bed Designs

Indian Bed Designs Bed Designs

What a lovely bed! Buy this white solid wood bed in queen size. This bed design can enhance the interior of any bedroom making it a calm place to rest.

5. Bed Designs for Small Room

Bed Designs for Small Room Bed Designs

Buy this gorgeous bed with a glossy melamine finish. The bed is made out of solid Sheesham wood and excellent for small bedrooms. This bed design is not boxy and the slatted design gives it a lifted look.

6. Four-Poster Bed Designs

Four Poster Bed Designs Bed Designs

Bring this elegant four-poster queen sized bed into your house. The bed and headboard are made up of solid Sheesham wood which is also known as Indian Rosewood. It might cost a bit but it’s worth every penny.

7. Queen Sized Beds

Queen Sized Beds Bed Designs

This bed will blend into your contemporary bedroom interior design. It’s a low bed made in solid wood. It is a decent bed but lacks storage space. The bed is available in Teak and Mahogany finish.

8. King Size Bed Designs

King Size Bed Designs Bed Designs

Pick this smart looking bed with a tufted headboard. The black beige color combination looks great. This king size metal lift-on bed has a lot of storage space to help you keep things neatly tucked out of sight.

9. Bed Designs for Indian Bedroom

Bed Designs for Indian Bedroom Bed Designs

Here is an awesome bed with a chic headboard. You have the option to choose a king or a queen size bed according to your need.

10. Bed Designs with Storage

Bed Designs with Storage Bed Designs

Give a classic touch to your bedroom with this stylish king size bed. It is made out of Sheesham wood and has loads of storage space in it. This bed is very comfortable and long lasting.

11. Modern Bed Designs

Modern Bed Designs Bed Designs

This bed is made up of superior quality metal and the bed is value for money. It is easy to assemble, extremely sturdy and apt for people who want a simple, minimal looking bed. The bed frame comes with a five year warranty against any manufacturing defect.

12. Wrought Iron Bed

Wrought Iron Bed Bed Designs

Take a look at this wrought iron bed; it can fit into any kind of bedroom. This bed is very durable and at the same time affordable too. It is a king size bed with a decent floor clearance.

13. Trundle Bed Designs with Storage

Trundle Single Bed Designs with Storage Bed Designs

Here is an ideal bed for kid’s room. This is a trundle bed with three drawers for storage at the bottom. If you have a small children room and can’t afford to have more than one bed then this is it. This sleek bed fits perfectly into any corner, leaving plenty of room all around.

14. Bed Design for Kids Room

Bed Design for Kids Room Bed Designs

Go for this modern space saving bed design. It has wheels to support and pull out the trundle with ease. During the day just roll it back and keep your kid’s room hassle free.

15. Bunk Bed Designs

Bunk Bed Designs Bed Designs

You can buy this stylish bunk bed in white and orange. It has an extra bed and drawers beneath the lower bunk. The lower bunk also has shelves to store books and toys. You can access the upper bunk with a ladder. The bunk bed is crafted from MDF with high gloss finish.

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