Bedroom Design Ideas

Trendy Bedroom Design Ideas

Check out these simple yet awesome bedroom designs. These bedroom design ideas will help you plan your interiors in a much better way. They are perfect for small as well as mid-size bedrooms. Pick one that suits your style the most and comfort.

1.Transitional Bedroom

Bedroom Design Ideas

Courtesy of Castro Design Studio, Photography by Erica George

This bedroom has a lovely custom-made bed with wooden headrest that goes all the way up to the ceiling. The walnut flooring keeps up with the essence of this room. Create a cozy seating area on one side of the bedroom by placing a couple of sofas there.

2. Luxurious Bedroom Design Ideas

Bedroom Design Ideas

Courtesy of Rebel Walls

Give a new look to your bedroom by adding a mural to it. You can pick any painting of your choice, call an artist and get it done. Keep the floor and walls white to give it a relaxed airy look.

3. Keep it White

Bedroom Design Ideas

Courtesy of Loft Stockholm

Here is a beautiful transitional bedroom with purple walls and an interesting arrangement of frames behind the bed.

4. Trendy Master Bedroom Designs

Bedroom Design Ideas

Courtesy of Houzz

Here is a bold master bedroom in dark tone. The green grey walls give this room an enigmatic look. The wall behind the bed conceals the bathroom which makes it all the more interesting.

5. Cool Breezy Bedroom Design Ideas

Bedroom Design Ideas

Courtesy of The BNK Group

A huge window over-looking the garden can make your day. The marble bench can be used as a place to keep your books while you sit, read and unwound yourself after a hectic day.

6. Jazz it a Bit

Bedroom Design Ideas

Courtesy of Chris Snook

Well, if you like the odds, take a pick at this bedroom design. This bold eclectic bedroom is definitely not for weak souls. Go for florescent accents and a stripy ceiling mold to take it up a notch.

7. Blue Accents

Bedroom Design Ideas

Courtesy of LaCantina Doors

Check out this mid-century modern bedroom. Go for a blue-grey combo like the grey upholstered headrest pitted against a blue throw. The turquoise walls and white curtain complete the look.

8. Use Mirrors

Bedroom Design Ideas

Courtesy of Vouge Kitchen & Bath

If you want to create an expansive environment in your bedroom then add mirrors to it. Add a bench at the foot of the bed for seating.

9. Contemporary Bedroom Design Ideas

Bedroom Design Ideas

Courtesy of Hy-Lite

Mix and match hues of brown to get this trendy bedroom look. Go for a four poster bed and a chest of drawers in dark brown for maximum impact. The other highlight of this bedroom is the acrylic block window, looks just fab!

10. Classic Woodwork

Bedroom Design Ideas

Courtesy of Vinluck Interiors

Take a look at this bedroom with loads of storage space. Its symmetrical design is quite soothing to the eyes. Add a table and chair on one side to create space for work or study.

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