Bedroom Designs that Never Go Out of Style

Timeless Bedroom Designs

It’s not that hard to create bedroom designs that never go out of style. Just take care to design it the right way. And, if you are not sure on how to go about it then, you can take our help. Check out some of the most common bedroom design and decor ideas below.

Bedroom is a place where you relax and unwind after a long day. Hence, most of us want our bedroom designs to be comfortable and cozy; a bedroom that would make us happy.

Take a look at our gorgeous bedroom designs collection and pick up one that suits your style.

1. Modern Bedroom DesignsModern Bedroom DesignsCourtesy of Brost Developments, Photography by IH

You can go for this modern bedroom look. Stick to neat, clean furniture and accessories. Add stylish light fixtures and wall art to pep it up. Stick to brown, yellow and beige color scheme.

2. Eclectic Bedroom DesignsEclectic Bedroom DesignsCourtesy of m.a.p Interiors

Or, you can choose an eclectic look. Here you can mix and match different styles to get the one you want. This master bedroom has a mix of antiques and transitional furniture.

3. Contemporary Bedroom DesignsContemporary Bedroom DesignsCourtesy of Brandon Barre Architectural Interior Photography

This is a fabulous bedroom design with contemporary decor. Love the upholstered wall, beige furniture, sheer curtains and mirrored chest. Use blue to add some color to this bedroom.

4. Tropical Bedroom DesignsTropical Bedroom DesignsCourtesy of Audery Wallace

Tropical bedroom designs make you feel like you on vacation. Get a four-poster bed and add sheer curtains to it. Place colorful pillows and lots of flowers around the bedroom.

5. Rustic Bedroom DesignsRustic Bedroom DesignsCourtesy of Jaffa Group Design Build

Create an ideal abode; pick this old-fashioned rustic bedroom setting for you. Use stone to design the fireplace and wood for this unique window and door frame. This bedroom looks calm and homely.

6. Victorian Bedroom DesignsVictorian Bedroom DesignsCourtesy of Woodson & Rummerfield’s House of Design

Design a bedroom fit for royals. Choose this wonderful Victorian bedroom with white-pink color scheme. Add a four-poster bed with lucite poles and side tables with shiny finish and lucite legs. The peacock mural gives an exquisite touch to this bedroom design.

7. Transitional Bedroom DesignsTransitional Bedroom DesignsCourtesy of Green Basements and Remodelling

Transitional bedroom designs are a mix of traditional and contemporary. Create this serene bedroom in your house. Go for a blue accent wall with chandelier sconces and hardwood flooring.

8. Traditional Bedroom DesignsTraditional Bedroom DesignsCourtesy of Haisma Design

This bedroom design looks so fresh and airy yet cozy and inviting. The color combination is truly interesting. The navy and green are not too bright but still not boring. Hang family photographs above the bed and recreate this bedroom for your loved ones.

9. Asian Bedroom DesignsAsian Bedroom DesignsCourtesy of IMI Design, Photography by Dino Tonn

Asian bedroom designs have distinct warmth about them. This is what makes them so homely and comfortable. You can create a similar space of luxurious tranquillity and relaxation. The rich browns and spa-blue makes it a perfect place to escape from the world.

10. Mediterranean Bedroom DesignsMediterranean Bedroom DesignsCourtesy of Cabana Home, Photography by Mark Lohman

Here is a lovely Mediterranean bedroom. Everything about this bedroom is awesome – bed, bedding, headboard, bench, lamps, mirror and the dresser.

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