Small Bedroom Furniture with Storage

Create More Storage with these Amazing Bedroom Furniture Ideas

Discover bedroom furniture that will end all your storage woes. You can create clever storage in your bedroom to make it look organised and clutter-free. It is said that a clean clutter-free room always welcomes positive vibes and happiness.

Here are some creative bedroom furniture storage ideas to create smart and useful storage space.

1. Bedroom Furniture Ideas

Storage Bedroom FurnitureCourtesy of MIL-id

This is a small bedroom with minimal furniture. Design bedroom furniture aptly to create ample storage space in a very smart way. The platform bed with the drawers beneath satisfies the idea. Similarly, the overhead storage shelves also offer enough space to stack away your stuff. Owing to the huge windows the room looks well-lit and spacious.

2. Contemporary Bedroom Furniture

Storage Bedroom FurnitureCourtesy of MASH Studios

Check out this wonderful bedroom furniture which is quite capable of making the room look smart. You can replace under the bed storage containers with these clever and convenient alternative drawers. The series of drawers under the dresser looks good enough for storing pieces of bric-a- brac.

3. Bedroom Furniture and Storage

Storage Bedroom FurnitureCourtesy of Miriam Gassmann, Photography by Stephane Deroussant

This is a beautiful bedroom with nice textured wooden flooring and slanted ceiling. Convert the entire wall into storage section with drawers of different storage capacities. The black knobs make them a lot more attractive. The lovely cubbies give a smart look to the bedroom.

4. Window Bedroom Furniture Ideas

Storage Bedroom FurnitureCourtesy of Z+ Interiors, Photography by T C Geist

This bedroom is an example of smart usage of a small space. The built-in bed with storage is quite instrumental in giving the room a clutter free look in spite of its size. The open shelves and the pull out drawers offer ample storage place. The room done up in white and the large window allows enough sunlight in the room and makes it look spacious and bright.

5. Modern Bedroom Furniture with Storage

Storage Bedroom FurnitureCourtesy of CDA Design, Photography by Guillaume Dupuy

A stylish bedroom with equally stylish bedroom furniture! The wall to wall mirror has doubled the size of the room. Use the shelving on both sides of the window to display things of your interest. There is a storage unit under the window as well as the upholstered drawer under the bed to serve your purpose.

6. Bedroom Storage Cabinets

Storage Bedroom FurnitureCourtesy of Keir Townsend

A variety of textures in neutral palette are used to create a feeling of space luxury in this bedroom. Convert the entire wall behind the velvet headboard into a storage area. Even the side boards are all set to serve the purpose.

7. Build-in Bedroom Furniture Designs

Storage Bedroom FurnitureCourtesy of Hannotte Interiors, Photography by Jenn Hannotte

This small bedroom has awesome sleek and straight lined bedroom furniture. The built-in storage unit behind the bed provides good storage capacity. You can use the open shelf above the headboard to store books, toys or display few decoration pieces.

8. Bedroom Furniture for Small Bedroom

Storage Bedroom FurnitureCourtesy of Ann Marie Baranowski Architect

Here is an example of a small multi functional room. There is no headboard to the bed but a cabinetry with an awesome rectangular glowing light above it. The built-in desk has a lot of drawers and pullouts that offers enough space for storage.

9. Small Bedroom Furniture Ideas

Storage Bedroom FurnitureCourtesy of Kropat Interior Design, Photography by Mark Lohman

Check out the vibrant paisley wallpaper which makes the room look stylish. The foot bench is the extension of the bed. The bed and the foot bench also flaunt a nice and spacious storage area at its base. The ambience of the room looks energetic, warm and cosy.

10. Bedroom Furniture with Storage Units

Storage Bedroom FurnitureCourtesy of Terrat Elms Interior Design

This bedroom furniture is smart as well as modern. Surround the upholstered headboard by storage cabinets and open shelves. The side table consists of a beautiful pull out unit where you can stack away the essentials. The chair near the large window will certainly be your favorite place for reading and lounging.

11. Smart Bedroom Furniture

Storage Bedroom FurnitureCourtesy of Old World Kitchens and Custom Cabinets, Photography by Bob Young

The bedroom furniture gives a neat and sleek look to this room. The main feature in here is the Murphy bed in beautiful dark wood stain. The entire wall is a huge storage unit. The built-in cabinets in the room saves space and makes it look organised too.

12. Bedroom Storage Solutions

Bedroom Storage SolutionsCourtesy of Adams + Beasley Associates

The upholstered  bed is one of the salient features in this bedroom. The tufted headboard surrounded by smart cabinets maximizes the storage capacity. The beige and grey colour combination is instrumental in giving a peaceful ambience to the room.

13. Bedroom Furniture with Storage

Storage Bedroom FurnitureCourtesy of Chadbourne + Doss Architects, Photography by Jame Anne Farrell

This small bedroom has been tastefully decorated to serve the purpose of a young career oriented person. Having the shelves and the dresser reach up to the ceiling conserves tons of space. Another interesting feature is the integrated desk which serves as a fabulous work station. The open shelves are enough to store and display books and other things of interest.

14. Bed with Storage

Storage Bedroom FurnitureCourtesy of Robert Nebolon Architects, Photography by Matthew Millman

This raised bed is the most interesting piece of bedroom furniture. The drawers with wood sheathing and leather pulls give an amazing look to the bed. These magnificent drawers are sure to give some breathing space to the closet and dressers. This bed is perfect for tiny small bedrooms where there is no space to incorporate cabinets or drawers.

15. Kids Bedroom Furniture 

Storage Bedroom FurnitureCourtesy of Carol Weston

This is the cutest trundle-bed, I have seen. This bed has amazing storage capacity in way of pull out drawers. Your child’s favorite stuff can be stacked away neatly in the drawers. The headboard and the footboard too have storage for books.

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