17 Bedroom Interior Design Mistakes

Most Commonly Made Bedroom Interior Design Mistakes

Bedroom is one of the most important parts of any house. Compared to kitchen and bathroom, bedroom designs are pretty straightforward. Still, there are a few bedroom interior design mistakes that people make while trying to create that perfect atmosphere.

Bedroom Interior Design MistakesCourtesy of Houzz

Here are some simple home makeover ideas that can help you avoid  bedroom interior design mistakes:

1. Size of bedBedroom  Interior Design MistakesCourtesy of Onekindesign

The bed is generally the focal point of a bedroom and if it’s too big, it can make the entire room look out of sync. Therefore, while shopping for a new bed, keep the scale of your room in mind. Avoid these common bedroom interior design mistakes to keep your room spacious and easy to maneuver.

2.  Lack of privacyBedroom  Interior Design Mistakes Courtesy of Homedits

Don’t compromise on the privacy part of your bedroom; rather it should be your number one concern when designing it. Many bedrooms have open bathrooms which is quite risky. In order to have a happy fulfilling life everything about your oasis should be centered to maintain privacy. Hence, never commit these bedroom interior design mistakes.

3. Over furnishingBedroom  Interior Design MistakesCourtesy of SMH

Using too many furniture in your bedroom will make it look small, cramped and make you feel claustrophobic. Instead of buying every single piece go for multi-purpose furniture that is functional as well as stylish.

4. Improper lightingBedroom  Interior Design MistakesCourtesy of Glodealer

Bedroom interior design mistakes related to lighting is very common. Bedroom isn’t just for sleeping, but you spend a lot of time performing other activities like reading, watching TV, dressing-up and relaxing in there. So, it’s best to have more than one source illuminating your room. And, don’t forget to add dimmer to ceiling and overhead lighting.

5. Wrong colour Bedroom  Interior Design Mistakes Courtesy of Iroonie

Bedroom is a place for calm and relaxation hence, choose your colour with great caution. Pick soothing colours that promote a sense of serenity as opposed to bright colours that are harsh and can make your bedroom appear gloomy.

6. Matching itBedroom  Interior Design Mistakes  Courtesy of Houzz

The most common bedroom interior design mistakes people do is that they try to match every single piece with the other, be it furniture or accessory. Don’t buy everything from the same store. Try decorating your room slowly by adding some variety and character to it.

7.  Insufficient storage spaceBedroom  Interior Design Mistakes Courtesy of Apartment Therapy

You should always include enough storage space in your bedroom. You could store all your stuff in there and thus, save your beautiful bedroom from turning into a dumping ground. Include a lot of shelves, under bed drawers, cabinets, and recessed closets.

8. Window treatments Bedroom  Interior Design Mistakes Courtesy of Houzz

Window treatments increase the aesthetic appeal of your bedroom but, many people simply forget about it. Include window treatment to help complete the look. Use blackout drapes or curtains in your room.

9. Focal pointBedroom  Interior Design Mistakes  Courtesy of Home Designing

Don’t forget to add a focal point to your bedroom. Put up a beautiful painting like the one in the above picture. Or, go for an art piece, a chandelier or an amazing piece of furniture. Making television as the focal point of your room is the worst bedroom interior design mistakes anyone can make.

10. Excess accessories Bedroom  Interior Design Mistakes Courtesy of Houzz

Do not display everything at the same time. Mix, match and try to strike a balance among the accessories and decoration pieces you would like to show. Make sure your room gets some personal touch and reflects your style.

11. Clutter control Bedroom  Interior Design Mistakes Courtesy of In My Own Style

Visual clutter can take away the calm and peace of your bedroom. It can lead to a lot of stress. Remove everything that you don’t require, pack them neatly in storage boxes, and put them away. Doing this will restore the order and balance in your room.

12. Furniture fuss Bedroom  Interior Design MistakesCourtesy of Furniture Cornerla

Never buy oversized furniture or you could end up feeling cramped. Try to place them in symmetry than putting them all on one side of the room. Add a piece if it’s really necessary or skip the idea.

13. Exposed cables Bedroom Design MistakesCourtesy of DIY

Exposed cables can make your bedroom untidy. Tuck away all those wires coming from lamps, televisions, and other electrically powered items. You can even use a cord cover that matches your wall colour to hide them.

14. Pillow everywhere Bedroom  Interior Design MistakesCourtesy of Blocnow

Pillows are beautiful addition to your bed but having a lot of them can make it feel over crowded or cluttered. Avoid having too many pillows.

15. Gym equipment Bedroom  Interior Design Mistakes Courtesy of Roomzaar

Your bedroom is not a gym; never add large exercise equipment in your sleeping space. To keep up the equilibrium of your bedroom, shift your gym to some other place.

16. Furnish before colouringBedroom Design MistakesCourtesy of All You

Some costly bedroom interior design mistakes that most people commit is painting their bedroom before furnishing it. It’s hard to match the interior, furniture and fabric to an already painted room.

17. Too neutral Bedroom  Interior Design Mistakes Courtesy of Design and DIY Magazine

Don’t be afraid of colours, you need not use neutral colours for everything. Add colour to your bedroom to keep it from looking completely washed out.

Hope now you would be able to avoid these bedroom interior design mistakes while designing your bedroom.

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