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Use These Basic Ideas for Your Bedroom Interior Design

Bedroom is the most intimate space of the house. Therefore, make your bedroom interior design with utmost care and love. Focus on every single detail; each corner should reflect your personality. Keep it stylish yet cosy, cool yet calm, elegant yet serene, inviting yet relaxing.

Bedroom Interior Design Courtesy of Barclay Butera Interiors

A nicely done bedroom can lift you up and have a positive impact on your life. Try to create a bedroom interior design the oozes harmony and tranquillity. Include the things you love and replace the ones you don’t. Make a heavenly abode for yourself; take a leaf out of these elegant bedroom interior design basics.

1. Space and PlanningBedroom Interior DesignCourtesy of Christopher Elliott Design

Space is a luxury in today’s world; most of us live in small flats with little space. One should make a bedroom interior design keeping the advantages and disadvantages of the room in mind, and then try to make the best out of it.

Bedroom Interior DesignCourtesy of Domiteaux + Baggett Architects, PLLC

Did you know that windows can make your room much bigger? So, never block them with heavy curtains. Keep your bedroom organized; add lots of storage to keep clutter at bay. If you have a small bedroom, go for a small bed than a heavy, boxy one.

Bedroom Interior DesignCourtesy of Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Inc.

Before you start putting things into your bedroom make a plan. Decide how you want it to look and how to arrange the furniture for maximum use of the available space. Don’t just stuff your bedroom with a bed, dresser, lamp and side tables.

2. Focal PointBedroom Interior Design Courtesy of Maison Market

Create a focal point to draw the attention away from all the short-coming of your bedroom. Go for some beautiful curtain, a carpet or a painting or it can just be a lamp.

Bedroom Interior Design Courtesy of Globus Builder

Windows and fireplace are the architectural focal points in a room. Enhance them further by adding some window treatment or by placing decorative pieces on the mantle of your fireplace.

3. Colour and MoodBedroom Interior DesignCourtesy of Joe Ginsberg Design

Colour and mood go hand in hand. A bedroom interior design that includes bright colour can make you feel lively whereas a dull, gloomy bedroom colour can make you depressed. Choose your bedroom colour with caution, don’t add to many colours altogether, instead mix and match to get the best possible combination.

4. Maximise LightBedroom Interior DesignCourtesy of Sean Gaston

There are two kinds of light, the natural light coming from the sun and the artificial ones. Try to get as much sunlight into your bedroom to keep it warm and comfortable. If you have only one window, use mirrors to bounce it back into your room. Applying light colour to your wall can also make your room look brighter.

Bedroom Interior DesignCourtesy of Peerutin Architects

At night, don’t depend on just one source of light for your room. Add accent lights, spot lights, reading lights, lamps to illuminate and enhance your bedroom interior design.

5. Texture and PatterBedroom Interior DesignCourtesy of E. B. Mahoney Builders, Inc.

Texture is the way a surface feels when you touch it. Use of different textures can bring out the best in your bedroom. Use a variety of texture, such as hard against soft, rough against smooth, shiny against subtle and create an interesting room.

Bedroom Interior DesignCourtesy of Contour Interior Design, LLC

Patterns play a very important role in the bedroom interior design, they are everywhere. Pattern includes the use of stripes, checks, floral, and other geometric shapes. While doing your bedroom, stick to a few patterns that go well with the decor and theme.

6. Balance and HarmonyBedroom Interior Design Courtesy of Paula Grace Designs

Maintain balance and harmony between the things that you put in your bedroom. They shouldn’t look out of sync; bind them together by use of symmetry, similarity, rhythm, repetition, scale and proportion. A good balance between unity and variety must be established to avoid chaos and confusion in your bedroom interior design.

7. Contrast it a bitBedroom Interior Design Courtesy of Paula Grace Designs

Let’s talk about contrast, it doesn’t always imply to colour, but it’s also about direction, size, form, density, texture and much more. Contrast adds spice to a room and makes it more lively.

8. Personal TouchBedroom Interior DesignCourtesy of Philpotts Interiors

Every bedroom is unique; it reflects your style and personality. One can tell a lot about the person by looking at the decor of his/her room. So, go ahead and add your personal picks. Forget about the trends, let go of the rules and just be yourself.


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