Bedroom Interior – Things to Know

Keep These in Mind while Doing up your Bedroom Interior

Here are some important basic bedroom interior designing rules that you need to follow in order to create a perfect space for yourself. Take a tour into the world of interior designing with us. Check out these beautiful bedrooms designed by some of the most talented from across the world.

Bedroom InteriorCourtesy of Zero Energy Design, Photography by Eric Roth

Check out this beautiful bedroom with gorgeous interiors which speak of almost all the basic elements of designing. Toying with the horizontal lines the designer has taken good care of space management. The sober color combination of the bed furnishing makes the room to appear bigger than its size. The lights have been arranged to make the ambience enticing.

Check out some innovative bedroom interior basics to adorn your priceless nest.

1. Space Planning

Bedroom InteriorCourtesy of Kara Mann Design

The designer is quite successful in planning the space in this bedroom interior. The utility aspect is kept in the mind while planning the furniture. The bed along with the seating arrangement creates a complete cozy corner. The extension of the bedroom brings you closer to the nature.You are enclosed in your nest and at the same time you can have a view beyond to the natural world. There is an easy pathway to access all the corners of the room.

Bedroom InteriorCourtesy of Cardinal Designs and Consulting

This small bedroom has an extended balcony with it. The bedroom looks interesting with the traditional looking suspended bed. The small jute seat will also serve as a footrest when sitting on the bed. To avoid overcrowding the seating arrangement has been made in the porch. The porch is overlooking the garden and the ambience would certainly make the evenings interesting.

2. Working on Lines 

Bedroom InteriorCourtesy of Serena & Lily

A beautiful bedroom interior! This looks like a small room and has been uplifted through vertical arrangement of wooden panels on the ceiling and the wall behind the bed. It tends to make the room look more spacious and clutter free. Perfect inclusion of vertical lines with other elements have the ability to lift the mind and spirit as well.

Bedroom InteriorCourtesy of Sara Ingrassia Interiors

The bedroom looks beautiful in soft colors. The modern furniture is all ornate and classy. Playing on the horizontal lines the designer has tried to utilise the available space to its maximum. Straight lined furniture creates a sense of balance in the bedroom. The atmosphere looks fresh and relaxing also because of the big doors and windows allowing sunlight and natural fragrance to take a peek inside the room.

3. Different Forms and Shapes

Bedroom InteriorCourtesy of TS Design

This smart and sleek bedroom in white denotes peace and tranquility in the atmosphere. The designer is successful in maintaining a perfect balance between the positive and the negative space. The shape of the chair and the coffee table is a feast to the eyes. The headboard with triangles is dynamic enough to make the bedroom interior visually interesting. Adding more to it are the pendant lamps flanking the bed in style.

Bedroom InteriorCourtesy of Taylor Design Group

This bedroom has a mix of squares and circles in it. The headboard and lamps in bold squares give a strong and stable identity to this bedroom. I love the electric blue throw with circular patterns and the matching accent wall. The bright bed furnishings make the room look colorful and happy. And, they sure do contribute to its majestic appeal. The side tables and the bench create a sense of harmony in there.

5. Lighting Element

Bedroom InteriorCourtesy of Riverside Designers, Photography by Tanya Boggs

Here is a lovely bedroom design in pleasing colors of white and blue! The beauty of this bedroom interior is accentuated by abundance of natural light. Loads of light peeping in from the large door and windows have certainly attributed to its pleasantness. Apart from natural light you also need to have artificial lighting for the night.

Bedroom InteriorCourtesy of Waldemar Derevenets

Step by step lighting arrangement enhances the beauty of this room. The accent lighting behind the headboard highlights the comfortable shape and size of the bed, the smart furnishings and the upholstery. Task lighting by way of the side lamps adds beauty and utility element to the bedroom. The light on the ceiling illuminates the entire room thus uplifting the mood of the occupant.

5. Enhance Through Color

Bedroom InteriorCourtesy of Empressive GeoDesigns

Colors play a pivotal role in beautifying and uplifting the mood of the dweller. The designer has chosen a combination of orange and white, wherein white denotes perfection and orange is a color of joy and creativity. The room looks spacious, well-organized and clutter free. Bedside lamps with mirrors behind them enhance the aesthetic appeal of the room and act as another eye-catching feature.

Bedroom InteriorCourtesy of Vivre Inc

This bedroom interior has got a royal touch to it. The interior designer has used rich colors to give it a majestic feel. The walls are done in grayish black color that denotes power and strength. This look also reflects through pillow and the picture of the king and the queen hanging on the wall. There is a kingly concept in the interior of this powerful bedroom and the designer is quite successful in drawing it out.

6. Adding and Combining Texture

Bedroom InteriorCourtesy of m.a.p Interiors

This bedroom interior has an array of textures, soft as well as dominant perhaps defining the mood of the occupant. The texture of the bed spread looks soft and comfortable which is in direct contrast to the wall behind in exposed brick finish. The colors used is black which stands for maybe class, elegance and wealth and toning it down is the color brown used in various elements which promotes a sense of stability and warmth.

Bedroom InteriorCourtesy of Maxim Novinkov

This bedroom interior again flaunts a black and white color combination suggesting dominance. The soft texture of the bed furnishings and curtains are instrumental in toning down the mood of the room. Owing to its dark color combination a feel of mysticism engulfs the atmosphere.

7. Use of Pattern

Bedroom InteriorCourtesy of Alessandro Cerutti

This simple bedroom is done up in soft shades. Different patterns are used here to break the monotony. The zigzag pattern on the rug makes the floor look attractive and interesting. Stripes on the throw and zigzag patterns on the cushion covers are combined with perfect ease. They accentuate the beauty of this bedroom. Stripes have also been used behind the headboard; it makes the room look beautiful and smart.

Bedroom InteriorCourtesy of Heather Merenda

Here is a smart and sleek bedroom interior. The colors used are all soft tones which give a sober look to the room. To break this feel of sobriety and boredom the designer has placed a patterned pillow on the bed and some hexagonal mirrors on the wall. They help in adding some glitz and glamour to the room.

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