10 Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Keep Your Bedroom Lighting Right to Keep It Bright

Bedroom is not just for sleeping, it is where you cuddle up for a movie, finish that last bit of work, read and study, spend time with your little one, dress up for a night out. And doing all that in a badly lit room is nightmarish, which means we need to use multi-purpose bedroom lighting that are functional and fabulous too. I’m sure everyone would want this retreat to reflect their personal style and create a feeling of sublime comfort.

Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Bedside lamps you can enhance your bedroom lighting with task lights for vanity or study, dimmer to alter the mood, and some well-placed accent lamps to create a soft lighting effect around the room. Here are some simple bedroom lighting tips that you could find handy while deciding on the lighting element of your room.

1. Size It Right

Before buying bedroom lighting, first figure the size of room; take your room measurements, along with outlet locations and furniture placement. Light each and every corner of your bedroom to make it more functional and comfortable.

2. Height Is the Key

Bedrooms typically have lower 8 or 9 ft. tall ceilings. Avoid fixtures with longer bodies in favour of shorter or flush-mounted fixtures. Height is important as you want a certain level for reading, enough lighting for dressing, and you also need bedroom lighting high enough to reach all the areas.

Bedroom Lighting

3. Glow In Every Corner

Decide what you want to do and then choose right bedroom lighting. Home computers, sewing machines and reading nooks in the bedroom need direct lighting. Sitting areas beg for softer, shaded fixtures where as vanities demand brighter light.

4. The Lamp

Avoid shades on lamps or lights that are too opaque, otherwise your bedroom will be too dark and gloomy. These bedroom lighting fixtures may look nice, but functionality is most important. When buying a table lamp, opt for one with a softly diffused shade, spend a moment to see how you turn it on and off to make sure it is not too difficult to manage when you are in bed.

5. Perfect Location

Don’t install lights directly over the bed as it can be a sore to your eyes while you lie in bed. Direct light from overhead can make you uncomfortable while soft bedroom lighting at face level are perfect.

Bedroom Lighting

6. Mix and Match

No single source of light is as visually comfortable as a combine of portable lamps and other fixed bedroom lighting. Too much light in one place is unpleasant and glaring, it’s better to use more light sources of lower wattage.

7. Moody Lights

A strong dose of ambience is also important in bedroom lighting, so I would suggest you to install dimmer on lights for altering effect. Softer or coloured light bulbs can also change a room’s mood.

8. Light That Closet

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to find things in a dark closet. Closets need good light, be careful, not to put a hot light bulb too near delicate clothes. Attach a closet light that is 12-inches from the edge of the rod or upper-shelf. Fluorescent lights are the best because they offer lots of light and are cooler. They also save energy and are easy to hide behind the header of the door. If you use a good colour tube, you will be better able to tell the colour of your clothing.

Bedroom Lighting

9. Relaxed Reading

Reading lights set on night-stands offer book lover’s flexibility. The guiding principle in buying reading lamps is the ability to adjust the light, either by swivelling or moving its arm. They should also be well-shielded so you don’t see the bulb and able to read without bothering your sleeping partner. Bedroom lighting controls at the middle of the headboard allow you to it turn on or off with ease.

10. Control It

Imagine pushing a bedside button and turning the lights off or on, it’s fine, but there are more convenient ways of doing it. We have gadgets to turn off lights with an infra-red remote like you use for your TV, get help from lighting professionals to install them.

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