Bedroom Picture Gallery Ideas

Master Bedroom Picture Gallery Ideas for Your Home

Decorate your home with these bedroom picture gallery ideas. There are many ways to decorate your bedroom wall but creating a gallery or collage is the best. You can add a personal touch to it which makes it a winner.

In order to create a bedroom picture gallery, first select photos, then plan the layout. Pick a wall you want to decorate and the frames for your photo collage.

Here are some beautiful bedroom picture gallery ideas:

1. Simple Bedroom Photo Wall

Bedroom Picture Gallery IdeasCourtesy of Atmosphere Interior Design, Photography by D&M Images

Here is a beautiful display of pictures on the wall of this black and white bedroom. The white frames distinctly stand out against the dark wall color.

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2. Bedroom Design Photo Gallery

Bedroom Picture Gallery IdeasCourtesy of Michelle Williams Interiors

You can even create a picture gallery on the side wall. Use these photographs to give a personalized touch to your bedroom.

3. Bedroom Picture Gallery Ideas

bedroom-picture-gallery-ideas-3Courtesy of Roman Interior Design, Photography by Larry Taylor

Check out this small bedroom with a warm color scheme and an awesome picture gallery. The layout on the wall makes this room really cool.

4. Picture Gallery on the Ceiling

Bedroom Picture Gallery IdeasCourtesy of Estudio Gutman Lehrer

Well, it’s not at all necessary to look for a wall to have a picture gallery. The highlight of this room is definitely the ceiling, it’s unique and creative.

5. How to Hang Pictures

Bedroom Picture Wall Gallery IdeasCourtesy of Linda McDougald Design, Photography by Rachael Boling

This is another gorgeous way to add pictures of your kids in your bedroom. Love the way it’s grouped together; you can always rearrange them or add more to get a new look.

6. Picture Gallery without Frames 

Bedroom Picture Gallery IdeasCourtesy of Stylingbolaget

There are many bedroom picture gallery ideas without frames that are equally amazing. Here is one for you, just hand the photos with the help of a tape or a paper clip or a string.

7. Photo Gallery Wall Ideas

Bedroom Picture Gallery IdeasCourtesy of IBD Studio, Photography Bruce Barnes

Decorate your love nest with a pretty picture collage. I love this bedroom; it looks like a perfect place to rest and rejuvenate.

8. Photo Wall Ideas

Bedroom Picture Gallery IdeasCourtesy of Bertolini Architects, Photography Nathalie Priem

Take a look at this small narrow bedroom with a wall full of pictures. It is the most simple and affordable way to dress up your room.

9. Wall Decor Ideas with Pictures

Bedroom Picture Gallery IdeasCourtesy of J L Interior Design

Design a gallery wall with TV in the center and B&W pictures around it. This turns the boring wall into an accent wall displaying those precious moments in your life.

10. Picture Gallery Wall Frame Set

Bedroom Picture Gallery Ideas

Courtesy of Alyssa Lee Photography

Get photo frames that match the decor of your bedroom. This traditional room has a glamorous touch to it, everything seems so tied up.

11. Picture Gallery Wall Layout

Bedroom Picture Gallery IdeasCourtesy of Black & Spiro Interior Design, Photography by Life In Bloom

Create a perfect mix of small and big frames to get a nice picture gallery. Different shapes and sizes can work wonders if placed in harmony.

12. Bedroom Photo Wall Collage

Bedroom Picture Gallery IdeasCourtesy of Southern Living

Here is a classic example of a serene bedroom with a laid by decor and neutral color palette. Design a wall gallery to add life to the room.

13. Family Photo Gallery Wall Ideas

Bedroom Picture Gallery IdeasCourtesy of Niche Interiors, Photography by Jason Snyder

Design a photo gallery above the bed to add visual interest to the whole set-up. Pick some of your personal clicks or family photos for the same.

14. Picture Gallery Ideas

Bedroom Picture Gallery IdeasCourtesy of R H Carter Architects, Photography by Peter A Sellar

Use wallpaper on one wall and make a gallery on the other. You can use different color frames to build an ultimate picture gallery for your bedroom.

15. Bedroom Wall Gallery Ideas

Bedroom Picture Gallery IdeasCourtesy of Weatherbee Design Studio, Photography by Lisa Weatherbee

Go for a fun-filled photo gallery idea. Pick up some randomly selected pictures and decorate the bedroom in a vibrant manner.

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