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New Generation Concept-Bedroom with Open Bathroom

Having a bedroom with attached bathroom is quite normal. But, we bring you bedrooms with integrated bathroom. Open bathroom concept is becoming extremely popular now a day. Open bathroom is nothing but an extension of your bedroom that doesn’t have a door. They can partly or completely open up into your bedroom.

Open Bathroom ConceptCourtesy of JRP Design & Remodel

En suite bathrooms are definitely not everybody’s cup of tea! Some people might love it and some completely hate it. You can go for this fancy design if you live alone. But, if you have a partner then, you both need to agree on having an open bathroom in your house.

Open Bathroom ConceptCourtesy of Hansgrohe USA

Though, en suite or open bathroom is an interesting concept, there are many who aren’t comfortable with such an idea. These bathrooms lack in privacy and needs a lot of maintenance. As these bathrooms are a part of your bedroom, you need to maintain proper cleanliness and hygiene at all times.

Take a look at these open bathroom to get a better idea:

1. Neutral Coloured BathroomOpen Bathroom ConceptCourtesy of Rudolfsson Alliker Associates Architects

You can directly walk into this bathroom, it is partially covered by walls but a major part is visible from the bedroom.

2. Frosted Glass BathroomOpen Bathroom ConceptCourtesy of Houzz

This master bedroom has an en suite bathroom that is encased by frosted glass. These glass walls provide privacy while bathing and add style to your bedroom.

3. Bio-Friendly BathroomOpen Bathroom ConceptCourtesy of WETSTYLE

The master bedroom’s open concept bathroom feature a tub, sink, vanity and mirrored cabinetry. There is a wall partition that separates the shower area from the bedroom. The tub and sink were produced using special bio-based composite material.

4. Suspended Mirror BathroomOpen Bathroom ConceptCourtesy of James R. Meyer

Here is a cool bedroom with walk-in bathroom. Instead of wall the bathroom sports a suspended mirror and vanity to create a sense of privacy.

5. Foldable Screen BathroomOpen Bathroom ConceptCourtesy of Amelie de Gaulle Interiors

This beautiful bathroom has an antique folding screen to help create some privacy. The sleeping area and the bathroom share the same floor plan.

6. Raised BathroomOpen Bathroom ConceptCourtesy of Mark English Architects

In this case they have a slightly raised floor to create a demarcation between the carpeted bedroom and the tiled floor of the bathroom. The shower area is totally open with nothing in between.

7. Exotic Bedroom En SuiteOpen Bathroom ConceptCourtesy of Elad Gonen

Take a look at this exotic, colourful bedroom with this beautiful tub. The bedroom floor consists of blue and white tiles, and the window treatment is just awesome.

8. Large White En SuiteOpen Bathroom ConceptCourtesy of Joshua Lawrence Studios

You can choose to go with this stunning bedroom having large windows and some great view. The bath tub in this open bathroom is screened with a fireplace. Vanity and sink are in the middle; on the right side you can see the glass shower enclosure.

9. Bathroom with Fireplace Open Bathroom ConceptCourtesy of Process Design Build

Bathroom and the master bedroom is separated by this cool stone wall with fireplace. The stone wall adds to the aesthetic appeal and creates a sense of privacy too.

10. Walk-in BathroomOpen Bathroom ConceptCourtesy of Martha O’Hara Interiors

Walk into this bathroom and enjoy a quick shower. The en suite extends to either side of the entrance. The book shelf hides the bathroom area.

Agreed, the above open bathroom designs are a bit on the crazier side, but if they have caught your fancy, do let us know.

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