Book Decor Ideas

Inspiring Way to Use Book Decor in Your Homes

Book decor is dedicated to all the book lovers. Books hold a special place in everybody’s life. So, why just read them, there are many other things we can do by taking inspiration from them.

Here are some book decor ideas for you.

1. Book Rug Book Decor Courtesy of Ebook Friendly

This is a beautiful book style rug. It’s inspired by fairy tales; get this rug and display your love for reading.

2. Book BlanketBook Decor Courtesy of Taringa

Get this book blanket for yourself and you’ll have a great time reading it. The blanket has several layers, you can flip it the same way you turn a book page.

3. Book Shower CurtainBook Decor Courtesy of The Thing Quarterly

What about this shower curtain? It would be stylish and interesting to have something like this in your bathroom.

4. Book BedBook Decor

Book Decor Courtesy of Book of Joe

This is an amazing bed. The bedding, bed sheet and comforter are pages of the book and pillows are the bookmark. Children would love to sleep in such a bed.

5. Bed Made of BooksBook Decor Image source Unknown

It’s a bit crazy, a bed made up of old books. It is a very creative way to repurpose books. Attach a nice headboard to make it look more like a bed than a stack of books.

6. Book DeskBook Decor Courtesy of Inhabitat

This is a colourful desk made up of carefully arranged books from architecture library at Delft University of Technology. The desk is topped with glass to make more stable and durable.

7. Book HeadboardBook Decor Courtesy of Design Everyday Blog

Make this book headboard with salvaged books. They are quite simple to make and are very creative too.

8. Book BenchBook Decor Courtesy of Indulgy

A book bench can become the centre point of your patio or terrace.

9. Cosy Dog BedBook Decor Courtesy of Retreat by Random House

This is a super intelligent doggy as he has been sleeping on this book bed for quite some time now. Just Kidding!

10. Book TableBook Decor  Courtesy of JC Penny

Take a look at this whimsical book table with drawers for storing remote, pen or a pad. It’s an extremely good-looking accent piece.

11. Book DrawerBook Decor Courtesy of Balcao De Biblioteca

Well, it’s not a stack of books, it is a set of drawers. Whether you love books or not, you’ll still love to have one in your house.

12. Book Bookshelf Book Decor Courtesy of Jim Rosenau

These hardback books are collected from dumpsters and library discard piles and transformed into these attractive bookshelves.

13. Book RugBook DecorCourtesy of Pamela Paulsurd

This book rug is created from books that have lost the purpose for which they were originally intended. They were salvaged from discarded books, rescued from library dumpsters, estate sales, and donations and turned into this amazing rug.

14. Book ArrangementBook Decor Courtesy of Design of Furniture

This bookshelf is quite appealing. It’s stylish and one-of-a-kind. I’m sure everyone irrespective of whether you love books or not would love to have this on their wall.

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