Boys Room Decor

Get Inspiration and Ideas for Your Boys Room Decor

Boys room decor is pretty different from girls in terms of what they like and what they don’t. Girls like soft pinks while boy’s love blues and greens, girls are homely while boys like adventure. Hence, you need to decorate their rooms differently.

Keeping their taste in mind we have selected some, take a look at these boys room decor and design your son’s room.

1. Aeroplane ThemeBoys Room DecorCourtesy of Smith Firestone Associates

How about this bedroom? It’s a perfect boy’s room with aeroplane mural, compass rug and locker style side table. Hang a couple of aeroplanes from the ceiling to make it more interesting.

2. Sporty LookBoys Room DecorCourtesy of Masterpiece Design Group

Here is a room for the growing teen in your house. If your kid loves baseball, football, cricket or any other sport, then try this boys room decor. Put up a nice poster and create a magnificent backdrop for his room, add lots of shelves for storage.

3. Rustic FeelBoys Room DecorCourtesy of M/I Homes

Go for this wall mounted bunk bed room with a rustic feel. Add a lot of shelves to help your kid store their books and other important items.

4. Go GreenBoys Room DecorCourtesy of Sarah Greenman

This is a beautiful green room with a blue storage chest and book shelf. Keep the room simple, hang some dinosaur and a colourful curtain.

5. Car BedBoys Room DecorCourtesy of Randall Perry Photography

You can choose to have this interesting car bed for your son’s bedroom. I’m sure every boy will love to sleep in this one.

6. Space ExplorationBoys Room DecorCourtesy of Maracay Homes Design Studio

This is a galactic themed bedroom with solar system painted on the wall. Go for this boys room decor, pick bed sheet, pillow covers and the curtain to match the theme.

7. Surf on ItBoys Room DecorCourtesy of Interior Art

This is a stylish room with an elegant bed. The headboard extends on either side of the bed to form side tables and shelves.

8. Robo EffectBoys Room DecorCourtesy of Leire Sol García Asch

Choose this lovely robot bedroom for your kid’s room with cute robot print cushions bed sheet and photo frames. Use lots of colours to decorate the room.

9. Wall Mural RoomBoys Room DecorCourtesy of TRG Architects

You can take inspiration from this room for designing you kid’s bedroom. Get an artist to paint a wall mural. Buy a bed with toe-kick light, in case you don’t find one buy an ordinary bed and add LED lights to it.

10. Colourful DecorBoys Room DecorCourtesy of Wen-Di Interiors

Create a mix of bold and bright colours like blue, green and orange in the room. Use the same fabric for bedding, pillows, curtain and the headboard.

11. Bunk Bed RoomBoys Room DecorCourtesy of Perceptions Interiors

You can go for this bunk bed, kids like climbing up and down these beds. Add an area rug made up of turf (faux grass) with the edges bound and finished. Make boys room decor more exciting by adding a dino rug to it.

12. Go FishingBoys Room DecorCourtesy of Bella Home Builders Inc

This is an interesting theme, seems like you going fishing. Add a wheel and fishing rod to the room’s decor.

13. Elegant StripesBoys Room DecorCourtesy of Camelot Homes

The room is quite tastefully done by use of black and white stripes and a dash of red in between.

14. Gas Station BedroomBoys Room DecorCourtesy of Wendi Young Design

A car bed with a gas station loft, amazing idea! You can take the help of a local carpenter to make it for your kid.

15. Red n Blue Boys Room DecorCourtesy of Merigo Design

Use blue and red colour scheme to create this look. Add a small bench that doubles up as storage.

Hope these boys room decor tips would give you lots of ideas to do your son’s bedroom interior design and add lots of exciting elements to it.

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