22 Bright Colourful Dining Room

Colourful Dining Room in Beautiful Vivid Colour Schemes

A bright colourful dining room can bring joy and fill the house with positive energy. Dining room is a place for eating and entertaining our guests. It’s where we bond with our family and friends over some yummy delectable meals. We engage in discussions, chatting and giggling in there. Dining room is a place for sharing love and creating ties.

Colourful Dining RoomCourtesy of Maria Killam

Dining room is a simple space unlike living room or the kitchen that have multiple purposes. Decorating it is a bit difficult as you don’t have many options. But, you can definitely play around with colours and create a bright colourful dining room.

Colourful Dining RoomCourtesy of Peg Berens

You can paint your dining room in brilliant bright colours to give it a lively look. A rich colour scheme makes a room feel much more energetic and welcoming. Using bright shades fill the place with joy and energy which can lift up your mood and brighten up the day.

Colourful Dining Room Courtesy of Accent Window Fashions

Creating a colourful dining room is all about choosing a bright colour palette and filling the space with the same. It’s the easiest way to transform your boring room into an exciting one.

Colourful Dining RoomCourtesy of Dona Rosene

You can choose to paint some or all the walls and match your furniture with it. Or, you can also paint a single wall for accent and go for some matching furniture and decoration.

Colourful Dining Room Courtesy of Ana Donohue

While designing a bright colourful dining room you can mix a few colours to create a pattern. You can also use colourful paintings, wall decoration or a stylish mirror for maximum effect. Paint the ceiling white and go for pale flooring.

Colourful Dining Room

Courtesy of Brunelleschi Construction

Another way to create a vibrant design for your colourful dining room is to paint the walls with neutral or light shades. You can also fill the space with colourful, bright furniture, rug, and curtain. Both warm and cool shades are welcome as long as they set the mood right.

Colourful Dining RoomCourtesy of Tommy Hein Architects

You can also choose a simpler classic feel by using two or more contrast colours. Try pairing white with brighter shades to get that lively look.

Colourful Dining RoomCourtesy of Roman Interior Design

A colourful dining room can also be attained by adding some great window treatment to the room. This room is a beautiful example of how to use grey and white colour to create equilibrium.

Colourful Dining RoomCourtesy of Willey Design

Create a colourful dining room by using bright yellow colour. Go for striped upholstered chairs, wooden floor and black hanging lights. And finally, create a focal point with a amazing pink art piece.

Colourful Dining RoomCourtesy of Artefacto USA

It’s a view to die for! There is nothing compared to having a colourful dining room by the sea. Put up glass sliders to enjoy the look.

Colourful Dining Room 9Courtesy of Accent Window Fashions

Here is a beautiful dining room in woody brown colours. Start your day with the sun entering straight into your colourful dining room.

Colourful Dining RoomCourtesy of Gregory Roth Design

The beautiful painting and lighting are the highlight of this colourful dining room. White chair arrangement and dark wood table adds to the aesthetic appeal of the room.

Colourful Dining RoomCourtesy of Favreau Design

This is a traditional colourful dining room with pink upholstered chairs, wall paper and a fire-place. The chandelier and the grandfather’s clock add further to its classic look.

Colourful Dining RoomCourtesy of Michael Laurenzano Photography

You can even choose this colour scheme for your dining room. Combine it with a round glass table and matching upholstered chairs. Use of recessed lighting can make your colourful dining room even more stylish.

Colourful Dining RoomCourtesy of Ann Lowengart Interiors

Create this ultra chic, colourful dining room with the help of lucite chairs and black book shelf with colourful books.

Colourful Dining RoomCourtesy of Elizabeth Reich

Get this look by combining two contrast colours – blue and white for a bold colourful dining room. Loop chairs, glossy round table and the chandelier help create the most elegant, dining room ever.

Colourful Dining RoomCourtesy of Philpotts Interiors

The red-orange wall and a large window on the other side makes for an interesting yet colourful dining room.

Colourful Dining RoomCourtesy of Houzz

Choose this eclectic room that beautifully combines grey, purple and mustard yellow. The golden cabinet and window treatment adds a dash of elegance into this colourful dining room.

Colourful Dining RoomCourtesy of Space Lab

Purple, red and rich brown colours together with some great bubble lighting, rug and paintings have created this amazingly colourful dining room.

Colourful Dining RoomCourtesy of Charlie & Co. Design

Stone wall is the highlight of this room. It turns this ordinary dining room into an extraordinary one. You can further decorate the wall with candles to get this stunning, bright, colourful dining room.

Colourful Dining RoomCourtesy of Genevieve Hurley Interiors

This contemporary, calm room incorporates some attractive elements in here. The colourful dining room offer lots of warmth and fresh air to keep you rejuvenated all through the day.

Colourful Dining RoomCourtesy of Marie Burgos Design

Create this colourful dining room for a bright bubbly experience. Paint the accent wall with a bold orange colour and leave the rest of the walls in white.

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