25 Cartoon Rangoli Designs

Make These Cartoon Rangoli Designs for Kids

Try out these cartoon rangoli designs during parties, functions and festivals. I’m sure kids will fall in love them. Make these cool rangoli designs for Birthday, Diwali, New Year or other special occasions.

For making cartoon rangoli designs pick up a theme or a cartoon character and make rangoli accordingly. Use vibrant colors to make them attractive and appealing to kids. Here are some bright, bubbly cartoon rangoli designs, take a look at them.

1. Chota Bheem Cartoon Rangoli Designs

Chota Bheem Cartoon Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Maheshwari Ramesh

Go for Chota Bheem cartoon rangoli designs. Most of the children are familiar with this character and love it a lot.

2. Elephant Rangoli for Kids

Elephant Cartoon Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Maheshwari Ramesh

You can even draw this cute elephant saying and the butterfly. Add pretty flowers and a ladybug on the ground.

3. Colorful Birthday Rangoli Design

Colorful Birthday Rangoli DesignCourtesy of Neelam Bharti

The sweetest way to wish someone on their Birthday! Make this square rangoli using four different colors.

4. Amul Girl Rangoli for Kids

Cartoon Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Sonu Purohit‎

Hey! This is the famous Amul girl – utterly butterly delicious.

5. Rangoli Design with Under Sea View

Cartoon Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Maheshwari Ramesh

You can take the kids on an underwater trip. Draw seahorse, turtle, crab, octopus and lots of fishes.

6. Cartoon Rangoli Designs for New Year 

Cartoon Rangoli Designs for New YearCourtesy of Maheshwari Ramesh

How about this amazing rangoli design? Make these adorable baby animals for your kid’s Birthday party.

7. Rangoli Designs for Competition in School

Cartoon Rangoli Designs for Competition in SchoolCourtesy of Pallavi Champawat‎

Your princess will love this dancing girl. Make this graceful girl during a get together and floor all the ladies around.

8. Cartoon Rangoli Designs for ChristmasCartoon Rangoli Designs for ChristmasCourtesy of Maheshwari Ramesh

Celebrate Christmas with this Santa, Snowman rangoli design. Draw Christmas tree and decorate it with stars.

9.  Free Hand Cartoon Rangoli Designs 

Cartoon Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Maheshwari Ramesh

I love this mummy and baby giraffe. Use bright orange and yellow color to draw them. Draw a few birds and butterfly around them.

10. Cartoon Rangoli Designs with Smiley

Cartoon Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Babli Mutha

Use emoji to create cartoon rangoli designs. You can choose any of them to create this interesting rangoli.

11. Cartoon Rangoli Pictures

Cartoon Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Rani Bandewar

Go for this pretty Macaw rangoli. Make the outline with black and fill it with pink, blue, yellow, green and red color.

12. Simple Friendships Day Rangoli Design 

Cartoon Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Jarshri Rathi

Friends are forever! This rangoli shows the caring, sharing, adventure and enjoyment a friend can offer.

13. Latest Cartoon Rangoli Design

Cartoon Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Maheshwari Ramesh

Pick up a nice shoe house theme and make your rangoli. Add flowers, clouds and a cock to complete the look.

14. Cartoon Rangoli Designs with Fairy Tale Theme

Cartoon Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Maheshwari Ramesh

Catch up with this Disney princess rangoli design. Use red and yellow color for flowers and the caterpillar.

15. Cartoon Rangoli Designs for Janmashtami

Cartoon Rangoli Designs for JanmashtamiCourtesy of Bhairavi Kumaran

This is a perfect rangoli design for Janmashtami. Make lord Krishna running off with a pot of butter.

16. Cartoon Rangoli Designs for Diwali

Cartoon Rangoli Designs for DiwaliCourtesy of Maheshwari Ramesh

The artist has a great imagination. Who could have imagined mushroom in this form.

17. Cake Rangoli Design

Cartoon Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Neelam Bharti

Wish your near and dear ones by dedicating this stunning rangoli to them.

18. Latest Cartoon Rangoli Designs

Latest Cartoon Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Maheshwari Ramesh

Here is another rangoli design for kids. Beautifully made cartoon rangoli designs, apt for any occasion!

19. Kids Rangoli Designs

Kids Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Vani Muthukrishnan

Cuddly bears, so cute! Kids love teddies, make this rangoli for New Year or a Birthday party.

20. Rangoli Design for Kids

Rangoli Design for KidsCourtesy of Jayshri Rathi

The sea beach has come to life with this stunning floor art.

21. 3D Cartoon Rangoli Designs

3D Cartoon Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Vani Muthukrishnan

Try a 3D rangoli design. Though they are a bit difficult to make, we all know that practice makes a man perfect.

22. Halloween Rangoli Designs  

Halloween Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Maheshwari Ramesh

Here is a rangoli design perfect for a scary evening or Halloween night. Make a scarecrow and some pumpkins.

23. Beautiful Rangoli Design  

Beautiful Rangoli Designs for BirthdayCourtesy of Maheshwari Ramesh

What an enchanting creation! I like every single thing about this cartoon rangoli design.

24. Birthday Rangoli Designs

Birthday Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Neelam Bharti

Check out this simple rangoli for Birthday. Create a white background and add patterns over it.

25. Ganpati Rangoli Design for Kids 

Ganpati Rangoli Design for Kids Courtesy of Jagdish Chavhan

Go for this rocking Ganpati rangoli design. Make it for rangoli competitions that are being held during festivals.

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