Small Kitchen Designs on a Budget

Kitchen Designs on a Budget for Small Homes

Kitchen is a place where you cook and entertain your family and friends. Making kitchen designs on a budget is not a tough job; you just need to know where to splurge and where to save.

Discover affordable kitchen designs that can fit into any nook or cranny and still are extremely functional and efficient. Here are some great ideas on how to make kitchen designs on a budget.

1. Cheap Kitchen Design Ideas Cheap Kitchen Design Ideas Courtesy of UNDUO Laboratorio di Architettura

This is an industrial kitchen design made on a tight budget. The kitchen island is made up of viroc. This inexpensive industrial material is a composite of wood particles and resin cement. The limited budget was what inspired the idea of experimenting with unconventional materials.

2. Inexpensive Kitchen Designs Kitchen Designs on a Budget Courtesy of Capital Building, Photography by Sue Murray

You can definitely make beautiful kitchen designs on a budget. Here is an open kitchen design with a timber island set against a white sleek background. The island is made up of recycled timber bench top frames. It conceals the drawers and cupboards on one side and two ovens, a dishwasher, sink, microwave and storage on the other.

3. Small Kitchen DesignsSmall Kitchen Designs Courtesy of Flik Design

Check out this minimalistic small kitchen design. You don’t need to spend much to get this neat and welcoming look. Create monochromatic feel by adding cabinets in a shade that is much darker than the countertop.

4. Simple Kitchen DesignSimple Kitchen Design  Courtesy of Magic Kitchen

The glossy laminated drawers and cupboards give a stylish look to this kitchen. While making kitchen designs on a budget opt for plywood instead of solid wood to curb your expenses. You get a wide variety of plywood in the market depending on its quality and thickness.

5. Cheap Kitchen IdeasKitchen Designs on a Budget Courtesy of McCaren, Photography by Alex Campbell

I would love to cook in this light, airy kitchen with a sea view. Use simple white tiles for the backsplash and wood for worktop. It’s a nice idea to have a bench by the wall to create some extra seating space.

6. Kitchen Designs for Small HouseKitchen Designs on a Budget Courtesy of Best & Company

Get this narrow kitchen design with well-crafted cabinets and glass cupboards. The runner gives a nice antique look to the kitchen and also helps in keeping it spot-free.

7. Small Space Kitchen Designs Small Space Kitchen Designs on a Budget Courtesy of Lana Lounsbury Interiors

Instead of buying branded cabinetry get them done by a local carpenter and get them painted in your favorite color. This will help you in make kitchen designs on a budget really easy.

8. Budget Friendly Kitchen Designs Kitchen Designs on a Budget Courtesy of Chic Decor & Design

Use tiles for backsplash and the floor of your kitchen. Wooden and marble floors are costlier; hence choose cheaper material for flooring. The white-painted cabinets look good when paired with contrasting red granite countertop.

9. Craftsman Kitchen Design on a Budget Kitchen Designs on a Budget Courtesy of Houzz

Many kids of countertop material are available in the market – granite, marble, quartz, concrete, wood, stainless steel, glass, travertine, tile, soapstone, laminated and some made up of recycled eco-friendly material. Check out their prices and compare them before finalizing on it.

10. Space Saving Kitchen Designs on a BudgetKitchen Designs on a Budget Courtesy of Jan McQueen

Awesome use of small space! This tiny kitchen design is functional as well as aesthetically appealing. Beadboard is an inexpensive alternative to the costly tile backsplash. They can add texture and style to kitchen designs on a budget.

11. Traditional Kitchen Designs on BudgetKitchen Designs on a Budget Courtesy of Judith Balis Interiors

Match up the zebra backsplash with a similar bench. Go for a traditional kitchen design with pale green cabinets, beadboard island and white appliances. A nice small layout for kitchen designs on a budget!

12. Kitchen Designs on a BudgetKitchen Designs on a Budget Courtesy of Carmax Consulting

Going on a budget doesn’t mean your kitchen design needs to be boring. You can pep up your kitchen with high gloss cabinets and some unconventional lighting tricks.

13. Budget Kitchen Designs Kitchen Designs on a Budget Courtesy of MH Construction

Here is a kitchen design that would fit into everyone’s budget. It’s a very small kitchen with ample storage space, a cooking range and a sink. Well! This is all you need in a kitchen to survive.

14. Gallery Kitchen Designs on a BudgetGallery Kitchen Designs on a Budget Courtesy of American & International Designs

This is a narrow gallery kitchen with undertones of orange in it. When working on tight budget and space, go for sleek cabinetry and countertop that are sustainable. Choose materials that are durable and easy to maintain.

15. Eclectic Kitchen Designs on a BudgetEclectic Kitchen Designs on a Budget Courtesy of Coupard Architects & Builders, Photography by Anice Hoachlander

Go for a compact, bold look to make your kitchen design more interesting. Mix and match materials. The backsplash is a mix of inexpensive mosaic and glass tiles that are quite expensive to create this classy look.

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