25 Beautiful Christmas Rangoli Patterns

Santa and Christmas Rangoli

Make these mesmerizing Christmas rangoli designs. Create Santa Claus, Christmas tree and bells with rangoli powder.

Rangoli making is an ancient Indian art form. It is made by women on the floor to ward off bad omen and welcome good fortune into the house.

Celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ with these pretty Christmas rangoli.

1. New Year and Christmas Rangoli Christmas RangoliCourtesy of Khushboo Khetan

Welcome New Year with this Christmas rangoli. Make a star in the centre and surround it with Sanskar Bharti border design.

2. Christmas Tree Rangoli Design Christmas Tree Rangoli DesignCourtesy of Veena Dhatrak

People bring Christmas tree to their home and gifts for their loved ones. Make a rangoli with this theme.

3. Christmas Competition Rangoli Designs Christmas Competition Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Joycee’s Creativity

You can make bright, colorful rangoli for Christmas season. Draw humming bird, bells and flowers.

4. Christmas Kolam Rangoli Design Christmas Kolam Rangoli Design Courtesy of Lakshmi Raghu

Check out this Christmas kolam rangoli design. You can make it in your living room for Christmas.

5. Christmas Bell Rangoli Design Christmas Bell Rangoli Design Courtesy of Swapnil Ajnar

Draw this corner rangoli design in your house for Christmas.

6. Simple Christmas Rangoli Design Simple Christmas Rangoli DesignCourtesy of Tejashree Srinivas

This is a simple Christmas tree rangoli design. This rangoli is apt for beginners and kids.

7. Easy X’Mas Rangoli DesignEasy X'Mas Rangoli DesignCourtesy of Aditya Garud

Decorate your home with this glittery Christmas bell design.

8. Rangoli Design for ChristmasRangoli Design for ChristmasCourtesy of Joycee’s Creativity

Jesus Christ was born on Christmas day. Make a rangoli keeping this theme in mind.

9. Free Hand Christmas RangoliFree Hand Christmas RangoliCourtesy of Joycee’s Creativity

This is a very sweet rangoli design with candles and a Christmas tree.

10. Best Christmas Rangoli DesignsBest Christmas Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Joycee’s Creativity

Here is a perfect Christmas competition rangoli design. Create this award-winning rangoli for competitions.

11. Competition Rangoli with Christmas ThemeCompetition Rangoli with Christmas ThemeCourtesy of Joycee’s Creativity

Use red, green, pink, blue and white color and create this inspirational rangoli.

Santa Claus Christmas Rangoli Designs

12. Santa Christmas Rangoli DesignsSanta Christmas Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Prinsha Uprety

For this X’mas make this Santa rangoli design.

13. Top Santa Rangoli DesignTop Santa Rangoli DesignCourtesy of Albert Ferreira

Or, you can draw this Christmas rangoli and say ‘Hello’ to everyone.

14. Elaborate Christmas Floor ArtChristmas RangoliCourtesy of Avadi Muthu Ravi

Go for this rangoli; make it during Christmas in your school or college.

15. Cartoon Rangoli Design for ChristmasCartoon Rangoli Design for ChristmasCourtesy of Prasanna Venkatraman

Pick up this cartoon styled rangoli design and make it in your living room.

16. X’Mas Rangoli DesignX'Mas Rangoli DesignCourtesy of Just Share It

This is the best Santa rangoli. Shoe him carrying gifts, balloons and candy for kids.

17. Christmas Rangoli PicturesChristmas Rangoli PicturesCourtesy of Pravin Kayarkar

Draw a scenic rangoli for Christmas. Make a Church in the background and Santa on it.

18. Christmas Celebration Rangoli DesignChristmas RangoliCourtesy of Savio Fernandes

Celebrate Christmas with this lovely Santa rangoli.

19. Christmas Rangoli for KidsChristmas Rangoli for KidsCourtesy of Sudarshan Kumar

Kids can easily draw this Santa rangoli.

20. Christmas Competition Rangoli Christmas Competition RangoliCourtesy of Savio Fernandes

Take a look at this Christmas rangoli that you can draw for competitions.

21. Christmas Rangoli for BeginnersChristmas Rangoli for BeginnersCourtesy of Balamurugan Dharmar

This is a cute Christmas Santa rangoli design for kids and beginners.

22. Rangoli Design for Christmas SeasonRangoli Design for Christmas SeasonCourtesy of Mere Tauvoli

“Merry Christmas to all”, this is what you feel after looking at this Santa rangoli.

23. Simple Santa Rangoli Design Simple Santa Rangoli DesignCourtesy of Aruna Gulunjkar

A perfect Santa Claus rangoli when you are in a hurry.

24. Santa Claus Rangoli for ChristmasSanta Claus Rangoli for ChristmasCourtesy of Devika Creatives

Here is another awesome rangoli design for you to make this Christmas.

25. Creative Santa Rangoli Creative Santa Rangoli for Christmas Courtesy of Srinivasan Arumugam

Love this rangoli and the colors used to in it.

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