Christmas Tree Decorations

Tips and Ideas for Christmas tree Decorations

Let’s have a look at some interesting Christmas tree decorations. Christmas is a celebrated to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ; it’s celebrated on 25th December. Christmas is about enjoying and having fun. People indulge in singing, dancing, eating and making merry. They celebrate with their family and friends and exchange gifts with each other.

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During Christmas everyone brings home Christmas tree, they decorate it with lights, garland, ribbons, and ornaments. Christmas tree decorations start soon after Thanksgiving. Children love decorating Christmas trees and waiting for Santa to bring them their favourite present. So, bring home a Christmas tree and start decorating.

Get some beautiful Christmas tree decorations idea and make your holiday more bright and colourful.

Step 1-Buy a Christmas TreeChristmas Tree Decorations Courtesy of Home and Away with Lisa

The steps towards Christmas tree decorations start with buying a tree. You can go for a real or an artificial Christmas tree. You can also find a pre-lit, pre-decorated tree in the market if you don’t want to indulge in the decorating your own tree.

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But, there are many others who love decorating their Christmas tree. So, select a well-shaped tree with dense branches and set it up in your house. Once it’s properly set, start decorating it.

Step 2-Decide on Colour Christmas Tree Decorations Courtesy of Deavita

While doing Christmas tree decorations you need to stick to one colour scheme. The most popular colours being red, blue, white, and metallic colours like gold, silver and bronze. Decorate your Christmas tree with red and gold, or go with blue, purple and silver.

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You can add sparkle by combining metallic colours (gold, silver and bronze) together. Use white and silver for an elegant look. But, never mix warm colours (red, orange, yellow, gold) and cool colours (blue, green, purple, and silver) together.

Step 3-Decide on a Theme Christmas Tree DecorationsCourtesy of I Love bd

Decorate your Christmas tree according to a theme. You can go for a snowman, angel, snowflake, bell, bird, nutcracker, flower or any other interesting theme you desire. If you don’t want to follow any theme then, don’t worry; just decorate it as you wish.

Step 4-Add Lights to the Tree Christmas Tree DecorationsCourtesy of Go Pix Pic

Start with the lights first; those twinkling lights will add magical effect to your Christmas tree decorations. Choose tiny lights in clear white or off-white instead of larger ones. Start from the top carefully wrapping the tree and move towards the bottom.

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Choose a strand with wires that match your tree so that they are easy to hide. You can choose to add incandescent, LED, globe or bubble lights.

Step 5-Wrap it with Garland or RibbonChristmas Tree Decorations Courtesy of A Bunch of Bishops

After adding lights, wrap up your Christmas tree with garland or ribbon. Go for plastic or metallic beaded garland as they look great with any colour scheme. If you want a ribbon garland then go for a wired or mesh ribbon. Avoid fluffy tinsel and broad ribbons.

Step 6-Add a TopperChristmas Tree Decorations Courtesy of Global Sources

Add a topper to your tree. You can choose a star, angel, snowflake or a cross on top. The topper should be decided by keeping the theme and colour of your decor in mind.

Step 7-Decorate it with OrnamentsChristmas Tree Decorations Courtesy of Decorating Party Ideas

The last step is to hang ornaments on your Christmas tree. Add ornaments all around at the tree spacing them evenly throughout.

Christmas Tree Decorations Courtesy of Thrifty Decoer Chick

Go for colourful bulbs, pine cones, snowflakes, angles and much more to increase the beauty of your Christmas tree decorations.

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