Coffee Table Decor

Let’s Talk About Some Stylish Coffee Table Decor

Coffee table decor is something that seldom comes to our mind. Usually the coffee table just sits idly in the centre of your living room or becomes a dumping ground for old magazines, keys, mobile and other such stuff.

Dress up your coffee table/centre table and give a new look to your living room. Use magazines, books, vases, flowers, candle stand, boxes and other accent pieces to decorate your coffee table. You can change your coffee table decor as often as you wish. I bet, you will end up with a new look each time.

Here are some amazing coffee table decor ideas that everyone should try:

1. Use Fresh FlowerCoffee Table DecorCourtesy of Mfranc

Use fresh flowers for coffee table decor. They can add a pop of colour to your living room and fill it with a whiff of freshness.

2. Use Candle StandCoffee Table DecorCourtesy of Pottery Barn

You get beautiful candle stand and designer candles in the market. They have great decorative value; use them to dress up your home.

3. Decorate with BooksCoffee Table DecoCourtesy of Coddington Design, Photography by Caren Alpert

Books can also be used as coffee table decor. Stack up some books; see to it that their cover page matches the decor of your living room. Place accent pieces on the books to get this look.

4. Use Accent PiecesCoffee Table DecorCourtesy of Darcy Goodman Design

Go for some accent pieces for coffee table decor. A branched coral used in here gives a distinct look to this living room. Add a candle stand and books for a complete decor.

5. Place Flower VaseCoffee Table DecorCourtesy of Purdy Designs

Flower vase can give a touch of glamour to any coffee table. Use them to decorate your living room. Fill them with your choice of flowers.

6. Use a TrayCoffee Table DecorCourtesy of Garrison Hullinger Interior Design

Trays can help you organize your coffee table. Keep books, coaster, flower vase or candle stand in it.

7. Use Natural ElementsCoffee Table DecorCourtesy of Allison Jaffe Interior Design, Photography by Brio

Decorate your coffee table using natural elements. Place a wooden bowl filled with beautiful sea shells.

8. Dress an OttomanCoffee Table DecorCourtesy of Saavy Interiors

Use a chic velvet ottoman as your coffee table. Place a tray to get a flat surface, add decorative items on it.

9. Go MinimalisticCoffee Table DecorCourtesy of Mark Newman Design

Try this minimalistic coffee table decor idea. There are times when less is more. A dark wood coffee table with books and a couple of pretty decanters look perfect.

10. Add Metallic ShineCoffee Table DecorCourtesy of Restyle Group

Add a bit of shine to your coffee table. Go for some metallic candle stand, accent pieces or flower vase. A bit of shine can create a luxurious look.

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