20 Latest Competition Rangoli Designs for 2016

Free Hand Competition Rangoli

Discover the best and the latest competition rangoli designs with us. Be it any competition, at any occasion, make these rangoli designs and win prizes.

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So, get inspired and start practicing these awesome competition rangoli designs.

1. Bollywood Theme Rangoli DesignCompetition Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Pramod Avi

Bollywood is the lifeline of Indian cinema. Here is a rangoli based on ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’, the famous Bollywood movie.

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2. Diwali Theme Rangoli Design

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Competition Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Divyesh Vara

This is a beautiful rangoli design for Diwali rangoli competition. The Sanskar Bharti rangoli patterns and the vibrant color together create this gorgeous rangoli.

3. Rangoli Design with Message

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Competition Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Prajakta Shirsath

Check out this rangoli with a message on how trees are important to us. Needless to say human race needs to save trees to keep themselves alive.

4. Rangoli Design with Floral PatternCompetition Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Shweta Jagdale

Make flowers during rangoli competition and their fragrance is sure to reach the judges and audience alike.

5. Mother and Child Theme Rangoli DesignCompetition Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Neeta Bhandari‎

Show mothers selfless love for her child through your rangoli design.

6. Peacock Rangoli Design for CompetitionCompetition Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Prachi Nishar‎

Peacocks are mesmerizing creatures and everyone loves to watch them. So, there is nothing better than a peacock theme rangoli for competition.

7. Female Infanticide Themed Rangoli DesignCompetition Rangoli Designs

Courtesy of Rajshri Pandit‎

Save girls and stay away from female infanticide. This is a fabulous competition rangoli dedicated to all the women.

8. Portrait Rangoli DesignCompetition Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Rajshri Pandit‎

Make a portrait rangoli design. Yes, they are a bit tough to create. But, if you are good at rangoli making, them pick anyone of your choice and draw his/her portrait.

9. Rangoli Design for Competition Competition Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Rajshri Pandit‎

Bring out the richness of Indian classical dance through your rangoli design. Nobody can miss the dancers grace and elegance in this rangoli.

10. Competition Rangoli DesignCompetition Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Rajshri Pandit‎

I love this little girl in the picture; she is so innocent. The artist has made a perfect rangoli, apt for competitions.

11. Devotional Theme Rangoli Designs for CompetitionCompetition Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Rajshri Pandit‎

Show people singing hymns in praise of the god who reigns above. This rangoli design is devoted to the devotees of lord Vitthal

12. Award Winning Rangoli DesignCompetition Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Shamli Pathare

Jai Malhar is a mythological epic based on the life of Khandoba, the reincarnation of Lord Shiva. Make this rangoli and floor everyone.

13. Fusion Theme Rangoli for CompetitionCompetition Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Veena Rajendra

Create a fusion between kolam and rangoli patterns for rangoli competitions. These competitions are held during Diwali, Dussehra, Ganpati, Sankranti and New Year.

14. Save Trees Theme RangoliCompetition Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Neelam Bharti

Here is a very simple competition rangoli design based on the theme – save trees.

15. Scenic Rangoli for CompetitionCompetition Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Bhoir Mangesh‎

One can never miss on scenic rangoli designs. They are looks beautiful, realistic and bring you closer to the nature.

16. Flower Competition Rangoli Design Competition Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Divyesh Vara

Use flowers, leaves, flower petals and rangoli powder to make this awe-inspiring piece of art.

17. Rangoli on Rural LifeCompetition Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Pineeka Panchal

Make village girls gossiping among themselves while filling up water in their earthen pots. Women have to walk to the well to get water for home.

18. Unity in Diversity Themed RangoliCompetition Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Neelam Bharti

Show unity in diversity through this simple rangoli design. We are different but we belong to the same country, our home – India.

19. Black and White Rangoli DesignCompetition Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Ashwini Mekhale Panale

Chuck away the colors and go for this black and white rangoli.

20. Childhood Theme Rangoli Competition Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Rajshri Pandit‎

Bring your childhood memories to life. Create this rangoli design dedicated to all your childhood friends.

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