Contemporary Indian Pooja Room

Elegantly Done Contemporary Indian Pooja Room Designs

Take a look at some of the most amazing pooja mandir designs. These contemporary Indian pooja room designs are ideal for most types of homes be it a flat, penthouse or bungalow.

Pooja room should be designed in such a way that it emits tranquility. It can either be big or small but needs to be built in accordance to Vaastu. Check out these Indian pooja room designs for more ideas:

Marble Pooja Room Design

Courtesy of Space Algorithm

Take a look at this pooja room with brass bell doors. Use the wall to hang pictures of deities. Create a frame like structure using wood to give it a rich look.

Simple Pooja Room Ideas

Courtesy of Interiwork

This is a very effortlessly done pooja room. I love the accent wall with shloka engraved on it. Place some candle stands on the platform and hang a couple bells from the ceiling to complete your home temple.

Indian Mandir Design

Courtesy of Prayog Design Studio

In this pooja room there is an extensive use of wooden panels. They give it a very sophisticated, classy look. Go for a LED lit backdrop with “OM” symbol on it.

Beautiful Pooja Room Designs

Courtesy of Prashant Bhat Photography

You can pick up any cool lighting arrangement for your pooja room. Place Radha-Krishna idol on a glossy step platform. Set a CNC cut panel at the back and go for glass doors to keep the room illuminated at all times.

Small Pooja Room Ideas

Courtesy of Hipcouch

This is a very small, space-saving pooja room that is perfect for apartments. Add some drawers for storage and LED lights for beauty. Get solid wood doors with hanging bells on them to give it a temple like look.

Contemporary Indian Pooja Room Designs

Courtesy of Ricken Desai

Here is a serene pooja room with white walls and platform. It has a lot of cupboards and drawers that offer ample storage space. Go for false ceiling, overhead lighting, and glass doors for a contemporary look.

Simple Pooja Room

Courtesy of Dizzart Studio

Go for glass doors to give it a seamless uninterrupted look. Add CNC panels for a soft finish and a glow panel in the center with “OM” symbol on it.

Contemporary Indian Pooja Room Ideas

Courtesy of Studio 7 Designs, Photography by Tejas Shah

This pooja room is perfect to sit and say your prayers in peace. Use wooden panels on the floor and ceiling. Install a CNC panel behind the deity and illuminate it using LED lights.

Elegant Indian Pooja Room

Courtesy of Studio Lagom

This contemporary Indian pooja room is an isle of harmony between the water and earth element. Get a mural painted on the temple wall and hang oil lamps along the way to get this look.

Pooja Room Idea for Hall

Courtesy of Homelane

Here is a nice way to incorporate pooja room into your dining hall. Use wood frames with jali and light screen for a dramatic feel.

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