Cool Bathroom Sinks

Be It a Traditional Home or a Modern these Cool Bathroom Sinks Can Fit-in Anywhere

We have brought some cool bathroom sinks for you. A sink is a very important fixture of your bathroom; therefore, try to add something that’s chic and stylish. There is a wide range of cool bathroom sinks available in the market. They come in various shape, colour, size and material.

Here are some cool bathroom sinks, select one for your bathroom.

1. Rustic BathroomCool Bathroom SinksCourtesy of Feather & Gill Architects

Take a look at this unique sink; it’s been beautifully installed on a tree trunk. Use irregular stone slabs as counter to keep your things. Go for rustic stone tiles for the wall and floor to get this look.

2. Green Bathroom SinkCool Bathroom SinksCourtesy of Top Decor Acao

This is a pretty green sink that comes along with a soap dispenser, soap dish etc. Go for an elegant faucet and matching green tiles to create this fresh bathroom.

3. Cup Bathroom SinkCool Bathroom SinksCourtesy of Gaiff

Choose this amazing mug sink for your bathroom. Though it’s a very unusual design but this black and white sink is sure to find place in your wish list.

4. Aquarium Sink Cool Bathroom SinksCourtesy of Opulent Items

I’m sure you have seen aquariums of many shape and size but this one has been designed into a bathroom sink. Instead of placing the sink in your living room you have one in your bathroom.

5. Mosaic Bathroom Sink Cool Bathroom SinksCourtesy of House + House Architects

Have a look at this mosaic bathroom, use broken tiles to get this colourful design. You can pick this floral mosaic sink and similar decor for your bathroom.

6. Tree Top Sink Cool Bathroom SinksCourtesy of Cat Skill Premier

Go for this clear glass sink that is installed on a burl slab. The base is made up of cedar stump and looks quite appealing.

7. Black SinkCool Bathroom SinksCourtesy of Design Interior Art

Go for a black bathroom sink; add LED lights around its border to give it a modern look. Add lights to the mirror to complete the look.

8. S-Shaped SinkCool Bathroom SinksCourtesy of Archzine

Here is an S-shaped sink, available in black and white. They are extremely classy; these cool bathroom sinks can easily alter the look of your boring bathroom.

9. Tall Wooden SinkCool Bathroom SinksCourtesy of Bati

Add this designer wooden pedestal sink to your bathroom. The sink is made up of natural stone and is inspired by Feng Shui philosophy. According to Feng Shui, use of opposites (stone and water) can create balance and harmony in your life.

10. Water Stone Sink and Faucet SystemCool Bathroom SinksCourtesy of Omer Sagiv

Make a statement with these cute, ultra cool bathroom sinks. They are extremely elegant and give hot and cold water at the push of a button.

11. Spiral SinkCool Bathroom SinksCourtesy of Oddee

Get this grey spiral sink, open the tap and the water flows round and round. Children will have a great time watching it.

12. Porcelain SinkCool Bathroom SinksCourtesy of Decor Revolution

Give an ethnic feel to your bathroom; go for this glamorous porcelain sink and faucet. The sink has blue patterns on it; fix it on a marble counter top.

13. Colourful Sinks Cool Bathroom SinksCourtesy of Jan Puylaert

Get these colourful fusion sinks for your bathroom. These basins are free-standing, illuminated by LED lights and available in many colours.

14. Floating SinkCool Bathroom Sinks Courtesy of Bathroom Ideas

This is a stunning floating sink with clear glass bottom that has motifs on it. As the light shines the sink castes beautiful shadow on the counter top.

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  1. I am urgently interested in a patterned white and blue porcelain counter top washbasin with spout from drsibn revolution. So, do you have stock, and how much are they? Lastly where are you situated.


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