Decorate your Garden with These Creative Terracotta Planters

Creative Terracotta Planters

Create a perfect garden with the help of our creative terracotta planters and pot ideas. Designing a beautiful garden is an art. It takes lot of time, patience and hard work to create a garden with an equally attractive landscape.

Planters and garden pots help your imagination flow when designing your garden. They play an important role in beautifying your garden and home. Here are some amazingly creative terracotta planters ideas, do check them out.

1. Creative Terracotta Planters with LandscapingCreative Terracotta PlantersCourtesy of Nature Works

These creative terracotta planters would surely add some luxury to your outdoor garden. This beautiful landscaping has been done in a broken planter. The broken pieces have been placed artistically and have ultimately evolved into this exotic piece of creativity. The succulents gracefully support the artistic idea.

2. Cute Terracotta Planters Creative Terracotta PlantersCourtesy of Wonderful DIY

Check out the way in which these creative terracotta planters and pots of various sizes have been used to create this little princess. The small clay pots have been used to create the limbs and the other three sizes have been used to create the body. Beautiful flowering plants have been planted perhaps to create the hair.

3. Creative Terracotta Planters with Fairy Garden  Creative Terracotta PlantersCourtesy of Home Garden Green

This landscaping seems to have been adapted from the land of ‘Snow White’ and The Seven Dwarfs’. The layered garden has been gracefully adorned with ferns and succulents. The miniature castle with the little dwarf outside is as if waiting for Snow White who would perhaps be coming back after picking the flowers.

4.  Pond in a Terracotta PotCreative Terracotta PlantersCourtesy of iCreative Ideals

Here is a lovely pond created in this large and round earthen pot. The pot has been divided into two sections and then filled with mud and water. You can get a glimpse of natural serenity looking at the lotus that has been planted in the pond.

5. Minions  Creative Terracotta PlantersCreative Terracotta PlantersCourtesy of Crafty Morning

These wonderful creative terracotta planters are based on the favourite characters of children. The pots painted like the Minions are looking very attractive. It is also a very novel way to help the children to take interest in gardening.

6. Painted Terracotta Planters Creative Terracotta PlantersCourtesy of The Whoot

Add a buzzing bee and a lady bird to your outdoor decor with this painted pot idea. You can always create a small corner for your child in your garden and thus tap your child’s creativity. These amazing creative terracotta planters are instrumental in creating an emotional corner amidst nature.

7.  Creative Terracotta Pot for GardenCreative Terracotta PlantersCourtesy of Top Dreamer

This planter idea looks like a naughty boy out in the garden contemplating some mischief. Two pots have been placed on one another and have been painted vibrantly. This terracotta planter would definitely create a colourful corner in your garden.

8.  Broken Terracotta Planters Creative Terracotta PlantersCourtesy of Architecture Design

The gardener has been successful in bringing in the slice of nature in this flower pot. To add to its beauty are the bird houses, waiting for the chirpy birds to make their nest. These wonderful creative terracotta planters definitely leave a mark in the garden.

9. Mosaic Terracotta PlantersCreative Terracotta PlantersCourtesy of Digs House

This is a lovely piece of work! Pieces of broken tiles and mirror have been used in doing up this planter. You can plant an indoor plant in it and place it in your living room.

10. Stackable Terracotta Planters with Flowers Creative Terracotta PlantersCourtesy of Good Home Design

The flower pots of various sizes have been stacked with the help of a rod. The seasonal flowering plants have been planted in it.  You can put this up in one corner of your portico to make look beautiful and bright.

11. Colorful Terracotta Planters with Rhinestone Creative Terracotta PlantersCourtesy of Balcony Garden Web

This fabulous clay flower pot has been done up beautifully with rhinestones giving a nice bling effect. Any seasonal flower can be planted in it and it can be placed in your balcony or living room to add to its beauty.

12.  Outdoor Planters with CandleCreative Terracotta PlantersCreative Clay PlantersCourtesy of Homesthetics

These creative terracotta planters are quite unique in its idea. This is a perfect decor for get together on the terrace. The lamp has been beautifully placed amidst lovely flowers to give it shine and glaze.

13.  Herb Tower PlanterCreative Terracotta PlantersCreative Terracotta PlantersCourtesy of Crafts Hub

This is a beautiful creatively crafted idea. These polka dotted flower pots have been ingeniously stacked with the help of a rod. Herbs like Mint, Penny Royal, Rosemary and Parsley can be planted in these flower pots to make your own herb garden at home.

14. Terracotta Planters Decor with Drip PaintingCreative Terracotta PlantersCourtesy of Holly Earl Corner

These colourful creative terracotta planters are a lovely example of drip painting. Amidst this medley of colours add some croutons or seasonal plants to make it even more beautiful. Children would love to be a part of this project.

15. Creative Terracotta Fountain Planters Creative Terracotta PlantersCourtesy of Pinterest

This is an incredible mini water fountain set up. With the help of submersible pump this beautiful fountain can be brought into being. If you love the sound of rippling water, place it right inside your patio door. You can plant cacti of various varieties to make it look awesome.

16. Mini Terracotta Planters Creative Terracotta PlantersCourtesy of Property Pal

Sprucing up your garden fence with this innovative concept of painted creative terracotta planters is incredible. You can buy a bunch of potted planters, paint them and hang them up on your fence. This garden can house herbs or flowers and each pot can easily be brought indoors if needed.

17. Terracotta Planter with a Message Creative Terracotta PlantersCourtesy of Icon Home Design

These stacked planters are perfect for vibrant display of cascading flowers. You can paint or write message for any occasion and convert it into a personalised gift.

18. Terracotta Planters with Sea ShellsCreative Terracotta PlantersCourtesy of The Nautical wheeler

These creative terracotta planters are a perfect ensemble of land and sea. Here is a mini succulent garden, a feast for the eyes. I love these for a simple reason that it adds to the feel of a beach throughout the year. These are perfect to be placed inside or outside the house.

19. Creative Polka Dot PlantersCreative Terracotta PlantersCourtesy of World Inside Pictures

Place an iron rod and stack the planters in it. Fill them up with mud and add flowering plants to it. These planters will increase the aesthetic appeal of your garden and home.

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