Dining Room Interiors

Cool Stylish Dining Room Interiors

Take cue from these dining room interiors and create a trendy one for yourself. Dining room is a high traffic area; so you need to pay special attention to its decor and designing.

Here are some interesting dining room interiors to help you:

1. Traditional Dining Room InteriorsDining Room Interiors Courtesy of Schrader & Companies, Photography by Todd Buchanan

This is a spacious dining room with strong architectural elements and a lavish interior design. It has a beautiful cathedral-arched beamed ceiling, walnut flooring and huge glass windows on all sides. I love the chandelier and the hexagonal rug too.

2. Modern Dining Room Interiors Dining Room InteriorsCourtesy of Elevation Architects

Here is a beautifully decorated dining room with red pendant lights and some interesting wall art. There is a bar designed by the table; thus easy to reach out. The dining room furniture looks quite cosy.

3. Monochromatic Dining Room InteriorsDining Room InteriorsCourtesy of Meridith Baer Home

Catch up with this stunning dining room having high ceiling and a magnificent custom-made chandelier. Each piece of the chandelier is hand blown. The table has been paired with black leather chairs.

4. Wallpaper Dining Room Interiors Dining Room InteriorsCourtesy of Sunny South Paint & Decor

Try this luxurious look for your dining room. Use white wallpaper on the accent wall and a huge mirror on the other wall. Go for white dining table set to match the decor. Lift the mood of your dining room interiors through this amazing chandelier.

5. Chic Dining Room Interiors Dining Room InteriorsCourtesy of Tori Golub Interior Design

This is a very stylish dining room, set a raw edged dining table with unique cone chairs having stainless steel legs. Add a bench and a bright-colored painting by the window. Hang a cool pendant light to complete the look.

6. Classy Dining Room InteriorsDining Room InteriorsCourtesy of Booth Hansen

Feels like a warm, cosy dining room. The fire is burning and the table is set for a quiet dinner. The glossy dining table and upholstered chairs add unmatched elegance to this space.

7. Elegant Dining Room InteriorsDining Room InteriorsCourtesy of Parkyn Design, Photography by John Trigiani

Call it a beige dining room–walls, ceiling, moulding, trim, curtain and the chair. Go for a dark wood dining table with mismatched chairs. Add a gorgeous chandelier and a vibrant painting to make it lively.

8. Trendy Dining Room InteriorsDining Room InteriorsCourtesy of IMI Design, Photography by Dino Tonn

Here is a smart way to work around tight spaces. The painting is hung very creatively between the pillars. It separates the living room and the curved dining room pretty effectively. Lighting fixtures add to the beauty of this room.

9. Cool Dining Room InteriorsDining Room InteriorsCourtesy of Architectural Alliance

The interior decor of this dining room has a Mediterranean touch to it. The dining table is made up of two pieces of walnut bookended with the live edge in the middle. The light fixtures and paintings are stunning.

10. Inviting Dining Room InteriorsDining Room InteriorsCourtesy of GREER Interior Design, Photography by Jonathan Allen

Choose a neutral palette to decorate your dining room interiors. Hang a spiked brass finish chandelier for this retro feel. Add white rug and a cabinetry with mirror and some decorative pieces on it.

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