Pooja Room Designs and Decor for Diwali

Tips to Decorate your Pooja Room this Diwali

Check out these pooja room designs and decor ideas. They are beautiful and gorgeous and can help you prepare your pooja room for major festivals.

Pooja Room Ideas and Designs for DiwaliCourtesy of Vijay Chennupati

Use our tips and ideas to decorate pooja room during Diwali, Dussehra, Vinayak Chaturthi and special occasions. Take a look at our inspiring pooja room collection:

1. Wooden Pooja MandirWooden Pooja MandirImage courtesy unknown

This is an elegant wooden pooja mandap with intricate carving on it. Place a beautiful red cloth with zardozi work from behind to create a stunning background.

2. Modern Pooja Room DesignsPooja Room Ideas and Designs for DiwaliCourtesy of Saloni Mehrotra Sharma

This small pooja shelf has been beautifully decorated with small mirrors and bead hanging. Use a beautiful toran to give your pooja ghar a unique look.

3. Colorful Pooja Cabinet Pooja Room Design for DiwaliCourtesy of Usha Srinivasan

Color your pooja nook with saffron color and place your deities in it. The color looks radiant and makes it look divine.

4. Traditional Hindu Pooja Ghar Designs Hindu Pooja Ghar Designs - Pooja Room Decor for DiwaliCourtesy of Famila Medellin Mandir

Make a throne like structure and place your deities on, around and below it. Decorate the throne with some finest fabric and flowers.

5. Marble Mandir for HomeMarble Mandir - Pooja Room Ideas and Designs for DiwaliCourtesy of Uma Soni

You can decorate your marble pooja mandir by placing lots of flowers and LED lights on it. Choose artificial flowers as they can stay longer.

6. Mandap Decor during FestivalsPooja Room Ideas and Designs for DiwaliCourtesy of Hema Murali

Many people have small pooja mandirs in their living room or bedroom. Decorate it with kundan stones and flowers. Stick the stones on its pillars and roof.

7. Kolam DesignsKolam Designs Courtesy of Vasumathy Sathish

You can decorate your pooja ghar during festivals by making kolams and rangolis in there. In south India women make pretty kolams in front of the deity.

8. Pooja Room Decoration Pooja Room Decoration for DiwaliCourtesy of Manu Gera Bajaj

Use crêpe or colored paper for decoration. Hang them in your pooja room. They can turn an ordinary space into a pretty one.

9. Pooja Room Decoration Ideas – Rangoli Decor Pooja Room Decoration Ideas Courtesy of Anitha Suresh

Here is a small pooja ghar; its floor is covered with gorgeous rangoli design. Decorate your pooja room in similar way during festivals.

10. Beautiful Pooja Table DecorPooja Room Decor for DiwaliCourtesy of Anuradha Kashi

You can place a table in your living room and turn it into your pooja space. Decorate the table with a table cover, place lamps and flowers on it. Use lights and paper flowers to decorate the wall behind the table.

11. Pooja Room Design for HomePooja Room Design for HomeCourtesy of Aakanksha Thakur

This is a perfect way to decorate your pooja room during Dussehra. Adorn Durga Devi with pretty red clothes, draw rangoli on the floor and place flowers all over while offering prayer.

12. Pooja Room Decoration TipsPooja Room Decoration Tips for DiwaliCourtesy of Meera Subbar Rao

Create this divine looking pooja room design by adding huge lamps. Light them at night to get this mesmerizing look.

13. Easy Decoration IdeasPooja Room Decor for Diwali Courtesy of Shoba Lepakshi

Use these paper bells and pin wheel to decorate your pooja room. Use attractive colored paper to make them.

14. Diwali DecorationPooja Room Diwali DecorationCourtesy of Shoba Lepakshi

Make diyas using old newspaper and cardboard. Paint them and decorate them with sequins and kundan stones. Hang them on the entrance of your pooja ghar this Diwali.

15. Pooja Room Door Decor for DiwaliPooja Room Door Decor for Diwali Courtesy of Nayana Kamath Pai

Decorate the pooja room door with lights. Paint diyas and sun on the door to increase its aesthetic appeal.

16. Toran for Pooja RoomPooja Room Designs and Decor Courtesy of Vaishali Sonagra

Hang toran on the door of your pooja room and your house during festivals. Traditionally torans are made using Marigold flowers and Mango leaves. Today a range of decorative torans are available in the market.

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