25 Diwali Rangoli Competition Designs

Get the Best Diwali Rangoli Competition Designs in Here

Pick up your favourite Diwali rangoli competition designs and win awards during this festive season. Get theme based rangoli designs in here.

Take inspiration from these amazing rangoli designs. Some are made by professionals, some by amateurs and some by seasoned artists.

Check out our collection before you start preparing for Diwali rangoli competition designs:

1. Movie Themed Competition Rangoli Designs  Themed Competition Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Pramod Arvi

Check out this rangoli design from the movie “Bahubali”. It captures the famous scene where actor Prabhas is seen carrying the Shivling on his shoulders.

2. Diwali Competition Rangoli DesignsDiwali Rangoli Competition DesignsCourtesy of Pramod Avi

You can try a similar rangoli for Diwali rangoli competition. Take inspiration from the bollywood movie “Bajrangi Bhaijaan”.

3. Rangoli Designs for Competition with Theme of HoliRangoli Designs for Competition with ThemeCourtesy of Pramod Avi

Here is another amazing rangoli design made by this talented artist Pramod Avi. This rangoli shows three friends playing Holi.

4. 3D Competition Rangoli Designs Diwali Rangoli Competition DesignsCourtesy of Sanjay Patil

Go for this 3D rangoli design. The 3D effect makes the rangoli stand out. It can definitely help you win lots of awards and appreciation.

5. Awesome Diwali Rangoli DesignsDiwali Rangoli Competition DesignsCourtesy of Pramod Arvi

Check out this realistic rangoli design. I love the neatness and colors used in here. Make it for Diwali rangoli competition designs.

6. Diwali Rangoli Competition DesignsDiwali Rangoli Competition DesignsCourtesy of Pramod Arvi

If you are an expert rangoli maker, then pick up this rangoli. The girl in the portrait has a very cute smile. I’m sure she will win the millions of hearts.

7. Rangoli Competition DesignsDiwali Rangoli Competition DesignsCourtesy of Amol Patekar

Shivaji Maharaj was one of the greatest rulers of India. Create this magnificent rangoli and surround it with Sanskar Bharti patterns.

8. Diwali Rangoli Competition Designs with ThemeDiwali Rangoli Competition Designs with ThemeCourtesy of Priyanka More

Go for this theme based rangoli design. Show the selfless love of a mother for her child. A love that has no boundaries!

9. Competition Designs with Modern ThemesDiwali Rangoli Competition DesignsCourtesy of Surbhi Bafna

How about this modern art rangoli design? Use colors like green and pink to get this interesting look.

10. Competition Rangoli Designs with Scenic ThemeDiwali Rangoli Competition DesignsCourtesy of Khushi Tirthani Madwani‎

Recreate this scenic beauty with your hands. Make this during rangoli design competition in your school or college.

11. Rangoli Designs for CompetitionDiwali Rangoli Competition DesignsCourtesy of Yashashri Chaudhari

Draw a couple walking by the lake on a rainy day. Isn’t it romantic? This beautiful rangoli takes you to another level.

12. Sanskar Bharti Diwali Rangoli Competition DesignsDiwali Rangoli Competition DesignsCourtesy of Simhadri Hari Prasada Rao

Use Sanskar Bharti patterns to make this stunning rangoli. Draw a swan holding a Lotus in the centre.

13. Diwali Rangoli Competition Designs with Women Safety ThemeDiwali Rangoli Competition DesignsCourtesy of Swati Sawant

Make these Diwali rangoli competition designs with theme on women safety. Fight for the safety of women by supporting them with your rangoli.

14. Diwali Rangoli Competition Designs with Female Infanticide ThemeDiwali Rangoli Competition DesignsCourtesy of Swati Sawant

Put a stop to female infanticide and save girl child. Use this theme for your competition rangoli design this Diwali.

15. Competition Rangoli Designs with Social Media ThemeDiwali Rangoli Competition DesignsCourtesy of Harshada Patankar‎

This rangoli shows the influence of technology in today’s life. Social media has taken our life by storm.

16. Rangoli Designs with Save Daughter Theme  Diwali Rangoli Competition DesignsCourtesy of Prabha Jadhav

Literacy is important for building up a strong, confident nation. Save girls and make them literate. Use the theme to make this easy and simple rangoli design.

17. Diwali Rangoli Competition Designs with God ThemeDiwali Rangoli Competition DesignsCourtesy of Jignesh Kakadiya

Pick up this divine themed rangoli design. Make this classic Sita-Ram and Hanuman rangoli design.

18. Competition Rangoli Designs with ThemeDiwali Rangoli Competition DesignsCourtesy of Pritam Suryavanshi‎

Show rural life through your rangoli design. Show how people burn firewood to cook their food.

19. Amazing Competition Rangoli DesignsDiwali Rangoli Competition DesignsCourtesy of Pramod Arvi

Here is another masterpiece that would inspire young rangoli makers. You need to put in lots of devotion and hard work to make this rangoli design.

20. Krishna-Radha Diwali Rangoli Competition Designs  Krishna-Radha Themed Diwali Rangoli Competition DesignsCourtesy of Jignesh Kakadiya

Use lots of color to make this mesmerizing Radha-Krishna rangoli design. You need to invest lot of time and patience to create this award-winning rangoli design.

21. Simple Diwali Rangoli Designs Simple Diwali Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Suruchi Vishal Purwar

This is a simple Diwali rangoli design of a woman. Decorate it with diyas to increase its aesthetic appeal.

22. Free Hand Diwali Rangoli Competition DesignsFree Hand Diwali Rangoli Competition DesignsCourtesy of Nitin Bhalerao‎

You can also make this free hand rangoli for competitions. You need a certain amount of skill to master this rangoli design.

23. Easy Diwali Rangoli Competition Designs Easy Diwali Rangoli Competition DesignsCourtesy of Anshu Rungta Mittal‎

Beginners can make this rangoli for competition. It’s not a very complex design and can be made with free hands.

24. Flower Diwali Rangoli Competition DesignsDiwali Rangoli Competition DesignsCourtesy of Sheetal Choube Joshi

Make flower rangoli design during Diwali rangoli competitions. Use pink, red and blue color to make flowers.

25. Peacock Diwali Rangoli Competition Designs Peacock Diwali Rangoli Competition DesignsCourtesy of Bilva Dharne

Peacock rangoli designs are pretty and everyone’s favourite. Make this elegant bird with cool blue feathers.

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