DIY Aarti Thali Decoration for Diwali

Try These DIY Aarti Thali at Home

Get DIY aarti thali ideas for Diwali. Decorate pooja thali and aarti thali at home and use them during festivals or engagement and marriage ceremonies.

1. DIY Aarti Thali for Diwali

DIY Aarti Thali for DiwaliCourtesy of Ratika Agarwal

Make this gorgeous pearl studded DIY aarti thali for Diwali. To make this aarti thali, take a round cardboard. Now, stick a mirror in the center. Use white and gold pearls to decorate the rim and the bowls.

2. DIY Aarti Tray Decoration

DIY Aarti Tray DecorationCourtesy of Leena Rahate‎

You can also use this beautiful acrylic aarti tray during engagement and marriage ceremonies. Use stones, pearl and lace to decorate this aarti thali or engagement ring tray.

3. DIY Pooja Thali

DIY Pooja ThaliCourtesy of Dipal Gajjar

Here is an easy way to make your own pooja thali at home. Take a steel or acrylic plate and cover it with a nice fabric. Then, decorate it with kundan stones and gold lace.

4. ‎Handmade Aarti Thali Decoration

Handmade Aarti Thali DecorationCourtesy of Dipal Gajjar

Check out this handmade DIY aarti thali decoration. Use colored stones to create this amazing thali for festivals.

5. ‎DIY Aarti Thali Ideas

DIY Aarti ThaliCourtesy of Deepika Anandwar

I love this multi-colored DIY aarti thali idea with decorative flowers. This mirror pooja thali is made with lots of interesting twists.

6. Pooja Aarti Thali Decoration

Pooja Aarti Thali DecorationCourtesy of Binita Giri

You can also buy a wooden plate from the market or use cardboard to make this aarti thali. Now, fill every inch with stones, pearls and lace.

7. Homemade Aarti Ki Thali

Homemade Aarti Ki ThaliCourtesy of Akanksha Sethia

This is a stunning plate and can be used for many different occasions. Use big drop-shaped kundan stone to get this look.

8. DIY Aarti Thali Designs

DIY Aarti Thali DesignsCourtesy of Shikha Adukia‎

Use silver and gold shimmer to create a glittery base. Now, make paper flowers or just buy some from the market and paste it on your aarti thali.

9. Diwali Aarti Thali Decoration Ideas

DIY Aarti ThaliCourtesy of Nikita Lodha Shah

To prepare this DIY aarti thali, take a round cardboard and wrap a fabric of your choice on it. Then, place a mirror in the center. Stick a couple of flowers and pearls to increase its aesthetic appeal.

10. Beautiful Thali Decoration

DIY Aarti ThaliCourtesy of Spandan Amonkar

I love this beautiful aarti thali which is all about shine and shimmer. The gold and silver combo looks great.

11. How to Decorate an Aarti Thali

DIY Aarti ThaliCourtesy of Suguna Narayan

Go for this bright red aarti thali decor. Make stars on it with white kundan stones and your puja/aarti thali is ready.

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    This thali decoration is very beautiful and stunning that attracts to me. This Diwali thali is really excellent and make celebration memorable. Thanks..!!

  2. How can i read how to make this thalis its shows not full pricisor only short describtion.i want full process how to make this products at home…plzz can i read full process ?

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