DIY Christmas Craft Ideas – Ornament Made of CDs

Easy and Simple DIY Christmas Crafts

Check out our DIY Christmas craft ideas and make this beautiful, sparkly ornament using old CDs. You might be having loads of decorative items at home, but nothing will make you happier when you decorate your Christmas tree with the things you have created yourself.

Take a look at the tutorial of DIY Christmas craft ornament:

DIY Christmas Craft

This is a pretty Christmas ornament made of old CDs. Lets learn how to make these.

DIY Christmas Craft

What a transformation! Turn a plain glass ornament into a shiny, glittery one.

DIY Christmas Crafts

Materials required for making this Christmas ornament:

  • Glass Ornament
  • CDs
  • Scissor
  • Ribbon
  • Glue

DIY Craft Ideas

First, cut the CDs into small pieces of different shape and size. CDs are not easy to cut; you need a decent scissor for this purpose.

DIY Christmas Craft

Apply glue and start sticking CD pieces one piece after another. Here we have taken CDs that are silver underneath, but you can use colorful ones too. You need one and half CD to decorate one ornament.

Christmas Craft Ideas

Take a glue gun and apply glue on the glass ornament. Using a glue gun will keep your hands clean and free. Wipe off the extra glue on the ornament; don’t leave it for the end.

DIY Christmas Craft

Once, the ornament is covered place a ribbon inside it. Since you can see through the glass ornament, placing the ribbon will cover up the glue dots and the backside of the CD pieces. Use bright ribbon to add some extra color.

DIY Christmas CraftTutorial and Photographs Courtesy of Crème de la Craft

Now that you’re done, hang these ornaments on your Christmas tree.

Watch the video for help:

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