Eccentric Bathrooms

Add Unusual Odd Elements to Create Eccentric Bathrooms

Eccentric bathrooms have unconventional, strange decor that are pretty intruding. You can grab attention of your friends, family and others visiting your house by doing up an odd bathroom. Add some crazy wallpaper, tiles, painting or a strange faucet to design your own eccentric bathrooms. Here are some excellent ideas for you:

1. Exposed Pipe BathroomEccentric Bathrooms Courtesy of Andre Rothblatt Architecture

Design a charcoal black bathroom and add some copper pipe artwork to it. Install a copper sink and faucet. Go for an old-fashioned high tank and connect it to the toilet with copper pipe.

2. Unique Faucet BathroomEccentric Bathrooms Courtesy of IMI Design

To build this eccentric bathroom, first create a horizontal tile wall. Add an interesting limestone sink with a vanity beneath it. But, the focal point is definitely the faucet, its super cool.

3. Interesting Wallpaper BathroomEccentric Bathrooms Courtesy of Tineke Triggs

Seems like the bathroom has come alive! Use this amazing wallpaper to do up your bathroom to get this strange look. This bathroom may seem freaky to some but there are others who might love it.

4. B&W Mosaic BathroomEccentric Bathrooms Courtesy of Elevation Architectural Studios

If you like geometric patterns then go for this mosaic bathroom. Do up the floor and shower area in black and white. To add some colour, set a green bench in there. The stainless steel sink looks interesting too.

5. Tile Art BathroomEccentric Bathrooms Courtesy of Brandon Barré Architectural Interior Photographer

Tiles are used extensively in bathrooms today. Take it to the next level by arranging it into a large-scale mosaic. These pretty pink roses make the bathroom feel like a garden oasis.

6. Gold BathroomEccentric Bathrooms Courtesy of Oceanside Glasstile

Here is a gold tile bathroom that can add lots of shimmer and shine into your life. This is luscious, give Midas touch to your bathroom.

7. Wall Mural Bathroom Eccentric Bathrooms Courtesy of Artcraft Granite, Marble & Tile Co

Wow! How about doing up a wall mural in your bathroom? Quite an idea! So go ahead and paint your wall or tiles with whatever fascinates you, be it anything.

8. Bamboo BathroomEccentric Bathrooms Courtesy of Amy Weiss, Photography by Martin King

This is a lovely bathroom; I’m sure most of us can spend hours soaking in this awesome bathtub. The backlit ceiling panel can rotate through various colours to create whatever mood you desire. The block glass, wooden deck with pebbles and the bamboo helps create a rejuvenating ambience.

9. Boulder Bathtub BathroomEccentric Bathrooms Courtesy of Advantage Contracting

Add a boulder tub to your bathroom for that out of the box look. Keep the rustic look with exposed beams and those rusted steel ceiling panels.

10. Ceiling Faucet BathroomEccentric Bathrooms Courtesy of Meadowlark Builders

Take a look at this unconventional bathroom; it has pebble floor, a Japanese soaking tub and a ceiling faucet. Get inspired and create some eccentric bathrooms of your own.

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