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This Diwali Create Magic through Our Floating Flower Decorations – Water Rangoli

Diwali is a time to clean and decorate your house, office and business premises. Floating flower decorations or water rangoli is widely used by people for decoration purpose during festivals and other important occasions. One can use many different kinds of flowers, flower petals, candles, and even leaves for creating floating flower decorations. They not only increase the aesthetic appeal of your house but bring a feeling of peace and happiness into it.

We have put together some of the most beautiful design for floating flower decorations, have a look:

1. Violet Flower RangoliFloating Flower Decorations Courtesy of Michel’s India

Create this stunning flower arrangement, use Hibiscus flowers in the centre to add some colour and then surround it with Petunia, Pinwheel Jasmine, Adonis and Carnation. At night add some floating candles to it.

2. Leafy Flower RangoliFloating Flower Decorations-Water Rangoli Courtesy of edweb Project

Take a small vessel, fill it with water and add white Plumeria around its rim. You can also add leaves and a few red Rose petals in there, now add a pink Rose in the centre for this amazing flower decoration.

3. Sober Floating Flowers Floating Flower Decorations Courtesy of Pro Flowers

This is a very sober arrangement, use light coloured flowers for this look. Use pink Frangipani around the border. Add Pinwheel Jasmine and fill the vessel. In the centre add some orange and yellow Daisies and some Violets.

4. Red Rose ArrangementFloating Flower Decorations Courtesy of Home Triangle

This is a simple water rangoli made using red Rose petals. Fill the vessel with water, flower petals and matching red floating candles. Place the vessel on the ground and sprinkle flower petals all around it.

5. Simple Flower ArrangementFloating Flower DecorationsCourtesy of Photo-dictionary

This is the simplest of all, just take a shallow glass bowl, and add a few Rose petals and candles to it. Place the bowl on a table in your living room where everyone can see.

6. Bright Flower DecorationFloating Flower Decorations Courtesy of Photo Bucket

Choose this colourful, bright flower decoration. Add golden Trumpet flowers in circles, and then create a violet circle inside it. Fill the centre with yellow flower petals. Add candles around the flowers at night.

7. Red-Pink Water RangoliFloating Flower Decorations Courtesy of The Wandering Star

Use Hibiscus flowers in yellow and red colour to create this amazing creation. Pink Vinca flowers are easily available everywhere, add them to form the outermost ring.

8. Beautiful FlowersFloating Flower Decorations Courtesy of About Amherst

Take a big black vessel, add some red Amaryllis for this gorgeous flower arrangement. Add a few yellow bell flowers to make it stand out.

9. Marigold and Jasmine Art Floating Flower Decorations-Water Rangoli Courtesy of Iyallswim

Use Marigold flowers, Arabian Jasmine and Rose petals for this awesome flower arrangement. This flower rangoli design is perfect for all Indian festivals.

10. Sophisticated TouchFloating Flower DecorationsCourtesy of Trip Advisor

Take a wide-mouthed brass vessel and place it on the ground. Arrange pink flower petals, leaves, Marigold petals and some yellow Buttercup flower in it. Keep the vessel in your living room or at the entrance of your house.

11. Take Your PickFloating Flower DecorationsCourtesy of Weheartit

Instead of a symmetrical rangoli design go for something different. Add different flowers and create an arrangement of your own. At night fall, add candles to the vessel and see your house glow.

12. Go VibarantFloating Flower DecorationsCourtesy of Garden Chinmayee

Make this vibrant flower decoration this Diwali. Use flower petals in bright yellow and red. You can use any other colour if you wish.

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