Flower Rangoli – 35 Beautiful Designs

Decorate Your House with These Amazing Flower Rangoli/Pookalam

Make beautiful flower rangoli or Pookalam using flower and flower petals. Flower rangoli is generally made during Hindu festivals like Onam, Pongal, Diwali and Durga pooja. You can make a simple design and place diyas or an oil lamp on it. Light them at night for that awesome look. Use bright colourful flower and flower petals to create these stunning flower rangoli or Pookalam.

Flower Rangoli for Onam Courtesy of Anita Santhosh

Pookalam is mainly made during Onam. Onam is the most important festival of Kerala. It is a harvest festival and is celebrated with lot of joy and enthusiasm.

1. Pookalam for OnamFlower Rangoli for Onam Courtesy of Banupriya Rajesh

Here is a perfect flower rangoli design that is made using lots of colourful flower petals. Create this flower rangoli and decorate your home during festivals.

2. Flower Rangoli Design for Festive SeasonFlower Rangoli for Onam Courtesy of Reshmi Kothari

Enhance the look of your flower rangoli design by using rose petals in between. Make this gorgeous rangoli in your courtyard.

3. Flower Pookalam Designs Pookalam for Onam Courtesy of Anita Santhosh

Use yellow and orange marigold flowers to create this square pookalam design.

4. Colorful Pookalam DesignsPookalam Rangoli for Onam Courtesy of Rama Desaraju‎

You can use a variety of flowers to make pookalam during festive season.

5. Onam pookalam DesignsFlower Rangoli for Onam Courtesy of Banupriya Rajesh

Add diyas around your flower rangoli to give a nice look to your house and enhance its beauty.

6. Easy Flower Rangoli DesignFlower Rangoli for Onam Courtesy of Banupriya Rajesh

This is a very neat design with a flower pattern in the center. Make concentric circles with different colour flower petals and leaves.

7. Flower Rangoli Pattern for OnamFlower Rangoli for Onam Courtesy of A M Rani Selvaraj

You can even use a combination of rangoli powder and flower petals to make rangoli for Onam, Diwali, Dussehra, Sankranti or Holi.

8. Rangoli with Flower for OnamPookalam Flower Rangoli Courtesy of Dhanya Ganesh

Check out this simple flower rangoli design made from flowers and leaves. Use one corner of the house to make this amazing rangoli.

9. Competition Flower RangoliFlower Rangoli for Onam Courtesy of Lalimol Ramesh

Make this pookalam during rangoli competitions. Many rangoli making competitions are held during festivals in India.

10. Pretty Onam PookalamFlower Rangoli for Onam Courtesy of Akhila Akkis

Onam is a major festival of Kerala. Women make flower rangoli in their house during this festival.

11. Flower Rangoli Designs for DiwaliFlower Rangoli Designs for DiwaliCourtesy of Shamli Nimbalkar

Use flower petals and make this gorgeous pookalam in your house during Onam and Diwali.

12. Free Hand Flower Rangoli DesignsFree Hand Flower Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Yuga Patil

These are freehand rangoli designs made up of flower and flower petals. Draw the outline with rice powder.

13. Flower Rangoli Designs for CompetitionFlower Rangoli Designs for CompetitionCourtesy of Shubhangi Deshmukh

Prepare these lovely flower rangoli designs for competition. Use Marigold and Rose flower petals to make this round flower rangoli.

14. Rangoli Designs with Flowers and ColorsRangoli Designs with Flowers and ColorsCourtesy of Yuga Patil

Use a combination of flowers and colors to create this lovely looking pookalam. Use color to make the centre and surround it with flowers.

15. Rangoli Designs with Flowers PetalsRangoli Designs with Flowers PetalsCourtesy of Padmashree Katwankar‎

Here is a traditional flower rangoli that you can make during festive season. Place a tall brass lamp in the centre.

16. Rangoli Designs with Flowers for OnamRangoli Designs with Flowers for OnamCourtesy of Vimal Patel

Get this awe-inspiring rangoli design for Onam. Use colorful flower petals for this awesome rangoli design with flowers.

17. Simple Pookalam for OnamFlower Rangoli Designs - Pookalam OnamCourtesy of Pallavi Dhande

Go for this beautiful rangoli design by using flowers. Make a flower in the centre and make peacock design around it.

18. Corner Rangoli Designs with FlowersFlower Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Snehal Hingse-kulkarni‎

You can easily make this flower rangoli in any corner of your house. Use color, leaves, flowers and flower petals to get this look.

19. Ganpati Flower Rangoli Ganpati Flower Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Priyanka Visaria-Nayak‎

Make this stunning Ganpati rangoli using flowers. Decorate the rangoli by placing diyas around it.

20. Simple Rangoli Designs with FlowersSimple Rangoli Designs with FlowersCourtesy of Nilima Jadhav Sahane

This is a rangoli design for beginners. It’s small and simple; use color and flower petals to draw this rangoli for Diwali, Dussehra, Onam or Holi.

21. Scenic Pookalam for OnamFlower Rangoli for Onam Courtesy of Fun Pict

This is an elaborate design made using Marigold petals. Make this vibrant rangoli and get ready to welcome the deity into your home.

22. Ganesh Flower RangoliGanesh Flower Rangoli Courtesy of Anglerz

Go creative! Take a beautiful piece of cloth and place it on the floor. Draw a pattern and start placing flowers on the cloth. Don’t put flowers on the pattern you want to display, but place them around it.

23. Rangoli Design with Flower PetalsRangoli Design with Flower Petals Courtesy of Cinema Porcorn Photos

Pick this traditional rangoli to decorate your home. Make outline with violet-coloured flower petals. And then fill it up with orange and yellow flower petals.

24. Swastika Flower Rangoli DesignFlower Rangoli Courtesy of Alamy

Make this traditional swastika rangoli at your doorsteps. Combine flowers with rice flour to create this stunning rangoli.

25. Onam Flower Rangoli DesignsOnam Flower Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Gods Own Country

Take a look at this neat design. Keep it simple and sober to get this sophisticated look.

26. Simple Flower RangoliSimple Flower Rangoli Courtesy of Plus Life Styles

If you are a beginner, start with this simple design. Enhance its beauty by placing a small bowl filled with floating flowers and a candle. Don’t forget to place lots of diyas around it.

27. Outdoor Flower RangoliFlower Rangoli Courtesy of Gardening Simplified

Add colour to your house through this flower rangoli. Create flowers and multiple circles to get this design right. Apart from flowers make use of leaves too.

28. Flower Pookalam Design Flower Rangoli Courtesy of On Secret Hunt

Create a festive mood in your house by making a colourful rangoli. This is a small flower rangoli design, but the use Lotus in the centre makes it stand out.

29. Peacock Rangoli with FlowersFlower Rangoli Courtesy of Smsread

Welcome Goddess Lakshmi into your house; make this peacock rangoli at the entrance of your house. Use orange, yellow, red, purple and white coloured flower petals for this gorgeous rangoli.

30. Round Colourful Flower RangoliFlower Rangoli Courtesy of Flickr

Get inspired by this piece of beauty. Try your hands on this one. It does look a bit complicated, but trust me, it’s pretty simple.

31. Traditional Flower Pookalam Flower Rangoli Courtesy of Manchesterchombala

Bring out your creative side! Make this elegant rangoli with colourful flower petals and leaves. Use Marigold, Jasmine and red Rose petals for this formation.

32. Traditional Flower Rangoli DesignFlower Rangoli DesignCourtesy of Web neel

Go for this awesome flower rangoli. Make circles and squares and fill them up with vivid flower petals. Add diyas around it to create this magical look.

33. Classic Flower Rangoli DesignFlower RangoliCourtesy of The Hindu

This is an HD style flower rangoli; use as many shades as possible for this beautiful floral design.

34. Sophisticated Rangoli with FlowersFlower Rangoli Courtesy of D’source

You can easily make this fabulous multi-coloured rangoli this Onam and Diwali. Place a Lotus in the centre and increase its beauty quotient.

35. Beautiful Peacock Flower Rangoli Flower Rangoli Courtesy of Kerela9

Wow! Never thought drawing a peacock was this easy. I know you thinking the same. Use dark green leaves to draw the outline, combine yellow and violet flower petals as filler.

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