35 Free Hand Rangoli Designs

Make Free Hand Rangoli Designs for Diwali and Dussehra

Make these vibrant, pretty free hand rangoli designs during festivals. Draw them during Diwali, Dusehra, Ganesh pooja, Holi Navratri, Ram Navami, Gudi Padwa, Ugadi, Sankranti, Pongal or New Year.

Take a look at our free hand rangoli designs for every occasion.

1. Free Hand Rangoli Designs for Competition

Free Hand Rangoli Designs for CompetitionCourtesy of Rasika Gawand‎

Here is a gorgeous free hand rangoli that can be made during competitions.

2. Simple Free Hand Rangoli Designs

Simple Free Hand Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Aparna Wazkar‎

Make this simple free hand rangoli with a small flower in the centre and a rainbow design around it.

3. Peacock Free Hand Rangoli Designs

Free Hand Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Smita Honade Bait

What a stunnin‎g peacock rangoli! Draw this lovely rangoli design and floor everyone.

4. Free Hand Rangoli Designs with Flowers

Free Hand Rangoli Designs with FlowersCourtesy of Pallavi Dhande

Use flowers and rangoli powder to prepare this rangoli. Make a Swastika in the middle and surround it with flowers.

5. Free Hand Rangoli Designs for New Year

Free Hand Rangoli Designs for New YearCourtesy of Priya Mitul Salot‎

Prepare a colorful base and make Ganpati rangoli on it.

6. Colorful Free Hand Rangoli Designs

Free Hand Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Trupti Gharat‎

Take o look at this cool, colorful Holi rangoli design. Keep the patterns simple to get this awe-inspiring look.

7. Free Hand Rangoli Designs for Sankranti

Free Hand Rangoli Designs for SankrantiCourtesy of Trupti Gharat

Create this rangoli design for Sankranti, Ugadi, Diwali or Dussehra.

8. Free Hand Rangoli Designs without Dots

Free Hand Rangoli Designs without DotsCourtesy of Archana Shirke

I would love to make this rangoli design in my living room. Won’t you?

9. Free Hand Rangoli Designs for Diwali

Free Hand Rangoli Designs for DiwaliCourtesy of Mitali Deolasi

Make this mesmerizing rangoli for Diwali. Decorate it with diyas in the evening.

10. Free Hand Rangoli Patterns

Free Hand Rangoli PatternsCourtesy of Rekha Bhat

Check out these easy free hand rangoli designs. Go for a nice floral pattern.

11. Beautiful Rangoli Designs

Beautiful Rangoli Designs Courtesy of Kannan Tanjorearts

Make this beautiful rangoli design during festivals and on other special occasions. Place a kalash and coconut in the centre.

12. 3D Rangoli Designs

3D Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Ruchi Agrawal

To create this 3D rangoli design. Use black, white, blue and green color to create the centre. Add a red circle on the outside.

13. Free Hand Rangoli Designs

Free Hand Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Maneesha Rajput‎

Here is a free hand rangoli design that can be made by beginners too. The rangoli design is tricky but easy to draw.

14. Rangoli Designs for Competition

Rangoli Designs for CompetitionCourtesy of Kannan Tanjorearts

This huge rangoli is apt for competitions; make it in your society, college or school.

15. Diwali Rangoli Designs

Diwali Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Kannan Tanjorearts

Make these mesmerizing free hand rangoli designs for Diwali. Place lord Ganpati in the centre and draw rangoli around it.

16. Rangoli Designs and Patterns

Free Hand Rangoli Designs and PatternsCourtesy of Tanya Agrawal

Try this stunning rangoli design. The color combination and the leafy pattern are really beautiful.

17. Peacock Rangoli Designs

Free Hand Peacock Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Pooja Mishra Sharma‎

Make this peacock with beautiful feathers. Decorate its feathers with yellow, red and orange.

18. Free Hand Kolam Rangoli Designs

Free Hand Kolam Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Uma Raja

This kolam is a reflection of rich Indian culture and tradition. Kolams are mainly drawn in south India.

19. Latest Rangoli Designs

Latest Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Mukta Kulkarni

Dove is the symbol of peace; draw this rangoli in your home or office. You need some level of expertise to make this rangoli.

20. Kolam Rangoli

Kolam Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Maheshwari Ramesh

Here is another colorful kolam design. Make this vibrant kolam in front of your house.

21. Rangoli Designs for Ugadi

Rangoli Designs for UgadiCourtesy of Maheshwari Ramesh

Use yellow, green, red and orange color to make this kolam rangoli design. Draw lots of floral patterns on it.

22. Rangoli Designs for Holi

Rangoli Designs for HoliCourtesy of Tarun Sharma

These are perfect free hand rangoli designs for Holi. It’s easy and can be made by kids.

23. Easy and Beautiful Rangoli Designs

Easy and Beautiful Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Pallavi Mohod Kapse

Here is another simple rangoli that can be made by beginners. Draw a hut and some trees in there.

24. Simple and Easy Rangoli Designs

Simple and Easy Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Chanchal Pande

Make these free hand rangoli designs. Add orange, red and pink flowers to the plant.

25. Flower Rangoli Designs

Flower Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Sayali Vyawahare

This awe-inspiring flower rangoli design will help you win many admirers.

26. Rangoli Designs for Janmashtami

Free Hand Rangoli Designs for JanmashtamiCourtesy of Mala Nirav

Add Krishna-Radha rangoli to your pooja room during Janmashtami festival. These free hand rangoli designs can be drawn in front of the deity.

27. Sanskar Bharti ‎Rangoli Designs

Sanskar Bharti Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Khushbu Gupta

Check out this sanskar bharti style rangoli design. Use rice flour to draw patterns on it.

28. Rangoli Designs with Free Hand

Rangoli Designs with Free HandCourtesy of Chitra Mehendale

How about this scenic beauty? Capture the beauty of nature with this rangoli.

29. Small Rangoli Designs

Free Hand Small Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Sapna Mahalankar Dhage

Go for these small free hand rangoli designs. Make a peacock with blue, green, orange and yellow.

30. Colorful Rangoli Designs

Colorful Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Rita More Gaikwad

Make this colorful rangoli for Gudi Padwa, Holi or New Year. Nice combination of colors!

31. Simple Rangoli Designs

Simple Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Pooja Soni

Beginners can pick this simple rangoli design for a start. Add Swastika symbol in the centre.

32. Easy Rangoli Designs

Easy Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Gopal Rai

Or, choose this green, grassy rangoli instead. Add white and yellow flowers in there.

33. Competition Rangoli Designs

Competition Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Maheshwari Ramesh

Draw this attractive rangoli design for competition. Use purple, orange and green colors to make to grab everyone’s attention.

34. Rangoli Designs for New Year

Free Hand Rangoli Designs for New YearCourtesy of Maheshwari Ramesh

Welcome New Year or Diwali with this rangoli. Add diyas and flowers in it.

35. Diwali Rangoli Art Design

Diwali Rangoli DesignsCourtesy of Uma Raja

Amazing design, creative patterns, intelligent mix of colours, neat presentation, an all-in-one rangoli design.

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