25 Freehand Rangoli Designs without Dots for 2017

Latest Rangoli Designs without Dots Perfect for all Occasion

Discover latest and the best rangoli designs without dots with us. Make these rangoli designs for Diwali, Holi, Sankranti, Dusehra, Gudi Padwa, Ugadi and New Year.

Rangoli designs add warmth and richness to Indian culture. They bring friends and family together. Women make rangoli in their home, office and temples. Many rangoli competitions are also held across the country during festive seasons.

Create these free hand rangoli designs and display your love for art and creativity during festivals. Take a look at our amazing rangoli designs without dots and learn how to make rangoli.

1. Corner Rangoli Designs without Dots

Corner Rangoli Designs without DotsCourtesy of Radhika Patil

Make this rangoli in one corner of your house. Use red, blue, pink, green and orange color to create it.

2. Holi Rangoli Designs without Dots

Holi Rangoli Designs without DotsCourtesy of Rajshri Lingayat‎

Here is a colorful, vibrant rangoli design that is perfect for Holi festival.

3. Free Hand Rangoli Designs without Dots

Free Hand Rangoli Designs without DotsCourtesy of Anju Sankannavar‎

Go for these cool, multicolored free hand rangoli designs. Use your finger to make those circles.

4. Colourful Rangoli Designs without Dots

Colorful Rangoli Designs without DotsCourtesy of Ratna Sawant

You can use glitter to enhance your rangoli. The gold and silver glitter adds fun element to this pretty rangoli design.

5. Rangoli Designs without Dots for Diwali

Rangoli Designs without Dots for DiwaliCourtesy of Jyoti Urkude

Create this circular rangoli for Diwali. Place diyas on it in the evening and see its beauty glow.

6. Rangoli Designs without Dots for Holi

Rangoli Designs without Dots for HoliCourtesy of Disha Patel‎

Go for this colorful, lively rangoli design. Make this rangoli designs without dots for Holi festival.

7. Latest Rangoli Designs without Dots

Latest Rangoli Designs without DotsCourtesy of Divyesh Vara

This is the latest rangoli collection. To make this rangoli, sprinkle color and make patterns on it.

8. Rangoli Designs without Dots for Competition

Rangoli Designs without Dots for CompetitionCourtesy of Sapana Kabra Dodiya

Design a paithani sari pallu for rangoli. This rangoli looks so real, it feels like picking it up and wrapping it around.

9. Top Rangoli Designs without Dots

Top Rangoli Designs without Dots Courtesy of Rangoli Arts

Here is one of our to rangoli designs. It is awesome and you can make this during any Indian festival.

10. Rangoli Designs without Dots for Dusehra

Rangoli Designs without Dots for DussehraCourtesy of Swechha Agrawal‎

Try these rangoli designs without dots for Dusehra. Create a colorful center and surround it with simple rangoli patterns.

11. Kolam Rangoli Designs without Dots

Kolam Rangoli Designs without DotsCourtesy of Akhilandeshwari

Try out this kolam rangoli; you don’t need dots to create this amazing kolam rangoli design.

12. Simple Rangoli Designs without Dots

Simple Rangoli Designs without DotsCourtesy of Deepika Pandey

Here is a simple rangoli design for beginners. Make circles with rangoli powder and add easy rangoli designs on it.

13. Beautiful Rangoli Designs without Dots

Beautiful Rangoli Designs without DotsCourtesy of Gaurav Raninga

Check out these beautiful rangoli designs without dots for Diwali. This looks like a 3D rangoli, do try it.

14. Easy Rangoli Designs without Dots

Easy Rangoli Designs without DotsCourtesy of Dhanshri Mohan Hansawar‎

Make this easy rangoli design in your living room or at the entrance of your house.

15. Rangoli Designs without Dots for Ugadi

Rangoli Designs without Dots for UgadiCourtesy of Dhanshri Mohan Hansawar‎

Use rangoli color and flower petals to make this lovely rangoli design for Onam. Use Sanskar Bharti patterns around the flowers.

16. Competition Rangoli Designs without Dots

Competition Rangoli Designs without DotsCourtesy of Yashashri Chaudhari‎

Many rangoli competitions are held during festivals. Make these rangoli designs without dots during the competition.

17. Best Rangoli Designs without Dots

Best Rangoli Designs without DotsCourtesy of Khopade Nayra

This is one of the best rangoli designs I have ever seen. It’s cute, colorful and full of energy.

18. Rangoli Designs without Color

Rangoli Designs without Dots and ColourCourtesy of Yashashri Chaudhari‎

Make this rangoli designs without dots and color, barely any. If you want you can chuck that bit of pink too.

19. Rangoli Designs without Dots

Rangoli Designs without DotsCourtesy of Yashashri Chaudhari‎

Rangoli designs without dots are easy to make. You can let your creativity run in any direction. Make this gorgeous rangoli using rice flour and rangoli colors.

20. Rangoli Designs for Sankranti

Rangoli Designs for SankrantiCourtesy of Trisha Gaur

Make this rangoli for Sankranti. Place a tall candle stand in the center of your rangoli and light the candles to create a magical look.

21. Rangoli Designs Easy

Rangoli Designs EasyCourtesy of Monali Salunke

Choose these rangoli designs easy with simple patterns. You can make this rangoli for Diwali, Dusehra, Holi, Ugadi or New Year.

22. Festival Rangoli Designs without Dots

Festival Rangoli Designs without Dots Courtesy of Pooja Jain

You can make this rangoli for Janmashtami. And, don’t forget to decorate your rangoli with diyas and candles when night falls.

23. Peacock Rangoli Designs 

Peacock Rangoli Designs without DotsCourtesy of Komal Patil‎

Go for this out-of-the-box peacock rangoli design. This rangoli is easy and anyone can give it a try.

24. Freehand Rangoli Design Images

Rangoli Designs without Dots Images Courtesy of Rohini Pingle

Create this square rangoli in your home with bright, vibrant colors.

25. Small Rangoli Designs 

Small Rangoli Designs without DotsCourtesy of Smita Amanagi Gaikwad

Make this small wonderful rangoli. But, it takes a lot of effort to draw these small patterns on it.

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