Girls Bedroom Decor Ideas

15 Ways to Do Girls Bedroom Decor

Here is some interesting way to go about your girls bedroom decor. Keep it comfortable, cute and fun, in short, exactly the way girls love it.

1. Bright BedroomGirls Bedroom DecorCourtesy of Haisma Design Co.

Use yellow and pink colour palette to create this bright bubbly bedroom for your daughter. If there is space set up a window seat where she can sit and read her favourite books.

2. Perfect PinkGirls Bedroom DecorCourtesy of Tineke Triggs

Girls love pink, this room presents a beautiful combination of pink and white. Combine white rug with pink pouf, white bed with pink headboard, and white walls and pink ceiling.

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3. Stylish BedroomGirls Bedroom DecorCourtesy of Hollum Homes

The rug and the book shelf make this room outstanding in every sense. The pink chairs and the transparent pendent light are impeccable.

4. Simple BedroomGirls Bedroom DecorCourtesy of RS Myers Company

Instead of bright hues of pink you can go for a subtle colour scheme. Use white furniture to create this elegant girls bedroom decor. Red lamps are looking great against those pale pink walls.

5. Blue-Green BedroomGirls Bedroom DecorCourtesy of Deborah Houston Interiors

This is a beautiful bedroom interior design for girls; use a colourful fabric to make headboard, cushions covers and curtains for the room.

6. Yellow BedroomGirls Bedroom DecorCourtesy of Caitlin Creer Interior Design

For that fresh look, add a bright yellow headboard to your girls bedroom decor. Go for light green paint on the walls, sky blue lamps and some throw pillows.

7. Elegant BedroomGirls Bedroom DecorCourtesy of NIBA Rug Collections

Put up a stylish rug to give a hep look to the room. Polka dots bring in some cuteness into this girls bedroom decor.

8. Chic BedroomGirls Bedroom DecorCourtesy of Finch Photo

Go for this fairy tale canopy-styled bed for your angel’s bedroom. Paint the room in blue and add black side table and night stand.

9. Gorgeous BedroomGirls Bedroom DecorCourtesy of JAC Interiors

This room is simply adorable; it has a young, innocent feel. The wall paper adds a sense of sophistication and is perfect for a young teenager.

10. Lavender BedroomGirls Bedroom Decor

Courtesy of North Works

Here is a lavender girl’s bedroom, accessorize it with grey. Add a black night stand in between those comfortable beds.

11. Colourful BedroomGirls Bedroom DecorCourtesy of Laurie S Woods

This is a bright, cheerful, fun-filled room for your little one. Make it colourful by adding a green rug, bed cover and curtains.

12. Cute BedroomGirls Bedroom DecorCourtesy of Taylor Design Studio

Girls are fond of pink, create an accent wall in dark pink and add butterflies on it. Paint your daughter’s name on the wall to give it a personal touch.

13. Doll House BedroomGirls Bedroom DecorCourtesy of Sheila Rich Interiors

Get this cool doll house bunk bed for your princess room. Arrange her stuffed toys all around it.

14. Sophisticated BedroomGirls Bedroom DecorCourtesy of Rose Abby Design

If you are looking for elegance and sophistication, then pick up this girls bedroom decor idea. The bedroom uses lots of white and is extremely sober.

15. Alphabetical BedroomGirls Bedroom DecorCourtesy of Anita Roll Murals

Decorate by painting alphabets on the wall, you can also opt for wall decals (stickers). Use colourful pillows to make it comfortable and cosy.

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