Girls Bedroom Ideas for Your Princess

Pretty Girls Bedroom Ideas

Check out these beautiful girls bedroom ideas before designing your daughter’s bedroom.

A bedroom always reflects the personality of the occupant. The things that describe your personality the most is the wall colours, the bedroom suit and the decoration. ‘One’s own bedroom’ is the favourite corner of the room during the growing years.

Here are some beautiful girls bedroom ideas for young and aspiring ladies.

1. Traditional Girls Bedroom Ideas

Girls Bedroom IdeasCourtesy of Evoque Designs, Photography by Vantage Point

Girls bedroom ideas, like these, reflect to a mother’s imagination. This is a traditional bedroom, done up predominantly in pink colour, generally associated with girls. The hearts on the wall paper and the curtains leave my heart fluttering. Again the pillow cover and the window treatment have been streamlined and is looking beautiful.

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2. Kids Room Decoration Ideas for Girls

Girls Bedroom IdeasCourtesy of Juliette Byrne

This is a simple and small bedroom in pink and white. The trundle bed with the side tables with pink knobs looks beautiful. The large window allows the sunlight to peep in and wake up your little princess.

3. Transitional Girls Bedroom Ideas

Girls Bedroom IdeasCourtesy of Hendel Homes, Photography by Landmark

Here is a teenage bedroom in pink and blue. The large window is designed to accommodate a work desk for the child. The large pink sofa looks extremely cosy and inviting. The chandelier is another attractive feature in this room. The choice of subtle colours is an extension of the child’s personality.

4. Pink Girls Bedroom Designs

Girls Bedroom IdeasCourtesy of Metz Interiors

The chief attraction of this room is the custom made canopy bed. The bed skirt and the frilly pillowcase along with the little step-up stool give a traditional look to the bedroom. The color combination in pink and brown is quite offbeat and amazing. These are examples of classy girls bedroom ideas!

5. Girls Bedroom Ideas

Girls Bedroom IdeasCourtesy of Pinehurst Homes – Halifax Nova Scotia

These girls bedroom ideas stresses upon extravagant use of singular colour, thus defining the mood and personality of the occupant. Lilac gives a royal inclination to the room. The shear curtain in white dropping down from a hanging lilac flower against a lilac background gives way to an interesting concept. The white furniture looks remarkable and the colour white leaves a serene impact on the atmosphere.

6. Kids Room Ideas

Girls Bedroom IdeasCourtesy of Toks Aruoture

Here is a very pink bedroom with hints of aqua here and there! The idea of butterfly accent is adding more to its cuteness. The rug in magenta makes the room look bright and warm.

7. Girls Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Girls Bedroom IdeasCourtesy of Scarlett Custom Homes & Remodeling

This gorgeous girl’s room has hand painted, full room wall mural with wooden floors. The atmosphere in this room is enough to give wings to the imagination to your little fairy. I won’t be surprised to find her in the land of ‘Sleeping Beauty’, fast asleep in the garden, waiting for her prince. The traditional bed and the furniture enhance the mystic feel of the atmosphere.

8. Kids Bedroom with Loft Bed

Girls Bedroom IdeasCourtesy of LLI Design

This is a cute and colourful girl’s room with a nice and comfortable bunk bed. The floral wall paper is beautiful charging the room with positivity. The heart-shaped mirror and the lamp on the side table looks wonderful.

9. Blue Girls Bedroom Ideas

Girls Bedroom IdeasCourtesy of Evelyn Benatar, Photography by Tony Calarco

As the pictures on the wall suggests, this has to be a lovely teenager’s space. The colour blue is instrumental in giving a soothing and calm impact to teenage excitements. The upholstered headboard with the mirrored night stand alongside gives a classy look to the room. The window treatment is another feather in the cap!

10. Modern Girls Bedroom Ideas

Girls Bedroom Ideas

Courtesy of MIG Furniture Design

Such girls bedroom ideas are stylish and modern as well. Check out the vibrant spread of hues in this bedroom! Every nook and corner of the room is so full of life. The bunk bed, apart from providing comfort, also offers a play area above and enough storage capacity. The cutout of the butterflies and the teddy bear denotes a child friendly atmosphere.

11. Small Girls Bedroom Ideas

Girls Bedroom IdeasCourtesy of Wallpops

This simple and beautiful room though small in size, looks enticing. The zebra print and the pink decals impart a novel idea. The wardrobe and the night stand are just right for the size of the room and provide enough storage capacity.

12. Teenage Girls Bedroom Ideas

Girls Bedroom IdeasCourtesy of Lori Gentile Interior Design, Photography by Ed Gohlich

Here is a room with awesome colour scheme. The side table and the night lamps are very beautiful. The pink ottoman goes well with the paintings that are put up behind the ‘lotus lamp’. The room looks much organised and well-kept. These girls bedroom ideas can be a learning ground for teenage girls as to how well their niche can be carved.

13. Bedroom Ideas for Young Girls

Girls Bedroom IdeasCourtesy of Matthew MacCaul Turner, Photography by David Livingston

This girl’s room has a youthful palette wherein the different strokes of her dreams and aspirations would design her future. The room has a wonderful ceiling and the green walls give a fresh feel to the ambience. The night stand alongside the bed has got multipurpose usage. The pillows and rug look very smart.

14. Wall Decor for Girls Bedroom

Girls Bedroom IdeasCourtesy of Anita Roll Murals

This is a beautiful girl’s room. The room has been done in child friendly and soft colours. Alphabet decals are put on the wall perhaps to satisfy the concept of play way learning. There is colour everywhere to hold the interest of my little princess so that everything around her fascinates her.

15. Trendy Girls Bedroom

Girls Bedroom IdeasCourtesy of Ana Donohue Interiors, Photography by Michael J. Lee

Girls bedroom ideas like these cater to the modern trend and mindset of the growing girls. The neon pink accent wall looks very vibrant and attractive. The chest board gives ample place for storage. Even the side table and the grey and pink rug are instrumental in giving a smart look to the room.

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